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I really hate stupid public companies and the morons running eBay need to be FIRED.

Years ago I spent a lot of my valuable in discussions with top executives at eBay over listing mega million dollar items in their low end ‘auction’.

eBay is really a cesspool and we all know that, but wtf, they might sell something once in a blue moon.

We we used it to dump basically old stuff we have no use for, sports memorabilia and autographs, I used to have huge collections in both.

Rare books we didn’t need.

The big debate years ago with top execs at the sewer that is eBay was the ability to list mega million buck items like INDUSTRY KEYWORDS my trust fund owns.

So we listed some and of course the sewer of the net aka eBay got no serious buyers, we just contact the CEO’s of those industries now to sell such valuable assets.

Recently a low level MORON at eBay canceled a listing we had for many years that top execs approved.

It was for a very rare book that comes with digital file copyrights a quasi trademark or patent kind of. So for years eBay had no problem with my listing saying this is a rare early first edition of Nostradamus and for most of the listing on eBay it was listed as THE ONLY KNOWN COPY to have survived.

Recently a 2nd copy was found in the archives of the Bavarian National Museum.

So I never expected to find any real buyers on eBay for such a treasure and the morons at Left Field that produce Pawn Stars harassed me with emails a while back to appear on Pawn Stars to feature the book. Why bother that broke ass store can’t afford a really rare book worth mega millions so I never bothered to go do their bullshit cable TV show.

So upon getting an email some low end jerkoff at eBay had axed a listing that was on eBay for many years, I called the morons and tried to reach an executive at eBay, but now they have no record of who I spoke to years ago.

So now I canceled the eBay store, other than this rare book I HAVE NO REASON to use eBay, it’s a sewer for low end crap.



So eBay when you see my screed all over social media giving you a black eye GO FUCK YOURSELF.

You see eBay I know your real history you scumbags, the guy that created you was a fucking SPAMMER that used to spam the fuck out of USENET in the 1990’s.

Your store sucked then and it sucks now.



This is the RARE BOOK that eBay took down.

1566 Edition Nostradamus

If you have over 20 Million you can contact me on twitter.


I’ll get your message there.

Now watch how I take over every major topic page for eBay on Twitter with this post.




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