Gilbert Flores Shooting COVER UP Begins

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Look at this video, when you see the heavyset guy with no shirt on STOP WALKING and immediately put his hands high in the air COUNT, 1, 2, 3 and BANG the guy is shot dead in COLD BLOOD by cops. No amount of spin by scumbag DA Nic Lahood can change those facts, 3 SECONDS of no forward motion and hands high in air and yet scumbags like DA Nic Lahood is executed a man with no right to do so.

Every second that this scumbag killer cop is free due to the scumbag Nic Lahood not issuing an immediate warrant for MURDER is another second that that scumbag cop shouldn’t be free. HE IS A MURDERER and now scumbag Nic Lahood who is dragging his feet on this simple case of MURDER is spinning the truth about what happened.

The fact is there are lots of jerks that think they can’t just KILL anyone they want since they have a badge and now these jerks have begun the usual LIES to cover up what was the clear MURDER of Gilbert Flores by cops in San Antonio Texas.

Instead of arresting the officers for CLEAR MURDER, the cover up has begun and the DA in charge Nic Lahood is now a CONSPIRATOR in covering up MURDER and he should be charged by Federal authorities for CONSPIRACY TO COVER UP MURDER. Yes the DA Nic Lahood is now a conspirator to COVERING UP MURDER and he should be arrested by the Feds and charged and disbarred since he is a disgrace to all lawyers.

The officers are suspended while the MURDER is investigated by Nic Lahood’s office with PAY of course.

The San Antonio scumbag department, I mean police department, is tweeting the phone number of the TV station that had the courage to run the video showing how Gilbert Flores came to a complete stop and had his hands held up high in the air and yet 3 seconds after he stopped any forward movement and was holding his hands high in the air some low life cretin cop shot him and then nonchalantly walked around probably joking and then the cop disrespects the CRIME SCENE by dragging the dead body of Gilbert Flores after he was brutally murdered by a scumbag cop.

Now many cops are decent humans, but the few scumbags with badges make the whole police industry suspect to being SCUMBAGS.

Over and over COPS MURDER PEOPLE and witnesses come forward and say the person had their hands up and yet the cops who are MURDERERS WALK.

Well this time we have the VIDEO that proves there was absolutely no justification for cops to shoot and kill Gilbert Flores, LOOK AT THE VIDEO and when you see him STOP walking towards the officers and put his hands up in the air COUNT it’s about 3 full seconds and then BANG the officers shoot a person who is not advancing toward them and has his hands up high in the air.


I hope the scumbag that killed Gilbert Flores has the balls to do what is right and just take his gun and put it on his temple and PULL THE TRIGGER and blow his scumbag brains all over the place.


A scumbag cop killed a person not charging them and who had put his hands up in the air, we all have the video to watch and no matter how much SCUMBAGS like Nic Lahood the DA in charge of this investigation says well the 2nd video has a better view. A better view to what SCUMBAG NIC LAHOOD a clear case of COLD BLOODED MURDER.

Nic Lahood should be arrested by the Feds and fired and immediately disbarred by the Texas Bar since he is a complete disgrace to all lawyers and the justice system for acting like the first video doesn’t show the whole story.

When a suspect is not moving towards you as a police office and has their hands in the air, those facts mean DO NOT SHOOT, if you do as a scumbag cop then you are the worst type of cop in the world, you are a KILLER COP and you need to be put away for life and I suggest to that cop it is now time to just do the RIGHT THING, you got caught being what you have always been a SCUMBAG, now take the gun, put it against your temple and slowly squeeze the trigger.


If Obama had balls he would step in and say OK executive ORDER TIME to restore law and order to San Antonio and protect its citizens and fire the scumbag Nic Lahood and charge him with CONSPIRACY TO COVER UP MURDER and throw that scumbag killer cop in a federal prison before he just does the right thing and blows his brains out.

This was my OPINION on 247 News about the video.

Now that I’m seeing Nic Lahood engage in COVER UP I have a 2nd Opinion and that is this article.





Dr. Sol Adoni

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