Drunk or High George Clooney Motorcycle Accident

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Drunk or High George Clooney Motorcycle Accident

By Dr. Sol Adoni



Video footage of what appears to be a drunk, high, distracted or neurologically impaired George Clooney driving straight into the bumper of a car is making the rounds a few days after the once voted most handsome man in world was involved in a very serious accident in Italy.

I feel for you George, get a full MRI of your spine, rotators and hips.

Don’t be surprised when they find lots of damage to your spine.

Probably 10+ bulges, a few herniated discs and some impingement’s.

My back now has 13 bulges, 5 herniated discs and 10 impingement’s and a torn rotatorrotato a fall I had in which I was not impaired and by bracing for the fall lots of damage occurred.

Had Clooney not been impaired by drugs or alcohol his injuries would have been much worse in my opinion. There should be blood evidence in hospital on what was in Clooney’s system to make him so loose he was able to walk away from a very serious accident.

More proof Clooney was impaired, the cycle in front of him easily evaded the car who pulled into Clooney’s lane, the driver claimed the sun was in his eyes.

So if Clooney had same relex reaction as the scooter in front of him he easily sveres to avoid the car.

Was Clooney distracted, at 57 my age, is his relexes impaired perhaps to progression of a neurological condition?

Or was George just drunk and or high impairing his reflexes.

The quick exit out of hospital and then country on a private jet could be to avoid the coming DUI charges Clooney will face if the hospital did their job properly and draw his blood, a common thing that is done in all traffic accidents now in the USA.

At almost 60 it could be George is just getting old and has super slow reflexes now. Or perhaps he has an underlying neurological condition or most likely he was drunk and or high.

The looseness of his body crashing about usually occurs to drivers in DUI events, they walk away from accidents while sober victims of their impaired driving often die or become permanently paralyzed.

While the rest of the media cries poor George who is Superman for not being more seriously injured, I say reality people.

He was not going almost 60mph as the media is reporting more likely 30mph.

He did not fly 30 feet in the air, he was around 4 feet off ground at impact and he reached 10 or 12 feet height in air, so that’s 6 to 8 feet he propelled in air due to a mid speed impact.

Why did the driver on a scooter in front of Clooney easily miss the car?

Why does the video show no evasive action by Clooney?

Clooney either has neurologically reduced reflexes, he was distracted or most likely he was drunk and or high.

The fact Clooney was limping onto a private jet shortly after the accident is a good sign.

But he will have substantial damage to his spine, shoulders and hips.

Full MRI on spine, shoulders and hips George.

Take 3 to 6 months to heal naturally, avoid spinal injections and surgery.

Take no more than 600mg Ibuprophen for pain so you don’t get addicted to opioids.

Oh, my injury ended a $100 billion dollar crypto project I founded. So now I’m suing a small public company with a market cap of only $12 billion for $100 billion in damages.

When I publicly announce the company that damaged my spine, it will be the greatest short in the history of shorts.

I crash the $12 billion buck value of the public company that injured me.

Good luck George.

The body has amazing healing properties.

This site has info on the numerous Crypto Projects I was involved with

They’re still solid projects but losing my services has caused each project major damages.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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