GOD and Religious Mental Illness caused San Bernardino Massacre

Dr. Sol Adoni

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I am the most religious person I know, yet I KNOW due to my research that every religious book on earth is nothing but LIES.

I KNOW there is a Creator Force in the Universe. My work over the years has PROVEN an ‘Intelligence’ designed our Universe and our Solar System and now it is my opinion that Creator Force is behind all the carnage we witness almost everyday now with mass death shootings and bombings.

I view this period in the history of mankind as a pivotal moment when humanity can finally DESTROY the mentally ill concept of God that permeates our world today.

Spirituality is not the problem here, it is mentally ill humans that are not able to view ancient religious texts and see them for what they are, nothing but LIES.

As a youth I questioned the nuns in my schools about THEIR BELIEFS, showing them how contradictory their religious texts are. As a small child of about 8 I saw through the LIES of Christianity.

I was influenced to some degree by the words of my older brother, who was ten years older than me and his arguments with my father over religion.

My older brother was like me a genius as was my father.

My father survived the fox holes of the Asian theater of World War II where he said to me a few times that war is hell and he hoped I would never have to endure what he endured. His stories of living for weeks and months on end in fox holes with his friends stinking from rotting to death from being taken out by Japanese snipers painted a horrific portrait of the brutality of war to me.

My older brother around 18 was on a fast track to become a major figure in the world of Catholic dogma since he was supposed to go to a seminary after High School and become a priest.

I remember him and my father having serious arguments over his decision to not attend seminary and follow a life of academic and then business achievement. He went to Fordham on a an independent student program since he had a near perfect SAT score where the one question he got wrong was semantically incorrect he claimed.

The summer he changed his mind to go to Fordham was due to him being exposed on a retreat in the Catskills where due to his academic excellence he was tapped by a sinister group that controls the Vatican and he was invited to a BLACK MASS where the real power players in the Vatican openly worship Lucifer as Jesus.

That shocking event led him to decide against becoming a priest and it lead to an intense argument between him and my father causing him to move out as he entered Fordham.

Some of the FACTS that my brother used to argue with my father that the Vatican was under Luciferian control I then used on my nuns. These FACTS are contradictory verses in the Bible that show God was either a pathological liar or a great deceiver if you start to compare various verses that are in absolute polarized positions to each other.

When I questioned the nuns about these serious contradictions in the Bible they merely said DO NOT READ THE OLD TESTAMENT IT IS EVIL.

So around 8 I decided that Christianity was a complete LIE and to ignore religion.

I researched over the years other religious texts such as the Qu’ran to see if these religious texts were not as contradictory and again I saw a psychopathic evil God bent on enslaving humanity to his will.

As a young man I was introduced to some aspects of Buddhism and for 7 years that was my ‘faith’ a godless cause and effect Universe where Nirvana was just to escape the endless rebirth cycle of life and death.

My Buddhist meditation practice led me to start to have Astral Dreams similar to what Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce most likely experienced in their ‘visions’ of the future.

I awoke on January 1st 1995 after a vivid astral dream in which it was made quite clear to me, GOD was the problem with humanity and why the world has experienced endless wars over the millennia due to there being so many people with MENTAL ILLNESS who followed these evil ancient texts and used them to justify killing billions of humans over the ages in the NAME OF GOD.

In 1995 I formed my own path, my own RELIGION, and it is very simple, there is a CREATOR FORCE that is within ALL LIFE and the truth is simple, LOVE AND RESPECT ALL LIFE as you do yourself.

Since then I’ve written many books that expose THE LIES about God and also books PROVING we are inside a CREATED UNIVERSE so there is a CREATOR FORCE and it is my belief that this FORCE is inside all living things.

Now we have a world where a few humans have their fingers on more nuclear bombs that we need to destroy every human on earth and these leaders have different opinions of God and Religion.

IT IS AN INSANE WORLD we all have helped to create.

A world where obvious LIES in ancient religious dogma is BELIEVED by most of the world and now we have daily mass murders where mentally ill people who usually have strong religious ideals believe they are doing GODS WILL by killing people over what they view as WRONG according to ancient texts.

Mentally ill school shooters, Abortion shooters, Islamic Extremists, radical white supremacists, all killing and most pointing to GOD as their motivation.

If you read my words and get angered over me calling you MENTALLY ILL for having faith in ancient evil texts about God, so be it. Look in the mirror YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL and need to seek mental health treatment for your hatred for people that have researched your religious beliefs and found them to be FALSE.

God and religion is the problem with humanity and in a Universe where mankind is on the threshold of venturing out into space, the real HIGHER INTELLIGENCE of the Universe will not allow humanity to advance and spread their MENTAL ILLNESS about God into other parts of the Universe.

Some might claim my words show I am mentally ill, to claim to be able to astral travel and see horrific events. For almost 21 years I have written what I have seen in astral visions and time after time my PROPHECIES have been proven to be correct.

Scientific and mathematical ideas I have also written about from my astral visions have proven over and over to be correct.

Millennia from now, my name and my words will stand the test of time and the humans that actually survive these coming events I have written about will be those that heeded my warnings and moved to SAFE ZONES free of religion and free of the hatred that such religions bring with them to the mentally ill human minds that accept any religious dogma that condones violence and justifies killing to appease their false concepts of God.

I formed THE NATION OF ONE for the future of humanity, it will eventually become the ONE NATION that is united upon this earth and it will outlaw any ancient religious text as the writings of mentally ill people that were embraced by power mongers to control the masses of humanity to become obedient slaves in the political structures that used religion to CONTROL HUMANS and ENSLAVE THEM.

I am not more or less than any other human being, since every human and every living entity possesses the creator force or energy that higher intelligence does also believe in.

Yet my intellect has led me to a journey on this planet in which the future power of humans have been revealed where the human mind can indeed through meditation unleash great powers that many humans will be able to experience through astral meditation and astral travel abilities that many humans can learn to do.

Those that refuse to heed my warnings and claim it is I that is mentally ill for denouncing ancient religious texts and warning others to MOVE NOW TO SAFE ZONES.

If you heed my warnings, by moving to SAFE ZONES, do not bring your ancient religious texts with you since those that survive what is about to happen on earth, a major asteroid strike after 2022 that terminates most of humanity that will never agree to drop their ancient belief systems that only create the evil we are now witnessing in the daily mass murders that are now a plague upon the earth.

There is a FUTURE for humanity, but earthquakes, terrorism and the pending asteroid strike will erase the humans that refuse to abandon the ancient religious texts that mentally ill humans embrace and use to justify the evil acts that many are now perpetrating upon this beautiful planet.

GOD and Religious Mental Illness caused the San Bernardino Massacre and other massacres such as what happened in Paris recently.


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I am not your leader. I am merely a human that has seen the future as others have such as Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus.


Dr. Sol Adoni


Dr. Sol Adoni

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