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Amazon sells MILLIONS of eBooks Daily

By Dr. Sol Adoni Founder of Adoni Publishing

Amazon Scams
Amazon Scams

Amazon Scams

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Just read the DOJ (Department of Justice) summary of how much of a monopoly Amazon is when the DOJ estimated that Amazon now has control of over 90% of eBook units sold or distributed in the world today, they are a pure monopoly. It was in the DOJ case they bought against Apple and the Big 5 Publishers caught conspiring to increase eBook Prices controlled artificially low by Amazon for years.

The fact is Amazon refuses to release real stats on sales of books or eBooks, they are an UNAUDITED public company that releases fluff sales figures with no clear breakdown as to where they come from. All we know is the total per year is now over 100 BILLION DOLLARS and a huge amount of that is grouped into a category called ‘digital’ in which eBooks is the dominant item. And that groups is mega billions per year, LOTS OF BILLIONS of Dollars.

Recently some nitwits that think they can pull data from Amazon and do bullshit estimates on ‘sales’ are now discussing another Amazon hype for Indie Authors and its bullshit KDP ripoff sales division that steals royalties from Indie Authors and smaller publishing companies. Amazon STEALS ROYALTIES and I will prove that in my case on Amazon.

So now the morons selling eBooks in which they lie to authors and say fake shit like more Indie Authors make more money that authors with Big Publishers are parading another fake ass Amazon Indie Author claim.

The buy my book to learn how great being a Self Pub author is crowd are spreading more disinfo about eBook sales that it is sickening to think that anyone gives their stats any credence.

Guys  that run sites that do FAKE SALES REPORTS on Authors Earnings and such are now saying 40 Indie Authors on Amazon have sold over one Million eBooks in 5 Years. Is that number right? Probably, but it is a BULLSHIT NUMBER as all of the Authors Sales numbers are from morons such as Hugh Howey that runs the bullshit Authors Earnings site.

First the data being grabbed by Hugh Howey is BULLSHIT DATA it is unaudited Amazon data is WRONG. Amazon’s numbers are not audited and I’ve seen time and time again my own data on over 100 titles we sell on Amazon be way off.

So Hugh Howey is using BAD DATA and that means all his work is seriously FLAWED.

Now I do not trust one damn report fro Amazon since THEY CONTROL THE REPORTS and they STEAL ROYALTIES so all the data from Amazon is FAKE DATA and the only person that knows how many BILLIONS that Amazon has sold and stolen from authors and publishers is Jeff Bezos.

When I get that whiny little prick in front of Jury he will be exposed as a thief for one reason, I HAVE THE AMAZON DATA IN MY ACCOUNT THAT PROVES AMAZON STEALS IN A HUGE WAY.

How can that be?

Easy I used to get over 1300 page reads a day PER TITLE in KENP, then I started to publicly criticize many of the rip off scams Amazon does on Authors. Within days my 1300 average page reads in KENP PER DAY PER TITLE plummeted to an average of 8 to 35 or so a day.

That’s a 99% DROP most days on over 100 Titles.

So where did the readers all go that have thousands of copies of our over 100 titles? They went into Jeff Bezos POCKET he is a THIEF and I will prove it in court.

Now since Amazon rarely releases any public info on sales of eBooks or Kindles, we do know their FAKE NUMBERS claimed that over 150 Authors in 2013 had sold over 100,000 eBooks in KDP that year.

That’s the only solid number I’ve ever seen from Amazon in an ‘official release’. You can read all their yearly Edgar financial filings and they don’t give out exact numbers. The reason is eBooks is Jeff Bezos personal slush fund that he uses to STEAL ROYALTIES.

Now the reason these numbers are BULLSHIT is that they come from Amazon a company that STEALS ROYALTIES and is unaudited. Also these numbers mean nothing since most authors on Amazon with huge sales units are authors that do low priced eBooks often in the bargain .99 cent niche. Wow an author sold 1 million eBooks over 5 years at .99 cents so that’s a lousy 1 Million and .99 cent books are only 35% commissions at Amazon. So maybe after the author sold 1 Million in Fives years they netted $350,000.00 USD. That’s only $70,000 USD per year. A decent minor income but far from the mega-million buck deals top authors make with the Big 5 publishing companies that have audited sales of their books.

