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Major Frauds & Major Scams

Big Companies That SCREW YOU

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To see the major frauds and scams that big companies are using to screw the consumers of their products and services just click the companies names above.

Why I am maintaining this page

Over my lifetime I have been SCAMMED by almost every big company I have dealt with. It is the nature of big companies to COMMIT FRAUD AND SCAMS upon the Public since they can make a lot of money by using deceptive business practices to entice the public to deal with them and then SCAM them and commit CONSUMER FRAUD on the public.

It amazes me how the general public has become complacent in accepting the frauds and scams that big companies now use to give the consumer inferior products and services and how the courts now protect such consumer abuse by dismissing most civil actions and class actions against the biggest companies.

When I got SCAMMED by a seller on eBay in the early 2000’s I wrote a book about it titled BEWARE OF EBAY FRAUD due to the attitude of eBay in how they handled my complaints.

At that time one of my companies was doing thousands of dollars a month in Business on eBay  when a seller scammed me. I got no help from eBay. Since then they do have more options to protect consumers from FRAUD that is still prevalent on eBay. Since I have a huge network of websites I have a big bully pulpit to make my complaints go to the top of most search engines if I complain about anyone or any big company.

To ‘punish’ me for selling BEWARE OF EBAY FRAUD on eBay my account was canceled with eBay. Since I control many companies in a plethora of industries, it’s easy enough for me to have many selling accounts with a company such as eBay. So canceling an account on me means nothing really.

My New Cases on Big Companies for FRAUD

In my personal life recently, I canceled a long time contract I had with ATT over FRAUD. I had an old unlimited data plan on my iPhone and when one month I had some heavy usage my iPhone came to a virtual standstill, it was unusable. I called their support and was told for the rest of the month that was the speed my unlimited data plan would have but I COULD UPGRADE to a much more expensive data plan and no plans were unlimited now. I promptly. I canceled their contract and sued them in an international court I am the Chief Justice of. I recused myself from the case and I will most likely soon have a huge punitive judgement on ATT, as I have won on other large companies in the past.

I recently got a huge judgment on American Express for a scam they tried to pull on me.

I now have Amazon in the same international court system and the usual response from the cretins representing these scam companies better known as their ‘corporate lawyers’ have been responding in the same pattern. They refuse to recognize what has already been ruled in courts as a JURAL SOCIETY. That means the court I use have a pretty large group of like minded people that agree to be part of our organization and that we have rules and laws that we publish and we have courts with rules of procedure to enforce our laws and codes.

I also have Google in a large FRAUD case as well and will soon have a mega-billion dollar judgment on them, if I prevail which I expect to do.

My Judgments on Big Companies

Eventually these huge judgments will be taken into other courts, most likely the State District courts where these companies are incorporated out of, or perhaps a state court where I have residence in, and then we will enforce the international judgments and win or lose they will go to the state appellate level courts and then the state supreme courts and then the Federal District court that the state is subject to and then the Federal Appellate court for that Federal District and then finally the US Supreme Court. I have six case cites in the US Supreme Court already.

Since I live in the USA my actions will end up in the US Court Systems but since we have membership in pretty much EVERY COUNTRY in the world now, we can enforce our judgments all over the world. I expect our Global Organization to eventually get recognized by the UN.

My international court is the Supreme Court of the NATION OF ONE. It has 13 judges and I’m the chief justice of the court.

In the future I will be writing about the many cases I have against the biggest companies in the world that made the mistake of committing a  FRAUD and or a SCAM upon me.

My legal strategy is simple, the US court in which I live are now so Pro Big Companies that the consumer can usually not get any results even when a Big Company has committed OBVIOUS FRAUD or a SCAM. So I serve the big companies that made the mistake of committing a FRAUD or a SCAM upon me and then the typical ‘legal response’ is that the ‘lawyers’ for the big corporation sends a letter or email to me that they do not recognize my courts legal standing. I then respond by putting that ‘response’ into the court record in the court I am legally using to sue these companies and ask for a DEFAULT JUDGMENT.

The court then finds in my favor since the big companies CHOSE TO NOT RESPOND and legally to a court that is a defacto admission of GUILT and I then obtain a judgment for what I asked for and usually a huge PUNITIVE DAMAGE award as well due to the fact that big company is disrespecting our court system.

These judgments can then be legally filed in courts outside our legal system and the judgments are filed with the response the lawyers gave me showing they had a way to RESPOND in that court and THEY CHOSE TO NOT RESPOND. The case precedent in such situations that a court must recognize the judgments of other Jural Societies that have legal systems and upon a demonstration that the big company had the opportunity to respond in the foreign court the FACTS OF THE CASE cannot be reviewed by a new court! So my judgments will be bullet proof in that other courts cannot review them other than deciding if the big company was given notice of the action and accorded a fair opportunity to respond. I give each big company the equivalent of LEGAL NOTICE of the Action and I direct them to the court to respond and to the courts rules and such. They so far have unanimously CHOSE TO IGNORE OUR COURT!

