Dominant Eye Key to Golf Swing and Putting

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Are you Right or Left Eye Dominant?

Over 2/3 of right handed golfers are right eye dominant in their vision.

Yet many use a head cock or ball position that is for left eye dominant players thanks to Jack and Tiger who were both left eye dominant right handed golfers.

If you are right handed and right eye dominant, do not look at the ball with your left eye by using a head cock like Jack did, focus on front of the ball not back of the ball and shorten your full swing, the result is crisper full shots.

On putts open stance and narrow it, if anything cock head to right not left like Jack did. On putts ball should be backward in your stance under your right eye.

You will see how you can hit the center of the cup all day on putts within 6 feet if you have the proper eye alignment in your address on putts.

If you are favoring your left eye on short putts and you are right eye dominant the cup is simply NOT WHERE YOU SEE IT with your left eye.

A good player that has a short game should average 22 to 30 putts a round not 30 to 40 putts.

You can hit greens all day and if you can’t make 4 to 6 foot putts at a high percentage you will never learn to score well.

Pros are usually almost 100% from 3 feet and in.

They miss 10% at 4 feet

They miss 20% at 5 feet.

They miss 30% at 6 feet.

They miss 40% at 7 feet.

They make 50% of putts at 8 feet.

What are you percentages from these distance?

If you are not close to a pro in these ranges on putts, it’s almost certainly due to how you look at the cup and ball and if you have the wrong dominant eye in control of your short putts you will be no where near a pro at these short distances.

You can practice short putts for hours everyday and not improve if your dominant eye is not being used on putts.

If you ball striking is off, hours every day on the range will not improve your ball striking, you must see the ball with the proper dominant eye in full swings and especially in short putts.

This one major tip can literally shave 10 strokes off your scores.

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Dr. Sol Adoni

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