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One of the biggest things that pisses me off about Youtube is how these pricks are putting ads on videos that use ROYALTY FREE MUSIC and even images.

Since I CREATE MY OWN MUSIC many videos and films from the companies I founded years ago such as Adoni Video and Adoni Films just use my own catalog of songs or music we control from other artists.

We have a huge ROYALTY FREE Music catalog we got from BUYING video and film editing programs years ago. Now many of the ROYALTY FREE songs from those programs Youtube is slapping their bullshit ads on.

So now we’re redoing many videos that are pivotal for our network with my own scores.

Amazingly when you re-score a ‘classic’ like Beethoven and create original MP3 files and put them into your work Youtube is even trying to claim copyright issues so they can spam your work with their bullshit ads.

So you have to refute the claims and then they remove them when they realize the work is ORIGINAL and made from PUBLIC DOMAIN SCORES.

But there’s a bright side, Youtube actually has their FREE MUSIC files to enhance your videos. Check out

Granted the classics they offer are not that great and the work I do is way better, but if you want some Mozart or Beethoven in your videos and even some more modern stuff check it out.

Video producers OWN their work, the digital files they make are theirs but they can run into copyright issues if they use music from other artists or images and video that is not ‘royalty free’.



Dr. Sol Adoni

Books - Music - Films - Videos - Consults

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