Donald Trump Era personifies lack of HUMAN DIGNITY in US Culture

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Donald Trump Era personifies

lack of HUMAN DIGNITY in US Culture

By Dr. Sol Adoni

As I watch the dawn of the Trump Era in the United States I clearly see a fracture has occurred between people in the USA due to if a person supports Trump or if they don’t support hm.

By that I mean how the supporters of Trump are now viewed by many non-supporters of Trump as imbeciles for voting in such a person as Trump, a person whom to many gives them a sick feeling in their stomachs as to what he represents. In watching this debacle unfold, I come back more and more to the term ‘Human Dignity’ and the whole concept of the Enlightenment Movement.

First, the United States was founded based upon a Constitution that first and foremost gives any person the right to the pursuit of liberty, freedom and happiness.

The sad part of that phrase written by Thomas Jefferson is that he wrote one book in his lifetime and in it he explains exactly what he meant by this great phrase. First, Jefferson explains in Notes on Virginia, that it excluded the fairer sex that being WOMEN and of course it excluded all people of color since they were one step above animals and it excluded all faiths except for accepted branches of Christianity and as such Catholics that worshipped Satan were not included. He specifically excluded all Jews and Mohammedan’s (Muslims were called that over 200 years ago).

The sad fact is, we now have judges of faiths excluded by Jefferson as well as Judges of color and even female Judges on SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) that are in charge of protecting the Constitution and IF these Judges had bothered to read Notes on Virginia the only book written by Thomas Jefferson they would understand how diseased the root of the United States is and that root is the US Constitution.

Once you understand how bigoted not only Jefferson was but Washington and the rest of the Freedom Fighters or Traitors to the Crown were (as those in Colonial Britain viewed them) that formed the United States, you view the Constitution as what it is, a worthless piece of paper that is now twisted to mean what modern Americans want it to mean and it has nothing to do with what the meaning meant to the people that founded the United States.

Modern Constitutions written post World War II in Italy, Germany and other countries such as Latin America and Africa now include a truly HISTORIC term in the development of HUMAN RIGHTS and that term is HUMAN DIGNITY.

No such concept is in the US Constitution since the author of it, had no grasp of HUMAN RIGHTS nor HUMAN DIGNITY and that is why we now have the disgusting figure of Donald Trump running the broken nation of the United States.

The fact is, the US Constitution was an all white boys club of WASP’s and they could care less about Human Rights nor Human Dignity and that is why most were slave owners. A person with an inkling of HUMAN DIGNITY could not possibly own a slave and that is the problem with the USA today, the entire culture lacks HUMAN DIGNITY and the populace is concerned about only keeping their GUNS and doing what they want behind their locked doors.

The average person in the USA has been brain washed since the cradle to do two things, the first is to work to pay taxes and the second is to consume anything they want to make the elites more and more profit.

The fact is the pathetic humans that are now the populace that makes up the general population of the USA are so brain washed by the media and corporate advertising they can’t even think for themselves. The fact is, on TV an hour of programming is now over 1/3 commercials. So for every 2 minutes of a television show you have over a minute of ADS that do nothing to educate or entertain people but only appeal to their prurient interests in how much more they can consume.

The sad fact is, the typical US citizen is now nothing but an obese hyper consumer that is brain washed by major media and is so ignorant that the concept of a moral right by all people to HUMAN RIGHTS and HUMAN DIGNITY goes right over the heads of the McDonald’s swallowing sacs of bloated gas from genetically modified garbage food products that the disgusting populace of the USA has become. The nation of the USA as a whole is one big fat ugly blob and blight upon humanity.

The fact that a scum bag such as Trump could get elected shows how pathetic the USA has become. The reason I say Donald Trump has no human dignity and is a scum bag as is the case with most American’s now, is he comes from bigoted trash that profited on the robbing of human dignity from the victims of their businesses. The fact is, the original Trump fortune came from the robbing of human rights by the grandfather of Donald Trump. He was named Drumpf the real surname of Trump. He operated whore houses and opium dens and made a fortune in the gold rush era and then tried to go back to German where he was deported back the the USA for being a tax evader and draft dodger.

