Google sued for 1 TRILLION US Dollars

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For 1 Trillion US Dollars

So I’m doing some reorganizing of some AIS Assets lately and training new sales reps and techs.

I go to buy some Google PPC for one of my companies and Google decides to BAN THE SITE.

So weeks of back ad back and hearing lie after lie by Google they are now being SUED for their monopoly control of the Net and their direct intent to defame and harm me.

Google is a monopoly due to the huge market share they now control on the net, and when they do not allow a business to buy PPC ads to promote their business for whatever reason Google spews forth in broken English from usually Geeks in India, they are giving your competition an unfair advantage.

Now for years I could care less what Google or any search engine did, the reason was I had a huge network of sites so any topic I wanted to get top spots on any search engine was easy enough to do.

Well Google has singled out my network to show now almost nothing from it, probably some nuts in the US Government pressuring Google or some religious morons inside Google, who knows.

All I know is my network gets very little traffic from now from Google as to organic traffic, which doesn’t effect my clients much since they are all top of Google for their terms since THEY BUY PPC ADS, so one of my companies is actually helping Google make a fortune, yet they intentionally try to harm my network.

Now Google has started canceling numerous accounts my companies have to BUY PPC ADS for my company.

We get a ton of traffic from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Bing and even Yahoo, yet Google has a huge market share and they intentionally try to harm me by putting biased and libelous articles about me written by loons that attack my religious beliefs.

So now it’s WAR me against Google and I will win, the reason is Google employees have been LYING over and over to me in Chat rooms that I recorded and also in emails.

Here are the lies the maggots spewed about why various business sites of mine are not allowed to buy ads on Google.

First Lie – The site they banned was reselling traffic. Absolute LIE, that’s probably the only thing we have never done in over 20 years of internet marketing, resold traffic. LOL

Second Lie – My company was guaranteeing SEO. Absolute LIE, my company does gurantee some things, but since we hardly do SEO anymore, we have no guarantees about SEO.

So after weeks of yelling at Google low level morons and giving the CEO of Google LEGAL NOTICE I’m about to come after them, I decided to stop trying to appease Google with their nonsense claims.

I removed a SEO video from my site to appease Google, it still didn’t help.

Then Google demanded I remove another simple 30 second video from the front door of my main business site that is a PPC Management company that gets Google a ton of new business. The video is very simple, it says mostly THE NAME OF THE COMPANY which is PAGE ONE.

Over and over PAGE ONE.

I guess Google now thinks they can control the artistic quality of a companies corporate video.

The moron at Google said that management at Google thought the video was misleading. Really, how is 30 seconds about a company saying PAGE ONE can HELP your company get PAGE ONE at whatever sites it mentions (the top 7 or so sites on the net).

Let’s see, the company signs up companies TO BUY INTERNET MARKETING ADS on ripoff sites like Google and Bing and whatever, and the company according to Google is misleading potential business consumers by saying PAGE ONE (name of the Company) can HELP your company acquire PAGE ONE of Google, Bing, Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook, Youtube.

So the business is PPC AD MANAGEMENT, we get companies PAGE ONE of any major internet site they want through PAID ADS and now Google morons want to say they think my corporate video is misleading.

So I have a bunch of emails from Google saying over and over my company was suspended for being a deceptive company.


I couldn’t be any clearer in what we do, we get companies PAGE ONE of any tech company they want that SELLS ADS.

Now, some of my companies are actually bothering to obtain ‘maps’ on Google and one of my companies used some PPC years ago, and I went into that account and like 3 other companies sites are now BANNED by Google, so Google has intentionally hit any companies connected to me for no legal reason other than to harass me and harm me financially.

After I do discovery with Google in this lawsuit I may find requests from jerk offs inside the US Government to harass me and or I may just find memos from top Google ass-wipes to harm my network since Google knows I’m involved in the 1 SEARCH Project.

1 SEARCH controls lots of Geo Domain Name urls and is developing a great local search platform in major US Markets.

So maybe Google is targeting me due to my connection to 1 SEARCH and how 1 SEARCH is critical of the Google business model of selling unverified companies PPC ads that actually harm consumers.

If Google was not a monopoly power on Net traffic, they could ban any company they want, however, since Google has such dominant control of traffic on the net, if they target any company with a ban, they give that companies competitors an unfair advantage.

If Google is targeting me due to some prick in the US Government or due to being part of 1 SEARCH or just due to some jerk off at Google not liking me, the fact is I can prove Google has no legal grounds to not allow my companies to BUY ADS.

In discovery if I can get memos showing tech guys at Google intentionally keep my sites off of Page One in most serps, bingo that is a huge damage claim.

So what is the value of 1 SEARCH in the future if it becomes a dominant search alternative to Google, Bing and Yahoo?


Google is worth almost 1 TRILLION and in my opinion that is the potential of the 1 SEARCH project and that project should have position in every search engine for their content.

How much harm has Google done me? Well a client can be worth easily $25,000 to $250,000 for each new client I sign that has a life expectancy over 7 years with my company PAGE ONE.

So not being allowed to buy PPC ads has harmed my company.

Having my name defamed by Google with libel that is ON SITES RUN BY GOOGLE that Google pushes to show high up in serps for my name, has cost me lots of potential fans for my books and whatever.

Now since Google is an INTERNATIONAL MONOPOLY with judges that protect it in the USA, I will sue Google in an INTERNATIONAL COURT and guess what Google I’m the Chief Judge on the International Court I’m going to SUE YOU IN.

I will recuse myself from my own case and let the other judges on my court hear my complaint on Google.

Now Google will most likely do what other big companies do, ignore the complaint and not respond. Well that means in 7 DAYS I win an uncontested Judgment against Google.

Then I give notice they have 7 Days to Appeal the case and when they don’t, the judgment is rock solid can I can bring it into other International Courts and even the US Federal Court system as a foreign judgment and start to collect on my damages.

I’m coming for you Google.


Over the years Google has even canceled Youtube Accounts of companies in my Network, such as simple video news accounts of sites such as 247 News.

That is how much Google has targeted my network to keep it from growing into the Global media network it is destined to become.




Dr. Sol Adoni

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