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Finally an SEO Company with brass balls to post their real rates to get involved in SEO

PAGE ONE has the rates on their site

Local SEO $10,000

National SEO $1,000,000

Global SEO $10,000,000

SEO Search Engine Optimization is now tied to SEM Search Engine Marketing which is basically PPC Pay Per Click Advertising.

Professionals such as Injury Lawyers now pay over $100.00 a click to Google for injury lawyer terms such as Car Accident Lawyer, Injury Lawyer and Personal Injury Attorney.

What does it take to PUSH sites in the world of Google algorithms designed to make all SEO obsolete?

A lot of network sites with editorial pushes and that means BIG MONEY to pay content writers to push any thing.

Links are dead, they last a short cycle and end up getting a site banned for spam links.

EMD’s or Exact Match Domains are targeted now by Google, if you own one Google will do all it can to keep you off page 1 for that term, they want you to buy ads.

PAGE ONE One ties National and Global SEO now into big PPC Budgets, it’s how you really pop organic SEO today, you give a lot of money to big Search Engines then they don’t target your companies SEO work.

Face it, all these search engines know who is targeting what terms and they want to be PAID to deliver traffic on business terms that companies are already paying huge sums for just one click.

The truth about organic SEO is it isn’t worth anything for most companies now, the reason is mobile phones are now how most people search for stuff and they way the search response pages are designed you see first view only two or three ppc ads, NO ORGANIC and on local organic you may see a map next then way down the page is organic seo links. Who scrolls on a cell phone?

How do you get the first two ads on a cell phone?

A huge budget and usually EMD’s will get you a top spot in ppc mobile rotation.

PAGE ONE does it all the time, I know, they are the developers of the industry keywords I acquired for the AIS Domain Trust many many moons ago.

PAGE ONE also has a huge network of sites, many of which I founded in the early days of the net.

247 News

1 News

1 eBooks

1 Forums

1 eMail


Page One is also the big developer of the GEO Domains the AIS Domain Trust owns, they have local search engines now in every major city such as

1 New York City

1 Los Angeles

1 Chicago

1 London

They also are developers of the huge 1 Search Project which will be tomorrow’s power house search engine where PPC is a no no and every business is VERIFIED.


So if you’re a GLOBAL BUSINESS PAGE ONE will get involved in maximizing your IM Budget (Internet Marketing) and if you don’t have a 50 Million Dollar a year budget then you can’t pay PAGE ONE 20% or 10 Million bucks to brand you across a huge global network of news and content sites and local as well as global search engines.

If you are a NATIONAL BUSINESS then PAGE ONE will maximize the money you spend on Internet Marketing by managing up to a 5 Million Dollar PPC budget for only $1,000,000 (One Million Bucks).

The net has moved into the era of big money marketing and now the huge war chests of national and global companies are using PPC and editorial pushes to get SEO brownie points to dominate response pages on any major search engine from the great evil Google to Bing and Yahoo and now 1 Search Portals.

PAGE ONE does Local Search SEO but they tell clients it’s a waste of time, you need to BUY the first 2 spots on search apps everyone uses now to search. If you don’t show on those two golden spots, IM is a waste of time for most local businesses.

You can have a killer site but if when a person in a local market needs what you do, you have to appear now on those two golden spots or you get almost no traffic now from local seo spots.

As I wrote several years ago, the age of local SEO is dead, it was killed by how search engines were pushing all organic seo off of first view on laptops and how it doesn’t show first view on cell phones.

Now cell phones are well over 50% of local search traffic and as I predicted only mobile PPC ads are getting local companies results.

PAGE ONE gets 20% to over 50% response ratios from their HIGH RESPONSE LANDING PAGES, when you compare that to the less than 5% industry average, you start to understand why PAGE ONE is the only solution for any company now.

Sure big companies have huge IT departments with SEO guru’s now making over $250K a year but they know less than 10% of what the PAGE ONE gurus know. No IT department in the world converts at the huge response ratios that PAGE ONE has.

I know, I founded the company many years ago and it was founded based on my knowledge of running many big traffic sites in the early days of the net where I would routinely get 33% to 66% response ratios on the sites I founded over 20 years ago.

Now the guiding principals of web design that WORKS are the pillars of PAGE ONE and if a big or local company wants to see real results from their IM budgets try PAGE ONE.

They are month to month contracts and they tell you the number in the industry you are in and what they will hit as to how many leads you get from each 100 PPC clicks you buy.

In fact PAGE ONE is so good at KNOWING what they can deliver they base their monthly fee of 25% of a companies PPC budget on guaranteeing response ratios.

If they say they hit 20% and they hit 15% then they lose 25% of their fees.

They’re that good that they can GUARANTEE INTERNET MARKETING RESULTS

Page One Guarantee

If you want GUARANTEED results for your IM Budget the only solution is PAGE ONE




Dr. Sol Adoni

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