A man with respect for HUMAN DIGNITY could not trade on the flesh of whores and the cravings of lost souls that need opium. Donald Trumps grandfather was a pimp and drug dealer and a man without human dignity. That is the family root of Donald Trump and the reason he acts like a sack of shit today.

The ideal of a man with dignity actually comes from a Latin root word which excludes most of humanity, for it originally meant to be noble or filled with the glory of God, the essence of one’s spirit that rises a person to a state above the true nature of mankind that is really very primitive and animalistic.

A man with dignity is one that leads by example, he isn’t like Trump a person the DOJ had to sue to force him to allow people of color to rent apartments in his Brooklyn slum lord projects run by his father, another man with NO DIGNITY. A man of dignity does not have to be forced by the DOJ to allow people of color to rent in their projects.

A man with true dignity isn’t caught on tape saying how he loves to grab women by their PUSSIES because he’s ‘famous’ and they like it. That proves Trump has NO DIGNITY since it proves he has NO RESPECT for the HUMAN DIGNITY of females to not be so abusively handled by a scum bag like Trump.

A man with true dignity doesn’t have the record for the most bankruptcies over one billion dollars that screwed many out of money they were entitled to from Trump companies while making Donald his money that was fueled by bankruptcies.

Donald Trump is a FRAUD and a SCAM ARTIST and anyone that has done research into his Empire of Companies built upon major bankruptcies that screwed investors and any company dumb enough to deal with the conman that Trump knows that Trump is a conman.

The reason I say the overall population of the USA has no dignity and deserves Trump is that a typical American is clueless as to literature and art and they live a life without dignity and could care less about the HUMAN RIGHTS of anyone. The only right they want is the right for their fat over weight obese asses to eat more McDonald’s and drink more Budweiser or take more brain numbing pills from the legal dope dealers in the USA that parade around as physician’s who over prescribe narcotics to numb the brain dead zombies that are now the citizens of the USA.

So if you’re a citizen of the USA and you don’t like my words, how about this moron, take my ART IQ test and then you can see how pathetic your lack of culture is, in that you can’t even identify famous artists due to you were too busy in your pathetic life stuffing your fat face with McDonald’s and consuming bullshit.

How about this mental midget, who are the majority of people in the USA today, your little minds are completely controlled now to the point that all your major headlines about mass death events from Terrorism to School Shootings and even Hurricanes and plane crashes are now happening on only FIVE LINES on a map that forms a PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD over your pathetic fat asses. You see proof of this at that site yet your weak little brain says no it can’t be. You’re pathetic.

Keep reading your book of lies aka The Bible it only makes you more stupid every time you read another page in a book you should have had the intelligence to denounce around the age of 5 or 6. So you really believe the Bible? You are truly a moron! You actually believe it is the literal WORD OF GOD and God whispered it in the ears of the men that wrote it and he really did part the sea and make the earth in only 7 days around 6,000 years ago even though the Universe is many billions of years old, so you deny scientific FACTS and you believe bullshit such as God really did stuff two of every animal onto a handmade boat or ark and a little boy really did slay a GIANT with nothing but a slingshot.

See moron, you are so fucking dumb you can’t even admit your fucked up religion is BULLSHIT and you sure as fuck have no concept as to what HUMAN DIGNITY is.

Now cretin, let’s check your literary IQ.

Have you read classic works such as:


Atlas Shrugged

Grapes of Wrath

War and Peace

To Kill a Mocking Bird

Gone with the Wind

I know you probably saw the movies of some of the books, but your sack of shit brain doesn’t really remember the moral lessons in the books or films do you, you fat piece of shit.

There is now a great divide, wider than the Atlantic between the USA and the Western World in Europe. In Europe you have a generation of people where the concept of HUMAN RIGHTS and HUMAN DIGNITY were part of the discourse of their culture the past 70 years and in the USA you have morons that have no grasp of such a thing.

There are no longer any morals in the USA, since the courts have destroyed families with easy divorce and guaranteed the right to porn and the media has pushed young tramps and their nubile sexuality as the reason to buy or consume something turning most men into pedophiles.

