Frozen White Castle Hamburgers RIPOFF

Dr. Sol Adoni

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So as a kid I spent a lot of my first ten years in Brooklyn as well as over seas in exotic places and I was born at the Jersey Shore.

From around 7 to 11 we were in Brooklyn and I do remember loving White Castle Hamburgers as a kid. So the other day I saw in the frozen food section of Walmart some small boxes saying White Castle Hamburgers and also Cheeseburgers.

So I bought a couple of boxes, they each had 6 of the tiny burgers per box for around four bucks or so.

So I heat some up for my sons that have never even been to Brooklyn and said try these. Well I looked on the burger and the sweet onions are there which give the burgers that sweet taste all kids love, but no pickle and no ketchup.

What a ripoff, what is a White Castle Hamburger without that sweet kepchup and pickle?

So my kids got a sample of the favorite burger I loved as a kid, way before those crappy McDonald burger joints ever opened. I still remember walking by the first McDonalds in Brooklyn near Prospect Park where I was going to play in a little league game. They had good frieds McDonalds but compared to a White Castle their burgers sucked.

I think we got a bag full of White Castles back then in the later 1960’s for a dollar or something. The fries were okay, I’ll give the nod in that era to McDonald’s old fries cooked in real lard before they changed to healhier oil to fry their potatoes in.

I was never a big fan of fast food, I would prefer a good Brooklyn Jew Deli anyday to fast food. Nothing like a real Pastrami Sandwich on Rye with Swiss Cheese and that spicy brown mustard they had in these deli’s. Then they had Dr. Browns soda as well. Plus real hand cut french fries and those delicious pickles.

Food was so much tastier in my memory as a kid playing little league baseball in Brooklyn. Then around 11 or so we migrated to Bucks County Pennsylvania. No Jew Deli’s and no White Castles and they had Jack In the Box burgers and then Arby’s opened and a thing called Burger King, have it your way, all that stuff except for Arby’s tasted terrible to me.

Then you had Coney Island and real Nathans Hot Dogs and those peanut oil crinkle cut wedge potatoes and even a knish like they had in Jew Deli’s.

Am I just old or was the food really that much better in Brooklyn?


Dr. Sol Adoni

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