Flat Earth Experiments PROOF of Holographic Universe Theory

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Flat Earth Experiments 

PROOF of HOLOGRAPHIC Universe Theory

By Dr. Sol Adoni

These are very interesting times with people becoming aware of out of sync reality observations with not only group memories which is the basis of the new Mandela Effect phenomena  as well as well accepted scientific theories are being challenged when simple scientific observations are now putting the whole question of if the Earth is a sphere shaped globe or flat as the Ancients thought.

If one were truly to understand higher scientific research into quantum theory they would become aware  that most theories breakdown on the quantum level.

It’s why a cutting-edge scientific theory known as holographic universe theory is now literally The Cutting Edge of physics.

I theorized a 6 dimensional computer language over 40 years ago in a think tank and that is the basis of holographic universe theory.

In the holographic universe theory the Earth would be neither a sphere or flat it just wouldn’t exist it would be an illusion or simulation and this is why Quantum level mechanics breaks down trying to analyze a physical reality that is not truly physical it is illusional.

If you are interested in Flat Earth theory or Mandela effect phenomena then you need to realize that the world of Academia in which physics is completely fractured as to if our reality is even real due to the Hologram or holographic universe theory then you start to realize that anything is possible within the illusion.

The best example of why Flat Earth theory is becoming so popular is that very simple scientific tests are being done by amateurs in regards to using laser beams to try to detect the curve of a spheroid earth that would result in a detectable curve of the Earth of approximately 8 inches every mile across a flat level of Earth with a constant sea level.

While these tests are showing scientific results that disprove a spheroid Earth theory they are not proving the Earth is flat. These tests are proving the holographic universe theory is our reality.

While astronauts who have been in space have with their own eyes detected the curve of the earth and there is lots of photographic evidence to support a spheroid earth taken from spacecraft.  the fact remains that within an illusion these visible and detectable results are what the Holographic Universe program  has us observe  with our eyes and with cameras and telescopes with lenses that mimic the curved nature of our eyes.

In a holographic Universe energy is what is used within our brains and within the illusion to create the reality that our brains detect using energy that powers our brain waves.

If you view the universe as real and not part of an illusion created by an AI level computer then the Earth will usually appear in scientific observations to be a spheroid.

If you question observable scientific data that points to a spheroid Earth then there are ways to observe scientific experiments that exposes cracks in the Matrix of the holographic universe that would point to  things such as a flat Earth.

Yet, if you open your mind to cutting-edge physics in which a holographic universe is most likely our reality then the abnormalities being found by the so-called flat-earth crowd, as as well as the Mandela effect crowd, then the wild theories that both groups have been finding are not so wild at all but perhaps the first observable scientific data that supports holographic universe theory.

In holographic universe theory the Earth would be neither a spheroid or flat it would it would be an illusion and in the illusion it could be both spheroid or flat depending on what you want to observe.

The best example of a Mandela effect that proves holographic universe theory is the so-called Messiah erased event that happened on May 1st 2017.

Find an older religious person and ask them is the word messiah in their version of their Bible.

Then ask them how many times have they read the word messiah in their Bible.

Most religious persons who have actually read their Bible would say they’ve read the word from dozens to hundreds of times in their Bible.

Yet, in the illusion that we now all live in the word Messiah has been totally erased from many famous versions of the Bible.

The Bible could be hundreds of years old under lock and key in a library and verses that contained the word Messiah read by billions of people over hundreds of years have changed the word Messiah has either been totally erased or at best a token one or two usages of the word Messiah have been left that dramatically alters the meaning of the word in this reality.

Many become disturbed when confronted with either the Mandela effect or Flat Earth theory experiments that disprove a spheroid Earth.

Most people prefer to live in ignorance in the illusion and not question reality.

The truth is, that both Mandela effect phenomena and Flat Earth theory anomalies are both proof of the holographic universe theory being our reality.

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Dr. Sol Adoni

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