The LGBT agenda has so confused the young males of the USA they don’t know if they should stand or sit to take a piss today. Young men have no idea how to act like men and the whole culture has quickly become a confused sea of zombies glued to their dumb phones that are now the way most citizens of the USA have sex, with themselves on their phones viewing the type of porn that fulfills their sickest fantasies that are usually sadistic abuse of females being tortured to endure the biggest dildoes possible tearing their rectums or being covered with sperm from a group of 100 or more donors in a gangbang of gangbangs.

The victims of this type of soul sucking porn are so brain washed they think they’re not being abused and don’t realize their human dignity is destroyed by allowing themselves to be used by the purveyors of such filth.

The sad fact is, that when the average 18 year old female comes of age in the USA, she has had numerous sexual partners usually way more than 5 or even over 10 and she has usually contracted one or more STD’s and has often had an abortion or two. This is why the USA is trying to force young males and even boys around the age of 12 with a vaccine that protects young females from a natural disease known as HPV that targets the reproductive areas of promiscuous females. Instead of teaching the youth of the USA morals, that sex is to reproduce their species and to share between adults old enough to enjoy the comforts of a mates sexuality, the government is spreading a vaccine to put a venereal disease into all young males so when a young female slut exposes them to HPV, they cannot pass it on to other young female sluts that never learned to keep her legs crossed.

The reality is, the hyper sexual civilization of the USA in which young females are personified as the ultimate way to sell a product and the ultimate object of males and females alike and in which the family has been destroyed and in which the concepts of male and female roles have been blurred, has produced a sick nation that is destined to be resigned to the ash heap of failed human civilizations in the past. At the apex of past great civilizations you see a rise in homosexuality and a rise in prostitution and a weakening of the family unit and vice and corruption permeate the society until another emerging civilization emerges to dethrone the existing kings of the world.

While prostitution is often called the ‘oldest profession on earth’ the fact is it flourishes at the end of a civilizations existence when a nation has lost its moral compass and is doomed to be destroyed. The courts of the sick nation that is the USA has destroyed family rights, human rights and human dignity by allowing a nation of DO WHATEVER I WANT TO FEEL GOOD to become the primary governing right of the land of those with no souls and no HUMAN DIGNITY.

The concept of the RESPECT for HUMAN RIGHTS or HUMAN DIGNITY will never get through to the citizens of the USA.  Since the culture of the USA is one in which abusing HUMAN RIGHTS of others is needed to enrich the slave masters that still run the United States and allow the sick souls of the USA to enjoy the abusive porn they crave that is nothing but a way for the puppet masters to keep the consumers more numbed and confused.

Today, instead of black slaves on cotton plantations in the South, the Titans of US Business that abuse human rights are the heads of huge US companies that abuse the RIGHTS of the humans in poor and exploited parts of the world that make the crap the US citizens CONSUME and the poor souls that help harvest the food that the fat asses of the USA  citizens over consume.

Let’s see how well ‘The Donald’ is doing now that he is in office almost 100 days. The price of a Barrel of OIL is at a very low price, the lowest in years and yet since Trump was elected the price of gas has increased 20%, the reason is he represents the big companies that care not about HUMAN RIGHTS and HUMAN DIGNITY but only PROFITS.

The stock market just had one of the worst days in recent years since the 2008 fiasco, so even the fat cats are getting leery that the con game of Trump will not work on the rest of the world that has an inkling of the concepts of HUMAN RIGHTS and HUMAN DIGNITY.

The USA deserves a scum bag like Donald Trump for one reason, they have no concept of HUMAN DIGNITY and that is what Trump personifies.

There is NO HUMAN DIGNITY in the US Constitution and there is NO HUMAN DIGNITY in Donald Trump.

If you voted for Donald Trump YOU HAVE NO HUMAN DIGNITY and need to slit your wrists or throat and take your fat ass off this planet. The future of this planet is one that is moving toward a world where HUMAN RIGHTS and HUMAN DIGNITY are paramount and not where a persons right to become an overfed piece of shit matters.




Dr. Sol Adoni

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