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Seems some are discussing my articles about Amazon and how they suck so now my books are being targeted with FAKE REVIEWS by Amazon Forum users.

So LEGAL NOTICE has been given to Jeff Bezos that FAKE REVIEWS on Amazon are harming my books and if they are not removed, I WILL START ANOTHER CLASS ACTION ON AMAZON for not monitoring the FAKE REVIEW ABUSE I have written about in the past. See my Fake Amazon Reviews article.

So there you go Jeff Bezos look at how 1 mental midget is targeting my work with 1 Star Review and calling me names in review after review.

Failure to properly monitor your reviews Amazon is an action that can harm authors and publishers, so if you fail to monitor your review system for OBVIOUS FAKE REVIEWS that attack me personally with name calling, you are intentionally HARMING my book sales and if you are harming other authors by refusing to REMOVE VINDICTIVE FAKE REVIEWS that are obvious, you have your 4th Class Action Lawsuit I will be bringing on Amazon.

Actually it may be 5 Class Actions I have on Amazon.

Class Action 1 is Amazon refusing to remove negative reviews by people attacking a writer publicly.

Class Action 2 is Amazon criminally violating Washington State law in regards to money transmitting and holding authors and publishers royalties over the 10 Day period mandated by Washington law, this effects every author and publisher on Amazon.

Class Action 3 is the Amazon sweetheart deal it just put in place with the Big 5 Publishers paying them full royalties on books over $9.99. This gives an unfair advantage to the Big 5 Publishers.

Class Action 4 is the Amazon FRAUD to cancel many affiliate accounts to not pay commissions owed to long time affiliates, the fraud was committed by Amazon using a spam email address so affiliates would not get proper notice from Amazon about affiliate accounts. So all the commissions Amazon has illegally not paid affiliates in this scam is a huge action.

Class Action 5 is how Amazon banned some of my math and bitcoin books and a book on Jesus without just cause and since Amazon controls over 90% of the eBook market now, any ban on any book without JUST CAUSE is a potential class of victims that Amazon has unfairly targeted. Now if there is just cause such as porn or whatever in a book, Amazon has the right to ban such works. But for Amazon to ban books with NO JUST CAUSE could be a huge potential class of victims.

Beware Amazon failure to remove all these new 1 Star Reviews attacking me by people that didn’t purchase my books will be viewed by me as a deliberate act by Amazon to harm my books sales and me.

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