More reasons I can say the Authors Sales numbers of the clown Hugh Howey are BULLSHIT is that the data Howey is pulling also uses KENP PAGE READS in their sales rank position. So a SALE is not a SALE, so every number Hugh Howey is putting out as a Sales Figures is BULLSHIT.

Now I’ve never read the pulp that Howey churns out, I don’t have time to read his science fiction crap. But I will admit he does a great job of selling it on Amazon.

But Hugh baby, you’re not a fucking numbers man, I am. I created the Prime Algorithm that proves PRIME NUMBERS ARE NOT RANDOM and that makes me one of the greatest mathematicians in HISTORY. So 1,000 years from now my name will be known and Huge Howey will only be known for the fact I mentioned his FAKE NUMBERS in a public writing called a blog and the readers of my work will wonder what the fuck a blog was.

Now Amazon has BANNED my book on my famous Prime Number Theory known as the PRIME ALGORITHM which will eventually win me a damn Noble Prize. My book is at PRIME ALGORITHM and here is a 247 News article about the ban on the book by Amazon. Imagine that Hugh you twit, one of the greatest mathematical discoveries in history is now banned on Amazon. It’s why I’m gonna destroy Amazon and teach authors how to sell their eBooks WITHOUT AMAZON.

So authors that read this, use my Adoni eBook Trident to promote your titles ON YOUR OWN SITE.

Seems Hugh Howey is too stupid to figure out how to sell his Books on his own site. Get a damn shopping cart Hugh and keep all the sales to yourself you moron.

If you want to see how many BILLIONS in eBooks Amazon sells just look at their huge growth since around 2008 when Amazon first reported a full year of Kindle eBook Title sales in their yearly reports. Amazon has gone from well under 20 Billion a year in sales in 2007 before Kindle was launched (Nov 2007 Kindle Launched) to now over 100 Billion dollars. So what fueled that huge growth at Amazon where they gained 600% growth in only 8 years?


Amazon Kindle Sales Growth
Amazon Kindle Sales Growth

Jeff Bezos is a THIEF. My pet name for him is Bozo (Bezos) the CLOWN.

Jeff Bezos Clown
Jeff Bezos Clown

Hugh Howey is a clown. His attempt to put out authors earnings data using bullshit numbers is a joke and since morons like to quote his bullshit numbers as an authority I say Hugh Howey is a fucking clown.

Hugh Howey Clown
Hugh Howey Clown

Now you also have a lawyer in the mix of DISINFO as to sales numbers and Amazon and Indie Authors.

The Passive Voice is a blog from a person that chose to be anonymous for a while. Now it has been publicly claimed by attorney David Vandagriff who is a contract lawyer.

So David why are you promoting FAKE INFO about sales numbers being spewed by both Amazon and the clown Hugh Howey?

David what the fuck do you know about writing and financial fraud that is being done by Amazon? Let me see David you have one lousy title on Amazon and it is around 2 Million in sales rank. That means IT DOES NOT SELL much. Maybe once ever few months. HAHA

David Vandagriff’s Book on Amazon

Now why the fuck would any ‘author’ listen to one thing this legal putz named David Vandagriff writes about Self Publishing. His one book sales shows he is a FAILURE in writing. Shut the fuck up David. In my expert legal opinion (I’m a judge on an international civil court) I think David Vandagriff and all his bullshit on self publishing makes hi one big CLOWN. David Vandagriff is a CLOWN.

Passive Guy Clown
Passive Guy Clown

Now Hugh Howey has sold a ton of crap on Amazon, so he was one of the early authors on the Kindle SCAM with a backlist and he sold some books. Yawn.

Now Hugh Howey is a fucking clown when it comes to math, so SHUT THE FUCK UP about Amazon sales numbers Hugh, they are all bullshit like you.

Just look at the financial chart above it shows pre-kindle eBook sales Amazon couldn’t do a lousy 20 Billion a year in sales and for a tech company that is crap revenue. But then again AMAZON IS NOT A TECH COMPANY and that is why the PONZI SCHEME STOCK OF AMAZON will soon CRASH.

Before Amazon started selling Kindle eBook files the company didn’t even do 20 Billion USD a year, that is a FACT anyone can lookup. Now 8 Years later Amazon does over 100 BILLION in sales and they admit most of it is ‘digital’ in their bullshit financial reports. So Amazon is SELLING BILLIONS every month in eBooks and STEALING ROYALTIES.

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