Facebook got it RIGHT Declaration of Independence is HATE SPEECH

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Facebook got it RIGHT

Declaration of Independence is HATE SPEECH

By Dr. Sol Adoni

For decades I’ve written about how the founders of the United States were predominantly RACIST SLAVE OWNING assholes by today’s standards.

I’ve used the written and spoke words of every ‘great American’ from Washington and Jefferson to even Lincoln to prove their words prove that by today’s standards all of them were racists and should have any monument to them banned for HATE SPEECH.

Well the Facebook Algorithm got it RIGHT the Declaration of Independence is indeed PURE HATE SPEECH.

It was authored by Thomas Jefferson a RACIST who owned slaves and EXPERIMENTED on his slaves.

He wrote ONE BOOK in his long career as a ‘great man’, he was not great he was simply put a RACIST.

Just read Notes on the State of Virginia his ONE BOOK in which he details exactly what HE MEANT by words such as ALL MEN are created equal. In Jefferson’s own words in his book he explained IT EXCLUDED the ‘fairer sex’ that being FEMALES they were not men and he elaborates on how females are incapable of political thought for many reasons including as a student of history what Jefferson knew, that empowering females politically was THE END of any past great civilization since the nature of females is to negotiate and in a brutal male dominated world there is always another rising civilization where predatory alpha males rule who will defeat any nation where a female rules. History is filled with this historical FACT, civilization after civilization has risen with males running them and then females obtain some political power and that’s the END of their civilization as to being a major power.

Egypt ended with a female pharaoh Cleopatra.

Greece fell to Rome as females entered the political theater.

Rome fell to barbarians when females obtained political power.

Spain, France and England all had Queens when they eventually fell to new male dominated civilizations.

So as a student of HISTORY Jefferson understood this and explained MEN are not women and women are not to be included in political decisions. PERIOD, so over half of the population was excluded by ALL MEN and that is what Jefferson explained in Notes on Virginia.

Jefferson also went on to explain a crystal line as to all RACES, the native race was savage to Jefferson as were blacks. Color of skin was irrelevant if a white male was not a WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant), Jews, Catholics and Muslims (Mohammedans as Jefferson called Muslims) all EXCLUDED due to their religious views.

So the core of the Declaration of Independence was INTENDED as Jefferson wrote it, ALL MEN (White Christian Slave Owning MALES who did not bow to the Pope) had equality, the rest had NO RIGHTS if they were female, native or negroid or didn’t consider Jesus their personal god and they had to deny allegiance to the Pope or not be catholic.

This is the TRUE HISTORY of the USA and this sick racist FACT is being hidden now by politically correct BULLSHIT.

The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution are indeed both two of the most RACIST DOCUMENTS in the history of humanity and the time to recognize that fact is long over due.

They both need to be torn up and a new universal constitution written that includes all races and all sexes and all religions and atheists.

That is FREEDOM.

Since Americans are ignorant of history and most are morons and have not read the book by Jefferson nor the personal papers of Washington nor read the racist words of Lincoln in his debates, they view these scumbags as ‘great men’, they were not, they were all RACIST and that is why today you have a RACIST running the USA who over and over has made racist and misogynistic comments and yet the MORONS of the USA vote for him.

Trump’s taped comments on how he grabs the genitals of females is defacto PROOF he is a misogynist. Early in his career his families real estate company was one of the first targets of HUD when they were sued for racial discrimination.

These are FACTS people and yet you elected that clown.

Read Notes on the State of Virginia and deny Thomas Jefferson was a PURE RACIST.

Read the personal papers of George Washington and his remarks on his SLAVES and try to argue Washington was not a PURE RACIST.

Read the debates of Lincoln and Douglas, and try to defend all the racist words of Lincoln.

Trump is in good company he is what other past US Presidents were a PURE RACIST.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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