We need just one court to recognize WE ARE A JURAL SOCIETY and then every judgment we issue against such big companies will be enforceable and banks will have to lien about their accounts and eventually the SEC may be involved since many are public companies.

Goal of my Legal Cases

Humanity is now at a unique time in history where the world is connected by an international communication network known as THE NET. It was originally governed by an International Body known as WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). Recently courts on many levels have violated international treaties that were in place to protect THE NET as a unique international asset that no local, state or federal court was supposed to have jurisdiction over.

While the old world systems are still in place the fact is the world is changing and now a single jurisdiction must emerge in which all of humanity can choose to participate in as a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT SYSTEM and that system must protect consumers all over the world from the major abuses that are now rampant in big businesses that now operate globally and yet seek the protection of local state courts and federal districts where Judges no longer have the interest of consumers and humanity at heart.

Our organization has many ‘projects’ in place and given enough time and membership growth the NATION OF ONE can change the world and make it a better place for all of humanity, that is our core goal, create a world where the average person has a voice and is protected from the global elitists that run the huge companies that are committing FRAUDS AND SCAMS upon consumers all over the world.

How can you sue a Big Company in Nation Of One

Every human can be a member of the  NATION OF ONE and such you can bring a civil action in our courts against any one or against any company. Companies cannot be members of the NATION OF ONE, they are not human entities. In other courts companies are legal entities. In our courts a company is recognized as what it is, a company and as such it is not human and if a human member of our Organization is harmed by a non-human entity such a government or company they can bring a civil action against such an entity.

It does not matter where you live or what nationality or race or sex you are. Every HUMAN is allowed to choose and decide if they wish to take part in a truly Global Governmental Organization that was designed for one purpose, to protect all humans from abuses of big companies and governments that harm our planet by unjustly using our limited natural resources to better a small segment of humanity instead of bettering all of humanity.

Membership in the NATION OF ONE entitles any human to file a legal action against any other human, government or company.

Organizations I created to better Humanity

Besides operating a global membership to a NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT SYSTEM known as NATION OF ONE, we have many other global internet projects to help humanity that include our own financial unit known as a FRACTI which is very similar to Bitcoin.

Our own Search Portal that operates as 1 Search, due to the huge abuses that Google commits upon the people of the world in privacy issues.

Our own eBook portal is 1 eBooks where all authors and publishers can promote their books for FREE and without the abusive control of Amazon and even Apple. We believe KNOWLEDGE is POWER and by having a way to distribute our members ideas and words in the form of eBooks our ideas will spread all over the world via our eBooks portal.

We also operate a knowledge database that is free of the bias of sites such as Wiki that is known as Paideias.

We also operate an unbiased news portal known as 247 News, it is unbiased since it features news feeds from every major news bureau as well as most of the top alternative news bureaus.

If you like organized ‘religion’ we even have a new religious organization known as TOH (Temple Of ‘Hayah) that promotes the fact all religions emanate from a divine God Head of wisdom. TOH has now operated for over 20 years on THE NET and it has been recognized in courts as a VALID RELIGIOUS BELIEF SYSTEM, it was our first great legal win by having judges recognize the rights of our members to believe what they want in regards to religion.

We also operate a Global Advanced Degree Post Graduate University and Think Tank known as UNIVERSITIUS.

My Accomplishments

Over my business and academic career that spans way back in time to the middle 1970’s when I formed my first tech company to sell my custom accounting software to run on micro-mainframes to mid-sized companies before the era of the PC began.

I have theorized many new laws in many fields of academia to help humanity including:

Prime Algorithm – It revealed the algorithm for locating where all Prime Numbers exist above the prime number 5. It was used by the NSA to create sets of numbers they use to walk through most if not all modern encryption algorithms.

PDF Theory – It was used by NASA to locate other planets in our solar system my Theory had theorized. These planets are now classified by NASA as Dwarf Planets.

EOE Theory – It is now used by the USGS in trying to predict where and when the largest earthquakes will occur on planet.

Hologram Universe Theory – Is now cutting edge in Physics and Astrophysics and it is based on our reality existing within a super AI computer that creates the simulation we all exist within.

HelixQ – The next generation of computer language that will be used by multi-dimensional capable computer processors to create six and ten dimensional AI super computers.

Universitius – The Free Global Advanced Degree Post Graduate University and think tank I founded.

Nation of One – The global organization I founded that is based on all humans being part of one intelligent species that agrees to have a One World Government System to rule humanity.

Astral Crystals – A meditation technique I created to allow any human to Astral Travel in the Astral Plane.

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