Heil Trump da Donald becomes President Trump

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Heil Trump

da Donald becomes President Trump

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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First congrats to the da Donald for pulling off the impossible despite the liberal media refusing to give a snowballs chance in hell of winning the US Presidency.

Appealing to uneducated white votes that still out number minorities in the US of A, the Trump venomous message resonated that know the economy and country of the USA is fucked up big time. The good jobs for uneducated and even most educated people just do not exist right now in the USA.

So the I’m an outsider and what you got to lose message hit home and the uneducated sheeple mostly white people stuck to their I’m voting for change mantra and elected Donald J. Trump as the 45th and most likely next or next to last President of the USA.

As I’ve been warning since 1995, nothing much really matters, the BIG ROCK is coming and it will kill off the swine or saltwater DNA bags that are now called humans. The asteroid strike will hit shortly after the year 2022 and whatever Trump builds will be destroyed and he will be quickly forgotten by the 6 million or so that survive in SAFE ZONES the high mountains of North Canada, North China and South America.

So congrats Trump, you get to enjoy 4 or maybe 6 or more years in the White House and then BANG you and 99.9% of humanity will be taken out with extreme prejudice by THE ASTEROID.

Now I saw Trump coming and I warned people with a book my company company published TRUMP FRAUDS and a song we published TRUMP BLOWS and even an anti-Trump website TRUMP SUCKS.

But it didn’t matter, the rigged election where Hillary Clinton actually WON THE VOTE narrowly didn’t matter since Trump won the electoral college where who wins a state is all that matters and the Trumpster got enough states to turn red so he didn’t need the popular vote.

I actually think Trump might rejuvenate the stalled US economy to some degree, he is a businessman despite his four huge bankruptcies and his construction mentality may actually get some jobs projects started rebuilding the aged road, railway and infrastructure of the United States.

His protectionism and isolationism mentality might benefit the US of A for a while.

But in the end, da Donald will not be able to stop what I have warned of, the asteroid strike that will reset the planet and erase the vile virus that humanity has evolved into.

The survivors will have a very hard time for a few years just surviving but 6 million or so will and when they emerge from their caves and underground shelters in the high mountains they will soon forget history as it has been forgotten before. This is not the first reset of humanity that humans will have dealt with, it has happened over and over for many hundreds of thousands of years. These asteroid strikes are actually pretty common and had humanity survived a while longer before the next strike, it may have been able to blow up the next rock or deflect it, but unfortunately humanity doesn’t yet have the ability to stop such asteroid strikes nor stop huge volcanic eruptions such as Yellowstone that occurs every million or so years and likewise does a major shuffling of what species survives the constant struggle that life is on this prison rock.

Yes we will see lots of unrest in the near term, riots in US cities and massive protests by the youth and minorities. But once he takes office and has some job bills passed and gives the youth some construction jobs rebuilding the dilapidated US infrastructure, da Donald may actually get the economy going. This his tax act may just keep companies in the USA and paying LOW TAXES.

Trump did give a Presidential worthy acceptance speech last night, even giving props to the Clinton’s. So the next few years may indeed see the USA economy kick started by Trump.

I got several companies I founded that could benefit greatly from a robust US economy. Then I can sell my assets and buy a mountain in the safe zones and prepare for the asteroid.

The USA is a great place to do BUSINESS and under Obama doing business got harder and harder as small businesses felt the burden of Obamacare and made it impossible for lots of new small startups to get going and that is what the USA needs, lots of people starting new small companies without having to comply to Obamacare.

So time will tell how many jobs if any Trump’s presidency can create and if the USA will thrive.

All I know is Trump is one of those people that divides people, you either like him or hate him.

He has vast experience running and bankrupting companies but jobs were created by his career.

So let’s hope the economy roars and everyone makes money and when the rock comes, those who are meant to heed my warning will have the money to move to the SAFE ZONES.

Buy our book TRUMP FRAUDS.

Buy our song TRUMP BLOWS.

Visit our site TRUMP SUCKS.

Like I said a Trump Presidency may just be GREAT FOR BUSINESS.

What a GREAT COUNTRY the USA is since it allows me the FREEDOM to run the sites I do and publish the songs and books I do. That is after all what the USA was for, FREEDOM OF SPEECH and it is a great ideal and when the speech is nasty as it was during this election, well that’s the price of being in a FREE SPEECH COUNTRY.

Trump Frauds
Trump Frauds

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Trump Blows Song
Trump Blows Song
Trump Sucks
Trump Sucks


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