History Repeats Itself Hitler had Jews Trump has Muslims

Dr. Sol Adoni

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History Repeats Itself

Hitler had Jews Trump has Muslims

By Dr. Sol Adoni

As a scholar of History, the phrase ‘History Repeats Itself’ is how scholar’s of history refer to major mistakes made over and over by historical figures and civilizations that ended up destroying that person or civilization.

A great example is all the failures of ‘great civilizations’ to conquer Russia over the millennia that led to thousands of soldiers freezing to death in the harsh winter of Russia. Rome’s great Legion froze, as did Napoleon’s men and then Hitlers as well.

Hitler blamed the woes of Germany on THE JEWS and his toxic hate led to World War II.

Now the hate speech of Donald Trump has blinded many ignorant America’s who are literally TOO STUPID to see the parallel’s of Hitler to Trump. Both were egomaniacs and both spewed toxic religious HATE.


Hitler was HATE

Trump is HATE

Religion is actually a great vehicle to SPREAD HATE and it has been the greatest stumbling block in the history of humanity that has prevented mankind from uniting and doing truly great things such as providing food for everyone as well as shelter and clothing and even health care.

Islam and the Qu’ran has been used for good and bad over its history exactly as Christians have used Jesus and the New Testament and Jews have used Moses and the Old Testament. All of these ‘books’ have passages that can be used to incite hatred and violence and condemn ‘non-believers’ and as such that is why humanity must realize RELIGION and the HATE VERSES in these false books are the real reason you have religious nuts or zealots that go around blowing themselves up.

RELIGION IS THE PROBLEM and it needs to be banned all over the planet.

It’s not Islam or Muslims, it’s not the Jews etc, it is RELIGION that is the root problem of HATE in the world.

Lennon said it best, IMAGINE a world with no religion and NO WARS.

Religion has been the root cause of pretty much every war and nation’s conflict over thousands of years. RELIGION IS THE PROBLEM now get rid of it.

Then mankind needs to realize how all humans are HUMAN and that the old concept of Nations is archaic. If humanity is to grow and create a better world where everyone has the right to not be hungry, to have proper shelter and a clean environment as well as proper health care, then the richer nations need to share their wealth with the poorer nations and stop raping the 3rd world countries for their natural resources and work forces.

I formed GREPA to help humanity have FREE CLEAN ENERGY for EVERYONE.

I formed Natural Organic Labs so humans can have natural organic  pesticides to grow food more abundantly than ever before and not destroy our environment with poisonous chemicals so our children and their children can have a safe clean world and a future.

I formed HelixQ to advance AI (Artificial Intelligence) so mankind can create the first true AI computers and advance all knowledge.

I formed 1 eBooks to give FREE EBOOKS to the world to educate everyone with classic literature and knowledge.

I formed Universitius a FREE UNIVERSITY for the best minds in the world to get advanced degrees.

I formed NATION OF ONE so humans can start to have a government structure that included ALL OF HUMANITY not just political groups that cater to a select group of humans based on nationality.

I formed Temple Of ‘Hayah a new religious philosophy that teaches humanity that ALL LIFE IS EQUAL since the CREATOR FORCE lives in everyone. EVERYONE IS PART OF GOD. The motto of TOH (Temple Of ‘Hayah) is LOVE IS THE ANSWER.

Over my life I have given mankind many news laws in math, science and physics. History will record my life as that of THE GREAT GENIUS and even figures such as Nostradamus wrote of me. The result of my life’s work has created enough ripples in TIME that great seers have seen my life and work and seen it is an epoch in human history.

So the time has come for humans to embrace the six paths I have listed above, they are your future.

When someone mentions Donald Trump tell them he is a modern HITLER that uses HATE TO FUEL his power base. Trump is HATE as  Hitler was HATE, it’s really that simple.

Hillary Clinton is no better than Donald Trump, both Clinton and Trump use HATE SPEECH and mock each other with name calling. These ‘politicians’ are so vile that they insult the intelligence of Americans every time they open up their mouths and spew forth insults with their TOXIC HATE RHETORIC.

History will record the United States as a nation that personified EVIL AND GREED by having a small percentage of the world’s population less than 5% that tried to consume and monopolize most of the 3rd worlds natural resources making 3rd world nations perpetual slums filled with disease and poverty.

Look at Clinton and Trump and SEE HOW EVIL the United States really is at its core and soul. Look how these ‘politicians’ attack each other with HATE and how they attack religions around the world and other nations.

HATE AND EVIL is the flag of the United States. The country was formed by white elitists stealing the land of the natives who then destroyed the great forests of North America to fuel their ‘economy’.  The white elitists of the United States enslaved many races to build their EVIL NATION from blacks to Asians and the immigrants of many nations including Irish, Italians and Polish. The poisons of their farming destroyed the environment in the USA as well. The weapons created by the greatest evil humanity has ever seen, which is the United States, has fueled every war for over 100 years.

History will record the United States as the Greatest EVIL that mankind has ever seen for it developed the Greatest EVIL mankind has ever seen which is nuclear weapons and then they used them on CIVILIANS killing hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children in the greatest sin humanity has ever done when the USA nuked Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Both Clinton and Trump personify the EVIL that made the USA the GREATEST EVIL the world has ever seen.

This is why the USA was struck over and over with historic hurricanes when I made my ‘appearance’ on the world stage over 20 years ago with my famous PROPHECIES OF SOLLOG.

I have CONDEMNED the EVIL ACTIONS of the USA for most of my life and I have Prophecized how the USA would be PUNISHED for their great sins. The Pentagram of Blood is proof that HIGHER INTELLIGENCE is now manipulating humans in the USA to commit mass death events over and over to PUNISH THE USA for their great sins.

The MORONS that run the USA Oil and Gas Companies have completely destabilized the ground under large areas of the USA so now GREAT QUAKES will start to level city after city in the USA. FRACKING QUAKES is very real and now great cities in the USA will be laid to waste to PUNISH THE SINS Of the USA.

Natural Disasters will destroy many cities in the USA and the world will come to view the EVIL that is the USA as what the world should not follow.

Donald Trump is EVIL

Hillary Clinton is EVIL


The FALL OF THE USA will be swift and the world needs to embrace my work to move forward and unite the world through my Projects.


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