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In the old day when a company or person flooded things like Usenet or spammed search directories with their spam ads they were good old fashioned SPAMMERS.

Using ‘technology’ cheaply to get out your ‘message’.

Now Usenet is gone, the archive bought and destroyed by Google.

Google has made their serp’s worthless if you have a  pulse, and now the only decent serps are found on Bing.

In place of Usenet we now have the biggest spam sewers ever invented, Twitter and Facebook, and if you spend much time on these ‘portals’ of SPAM, well you need to get a lobotomy since you have been socially hacked by spammers.

Adoni has started to get around to using SM like twitter to ‘spread their brands’ for ebook portals, music portals, film portals, news portals and whatever the Big A (Adoni International) is creating original content for. Adoni was founded by me over 20 years ago to be where my plethora of books and academic papers are distributed for eternity on this planet.

So now using the sewers of tech or ‘social media’ where the average IQ is just above a fruit fly, if you do what the spammers do in these sewers, you don’t called a spammer, you get listed on lots of lists as a GROWTH HACKER.

Come on folks, call it what it is, using cheap alternative technology to get out your brand or message. 20 years ago we just called it SPAM.

If you had original content years ago, you could sign people up for old school email lists, if you used them to give people info they asked for, you were a spammer.

If you defended yourself in public forums like Usenet against moronic attacks or if even your fans defended you, you were a spammer.

Even though you were moving the social media dial bigger than mainstream celebrities, you were a spammer.

Well gone is Usenet for the most part and now Google controls serps and they only want bullshit serps so you are forced to buy their crappy ppc ads.

The most irrelevant crap is now on almost any significant term.

Basically, google is pusher for moronic sites such as wiki.

The editors on sites such as wiki and Reddit are often part of PsyOps teams to manipulate opinion by government paid employees. Wiki and Reddit are now nothing but disinformation tools fo governments and wanna be NWO groups or wanna be Illuminati morons.

Yes, Reddit and Wiki is just pure bullshit and crap. Use 1 Forums instead of Reddit and Paideias instead of Wiki.

Yet MORONS are now considering the spam and propaganda on Wiki SOURCE MATERIAL and even some morons in robes (Judges) are citing wiki as a source.

Anyway, Twitter has a huge pool of morons that THINK they know technology and they think they are relevant, yet the reality is they are nobodies.

In a few years most ‘stars’ on sewers such as Twitter will be forgotten and the next spam tool and psyop site will be doing what spammers and governments have done for decades now on the net, create a place where they waste lots of human energy where nothing relevant is created and where spam is called by something other than spam.

So if you have a brand, an image or a personality and you want to appear to be cool and hip and have fake followers or zombies that will never see your message, since anyone with a timeline of over 100 cannot read all the spam that is being spewed on sites such as Twitter and Facebook, then go ahead and master these sewers of technology.

Get a robot company to make you a social media bot to spam your brand and message. Fill up twitter with 10,000 or even 100,000 tweets and retweets a day and think you are relevant.

You’re not, you are spamming a sewer and no one is reading your tweets and retweets in quantity and the few lost souls you actually get a retweet from or a fav or a follow is not worth discussing your food list with let alone anything relevant in this Universe.

When you can buy 50K or so twitter followers on sites like Fiverr that shows you how fake Twitter is.

You want retweets, no problem they sell them by the thousands too.

If you actually do organic development in the sewer known as Twitter, your organic development or spam will get you put on a ton of lists where you are crowned a GROWTH HACKER.

Now watch how easy I take over this term on Twitter.

I don’t even have to visit the site to take it over, my blog feeds the sewer of Twitter and then mindless lists pick up my robot Tweets and then my words end up in more bots getting sent around the sewer so some lost soul can add me to a list they made for #GrowthHacker. So I don’t even go to Twitter and yet my content in this blog can control that modern term.

#GrowthHacking should be SPAM.

If you add me to a #GrowthHacker list without even reading this post you are what I call a MORON.




Dr. Sol Adoni

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