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Good Hosting Companies

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By Dr. Sol Adoni

Author of Bible of SEO – Bible of PPC

The Good and Bad of Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

The Best Hosting Company ONE SEO

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This article explains why I make that claim

This article is for business owners that are interested in seeing THE BEST RESULTS their company websites can see from IM (Internet Marketing).

Owners waste way too much money on ‘design’ and neglect WPO or Website Performance that destroys any potential results they can realize from their websites and today websites need quality Business Level Hosting and 99% of Hosting Companies simply cannot give a business client what they need.

The ONE EXCEPTION to that is ONE SEO for the reasons I prove in this article about exactly what a business owner really NEEDS today from their Hosting Company.

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In the real world, a business needs for many reasons an ELITE Shared Hosting Company and often a managed dedicated server by a Company that really delivers proven WPO results .

A simple SEO WPO test by the top company doing these tests shows 99% of Hosting Companies doing both shared hosting and dedicated server hosting FAIL on their own sites, so how do you expect them to get your business the fast results you NEED.


Well it’s a fact that after 1 Second you start to lose lots of potential clients from a slow website and 1 Second is the real barrier where you find lots of research showing PEOPLE DO NOT WAIT for slow websites.

So if you are spending thousands a month on expensive PPC marketing such as Adwords (Google PPC) and your site opens in death valley times of 3 seconds or worse, just stop your PPC marketing UNTIL you fix your WPO scores. You are losing thousands a month in PPC due to one thing, SPEED. Sites with Page Open Speeds over 3 Seconds lose over 50% of new users due to SLOW SPEED. Just research website speed and you can see the research that every tenth 1/10th of a second over 1 Second makes people leave your site. So SPEED is the main reason most companies see bad conversion ratios from all of their IM.

If you are a business and think a cheap slow shared hosting plan is all you need, great go to Godaddy, they truly suck in Shared Hosting and you deserve them. ONE SEO has lots of ex Godaddy clients that often had 10 second page open times or worse and their same site is now opening under 1 Second on the ONE SEO Hosting Network.

Your goal as a business owner in today’s world of instant open websites such as Google and Facebook should be to only deal with a Hosting Company that can guarantee you WPO Scores (Website Performance Optimization) of 1 Second range PAGE OPEN times with HIGH SEO WPO Scores.

Below are links to ONE SEO where their clients scores PROVE they can deliver on both shared and dedicated servers a quality designed fully WPO Optimized website that delivers PAGE OPEN TIMES for 1MB and even up to 2MB WordPress sites in 1 Second or less PAGE OPEN TIMES.

In the real world, every Hosting Company except for ONE SEO delivers 2MB WordPress Page Open times in normally 3 Seconds to even super slow speeds of over 10 seconds. As a business you can test your current hosting company and see your BAD SCORES and the fastest way to FIX it is with ONE SEO, PERIOD.

Call 877-PAGE101 (877-724-3101) TODAY

The reality is any hosting company is great, IF YOUR SITE OPENS within 1 second and until your website has problems or goes down for the count. Then you find out how reliable your Hosting Company really is and if the backup they setup or sold you doesn’t work as is often the case with cheap Shard Hosting Companies you can then find that you are out of business.

So TEST YOUR SITE on the SEO WPO Score testing site below and if you research the site I use you can find lots of wanna be SEO Gurus all agreeing the site we use is THE BEST TESTING SITE.

Here are the TEST RESULTS from what most consider to be the top Hosting Companies and the only with a HIGH SEO WPO Score with a lightning fast PAGE OPEN Speed is ONE SEO, they simply beat every company that claims they do HIGH SPEED BUSINESS HOSTING.

So the BEST HOSTING COMPANY is hands down ONE SEO and here is their proven test scores.

ONE SEO Scores A+ SEO SCORE 484MS Page Open

(Less than half a second)


(Bad SEO WPO Scores)

Godaddy B Score 2.31 Seconds Speed

HostGator C Score 5.94 Seconds Speed

Hivelocity C Score 5.22 Seconds Speed

SInglehop D Score 3.96 Seconds Speed

Hostway C Score 3.19 Seconds Speed

Liquid Web C Score 1.80 Seconds Speed

Rackspace C Score 2.52 Seconds Speed

Serverloft C Score 4.19 Seconds Speed

Splunk D Score 6.75 Seconds Speed

Viawest C Score 4.83 Seconds Speed

Dreamhost B Score 2.34 Second Speed

In Motion Hosting B Score 1.74 Seconds Speed

iPage Hosting C Score 2.91 Seconds Speed

Server Hub D Score 2.96 Seconds Speed

Jaguar PC B Score 3.95 Seconds Speed

Fast Comet C Score 2.33 Seconds Speed

Server Pronto C Score 2.57 Seconds Speed



Dr. Sol Adoni

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