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First, due to my ‘Prophecies’ I wasted almost 5 years of my life in US Prisons, so I’ve seen more guard on inmate and inmate on inmate brutality than you can imagine. (FACT the US Government created a bogus case to silence me.)

There’s a lot of bad people in the world and many are in prison.

Freddy Gray had a long rap sheet and he committed the cardinal error in running from police. In fact he ran almost a mile. That will get you a nice ass whopping by cops often. Now in the system, many inmates learn how to MANIPULATE the system. They use real and false claims of guard or police abuse to try to get cases dismissed and preferred treatment.

Now Freddy Gray RAN and most likely got some typical YOU RUN WE BEAT YOU treatment. Was his neck broken? NO, since he was able to STAND ON THE BUMPER of the van before he got into the van. Another in transit prisoner heard Freddy Gray banging all over the van, and he says he thought Gray was TRYING TO HARM HIMSELF.

Why would Gray harm himself? Easy, it’s a trip to the hospital and good food and maybe low security and an escape.

It’s a way to get charges dismissed for police abuse that too many cons try to play with self inflicted injuries.

Yes, there are bad cops, but most are decent and they get paid almost nothing to put their lives on the line everyday.

A copy puts on a bullet proof vest and kisses his loved ones when he leaves home and the fact is many cops never see their loved ones again, it’s a brutal and dangerous job.

Now in prisons you have a very large minority population compared to the real population stats. Why is this? Lot’s of reasons but one is minorities are often poor and they choose crime to survive. So POVERTY is why you have minorities committing so many crimes.

Go to a jail and get a commissary bag and see how fast the young thugs will just come to your cell and demand you give them your food. So unless you can defend yourself you get preyed upon in a jail. Me, I have 3 belts in martial arts and my nickname was JAW BREAKER in the prison. In fact I was so dangerous to young thug inmates they had to house me on DEATH ROW pods with major killers since if I was in population I simply broke jaws of the monkeys trying to take my stuff.

Yep, MONKEYS, some were black, some were brown and some were white. They are young uneducated animals that think they can take whatever they want. So when they think they have an old guy who is usually easy prey, they demand his stuff and bang, the old guy whups their ass.

Freddy Gray was a THUG and the rioters over Freddy Gray are THUGS.

They all should of had a mother beating their ass like that great single mother did to her son in the viral video.

Now many black men have such moms, and some have crack ho moms. The moms that lend a stern hand to a wayward son MAY CHANGE THEIR FUTURE, the crack ho mom’s well their sons are usually the statistics that fill up US Prisons.

The system is not perfect, there are some bad cops and guards, but many judges and cops TRY TO DO THEIR JOB.

Their job is lock up THE ANIMALS that prey on normal people who work hard for their things that THUGS just steal, burn down or destroy.

Dr. King led a movement against UNJUST LAWS, you can’t get rid of every bad cop and until the facts are in on what happened, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop the bullshit. All these protests are BULLSHIT. Freddy Gray was BULLSHIT a hood, just like Michael Brown manhandling a much smaller shop owner minutes before he bull rushed a copy who DID HIS JOB and took that THUG OUT.

Sometimes you got to call a SPADE A SPADE and a THUG A THUG.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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