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I’m tired of a MAJOR GOOGLE SCAM so now I’m gonna trash Google for the absolute SCAM they are doing in regards to local companies with Express adwords.

Plain and simple Google is SCAMMING local owners with a simple con, the con is called PARTNERS.

Try to join Google adwords as a local business and you get conned or steered by Google to join via EXPRESS. There the owner gets CONNED into using PARTNERS which is mostly FRAUD and also Express defaults to letting Google SET BID PRICES AUTOMATICALLY.

Google does this con to deceive local companies and professionals into thinking Google has massive traffic in local markets the fact is Google has very little LOCAL TRAFFIC searching Google for LOCAL TERMS. They use PARTNERS fraud traffic to pump up the pathetic real local search traffic that Google has on it’s local searches.

Basically, THE KING HAS NO CLOTHES, Google Local Search is a SCAM.

Yet Google SCAMS local companies with BOGUS traffic reports showing FAKE TRAFFIC from ‘partners’, that is why Google tries to make it nearly impossible for a local company to join adwords properly and just select GOOGLE SEARCH TRAFFIC ONLY, once a local company has that done properly then they see the reality we deal with everyday, the real search traffic in local markets on Google is not thousands a day as they show in Express fraud reports with fraud partners traffic included, the fact is most major searches that local professionals such as lawyers and roofers pay a nice amount for in PPC and CPC ads is tiny, a few hundred at most even in major markets, so if you can’t afford the top PPC ads that get most of the clicks on the minor Google local traffic there really is, it doesn’t matter if you are half way down the page with an organic spot, no one is barely clicking top PPC ads and almost no one ever clicks even a page 1 local organic spot.

Now another major FRAUD I’m gonna rant about is LOCAL SEO FRAUD. Global and National SEO still works, the reason, tens of thousands if not millions of searches daily on some terms so any spot on Page 1 works.

Local searches are done usually on mobile phones now over 60%, look for doctor or lawyer or roofer on mobile phones.

What do you see? PPC ADS

Do you scroll on your mobile phone? LOL I doubt it

So who gets the clicks? THE TOP PPC ADS

So local SEO is irrelevant, and one of the companies I founded does Local SEO only after we tell clients up front, it’s hardly worth the effort since fraud companies like Google change the rules constantly to force EMD owners to BUY ADS.

The fact is for local companies Google should only be part of the larger local companies marketing buy.

The reason is, Google is not the panacea it claims to be in local marketing, it actually sucks quite often.

If a small local company with say only 5 Million in sales does any marketing they should do it as follows.

Take 5% of gross sales and reinvest it into local branding of your company.

That’s only $250,000 a year if they are a small company in the big big picture but a big local company with 5 Million in sales. Most local companies dream they could do 5M a year, and yet the local companies that do that number are still a nothing local company compared to big companies that do BILLIONS.

You should be able TO BUY the top ppc spots in your local market for no more than a $50,000 Google monthly PPC budget and the PPC management company should get 25% of that to manage it.

Put $100,000 of that 250k ad budget you have into local tv/cable ads on the top local spots like local news.

Put another $100,000 into billboards, local radio and maybe some local event sponsorship things.

See how little I tell you to put into local Google above, the reason is Google is that insignificant in local marketing even though all the hype says it’s so important.

FACE IT lawyers and roofers, if you have 200 local yokels looking for what you do a day, you are in a big market and I don’t care what Google says their traffic is, my numbers are based on simple population ratios of probable need versus actual pool of potential users that day.

Google sucks at local marketing since it crams 30 spots onto a page that only 200 or 300 users may see that day.

So as soon as you choose GOOGLE as your main way to promote your local company, you are now just 1 of 30 spots only 300 people will see that day and if you give Google lots of dough to be the top 1 or 2 PPC ad spot you may get 5% of the traffic, so 15 potential local users is all you can see after giving Google hundreds if not thousands of dollars that day to be top ad on 300 legit impressions.

Compare that to branding your company in major local media, over and over tens of thousands hear you are the top injury lawfirm, or the top roofer or top plumber in old school marketing that still works.

Yet, if you use only Google maybe 15 people that day see your message and they can easily back peddle and see your competition. The cost now on some local clicks can be 10 bucks to 100 bucks on local keywords.

10 bucks to 20 bucks for local roofer traffic and up to over 100 bucks a click for niche legal terms like car accident lawyer in any major market.

Does Google work? It does to some degree, but you need massive local media still to brand a local company.

Now a startup tech can get a ton of free exposure via the net but their product, brand or service is usually national or global in nature so their marketing is way different.

It takes mega millions to brand anything on national media today and guess what if you can’t get free rides on exposure in social media and via organic seo on huge search terms, you need to invest mega millions in net marketing too.

Nothing for nothing, marketing is expensive.



If you are a local company you really don’t need local SEO work, since even if you are on page 1 of Google and or Bing and Yahoo you will see very little from that spot. You will see something, but is it worth the cost? Typical local SEO runs from $1500 to $2500 bucks.

Sure you can get some to try for $500, but even the $2500 buck gurus usually fail, so what do you think a $500 buck SEO guru is gonna do?

A SCAM IS A SCAM and Local Organic SEO is a scam.

And I sell it.

But I tell my clients look, the game is top 1 or 2 ads on PPC Ads, just look at your phone and what do you see first view, PPC ADS.

Now our high response content gets clients 20% response ratios in most industries, some 25% and some over 50% response ratios.

The bottom line is, Google works, it’s not going to make you the biggest company at what you do in your market, it can only be a minor supplement to your other marketing in your market.

I don’t got to lie to clients to get them.

I tell them the facts, Google is part of your local marketing solution, not your total marketing solution.

For big corporations Google is only PART of their Global branding marketing.

Google is just the current search engine to help companies grow their businesses and if it was a big thing for local companies they wouldn’t have to FAKE their traffic by pushing companies into using partners.

The whole trend in startups now are new companies and brands that actually lucked out and got a good GROWTH HACKER, that is the new guru today that can make or break a startup company, not the SEO or SEM Guru or PPC master, it’s the GROWTH HACKER.

Now me, if you like to use Klout scores and expert rankings I know nothing, after all I’m only top 1% of all people in the world for many topics such as SEO and one of my SM (social media) accounts is one of the top Growth Hacker accounts in the world as to being an EXPERT. I’m a big publisher in eBooks and have been for over 20 years and we have a top .1% expert ranking in BOOKS.

You don’t need a huge Klout to be a major player on SM in your area of expertise. My Klout is okay and growing everyday, but already in the areas I post about, my Klout expert ranking shows I’m top 1% in what I pontificate about and that’s all you need to know about me, my EXPERT RANKING says it all, I’m top 1% in areas I write about.

If I wrote about every major area I write about more I’d be top .1% in every topic, like we are in BOOKS not just top 1% in stuff like SEO.

After all I am SOL ADONI


Dr. Sol Adoni

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