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Dr. Sol Adoni

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Michele Watts is clueless as to what type of country she lives in.


There is no such thing as the US Constitution, do you realize chick that inaction of congress just just allowed a federal judge to approve once again the right for the NSA to record EVERY CALL OF EVERY PERSON INSIDE THE USA.

Such illegal search and invasion of privacy is now LEGAL, so when one of the USA’s new gestapo powered cops talks to you, you do what they say or you get arrested.

That is the post 911 USA you live in.

You said to a cop, you think you have more power than me, and he told you the truth, HE DOES.

He’s empowered to ID anyone he wants just for thinking you may be doing something illegal or be where you don’t belong.

If your boyfriend hadn’t produced your ID you would have been taken into custody, for one reason, not having ID is a crime technically, since many areas have misdemeanor laws about failing to produce a valid ID when asked by a police officer.

Guess what, I’m white, I’m rich and now old (middle 50’s) and when I was only 15 I was harassed by cops for just sitting in a car with some friends. The cop asked for ID and I laughed in his face, excuse me officer I’m not driving I’m not OLD ENOUGH.

So what did the asshole cop forty years ago do, he gave me a ticket for loitering. I say really, I’m a customer of this shopping center I bought a pizza slice and soda, I’m entitled to be here.

None the less the cop wrote out his ticket.

Then I didn’t even get to see a real judge when I challenged the ticket, I saw some jerk JP (Justice of the Peace which any adult can be) and explained to him what the state law really was, I read him the states loitering code which had provisions about patrons of public businesses and produced a receipt for the pizza.

He begrudgingly dismissed the ticket and warned me, “You’re a wise guy and will have many future run in’s with police if you don’t change your attitude.”

Guess what, if you go out in public, you will often be arrested in the USA for doing nothing, if you try to stand up for your rights. Guess what if you do stuff the US Government doesn’t like, they will silence you with bogus cases and put you on trial with ignorant juries and you will disappear in the system. Guess what you can fight such cases all the way to the US Supreme Court and prove you are a political prisoner and the US Supreme Court doesn’t give one shit.

I speak with the knowledge of five decades of fighting the system, standing up for my alleged rights of freedom in the good old US of A, the rights you are claiming Michele, THEY DO NOT EXIST.

Let’s see, I lived in states where you have the right to own and CARRY A GUN in public, having numerous cash businesses in that state decades ago I was a target to be robbed, since owners of cash businesses were often robbed in that state. So I often carried a big ass .44 Magnum tucked in the waste of my pants, half the gun was visible, yet I had to get the top gun lawyer in that state to defend a concealed weapons case. I won, but none the less the cop got a call about a man that had a gun and bang, a few minutes later I’m put in a choke hold and arrested for having a concealed weapon. The cops testimony, he couldn’t see the gun when he approached me from behind. Really PIG, if you approached me face on you could see the gun was visible. After all, why do you think someone called, they saw a man with a gun, in a state where you could technically carry a machine gun down main street as long as it was visible.

Same state a short time after that BS, I’m not a target of police, they don’t like guys that beat their bogus cases and THREATEN TO SUE THEM (oh you can’t sue a copy no matter how much he violates your rights, the system says any copy doing stuff while on duty is doing a police job and he cannot be sued individually, that’s how broke the system is).

So in that BS cowboy state where everyone thought you had gun rights, if you don’t do something the right way, you get arrested for having a gun that is licensed that you are supposed to be able to carry on you at all times.

So after I beat that case, I was driving in my big ass new Lincoln Towncar and I know the state law, guns in cars you must have them on the dash or mounted on a gun rack in the car, no kidding.

Many people didn’t know the state law about guns in cars, in your waistband its illegal. Under the seat it’s illegal, in the glove box its illegal.

That is unless you have no bullets in the gun.

It’s called a two-step action, one step to draw a loaded gun in a car, it’s considered concealed unless it was on the dash or mounted in a window.

Many gun owners got arrested in that state just having a gun in a car if a cop didn’t like you, since most in the state that owned guns which was almost everyone, didn’t realize the state created special laws for cars.

I had tons of guns back then, don’t own one now, but I’m not in cash businesses, so I have no real needs for a gun.

Plus I’m not in that cowboy state anymore.

So I’m stopped for a routine traffic stop after I beat my first concealed weapons case, the cop calls in my ID since back then cops had no computers in their squad cars, he comes back and says you have a prior arrest for concealed weapons (a case I BEAT), do you have any weapons in the car? I say I always have a weapon, I own cash businesses and I own lots of legal weapons. He says where is it, I say in the glove box, next thing you know I’m being arrested again for another concealed weapons charge. I had a nice UZI pistol with three 30 round clips in the glove box.

So we go back to court and the same 5 thousand bucks a case gun lawyer specialists is my lawyer, he asks the cop, where was the gun, he says in the glove box. he says was the glove box closed. He says it was. He says was it loaded? The cops says he doesn’t remember. I told him at the scene IT WAS UNLOADED and therefore not a concealed weapon.

The fact is you can’t fit an UZI pistol in a glove box with the clip in. It’s like a mini machine gun.  It’s what the secret service used to carry years ago protecting the president, but they had it holstered usually and hidden under their jackets, just look at video of President Regan being shot, within seconds the video is filled with Secret Service agents all with mini-machine gun UZI pistols.

So I get on the stand and tell the judge the gun can’t fit in the glove box loaded, I carry three 30 round clips. Since I’m the only person giving testimony saying the gun is not loaded, I win, unloaded weapons are not concealed as long as the gun is in a box and the judge considered the glove box a box as was stated in that states law.

So ten thousand bucks later (the fees to the gun lawyer), I had my guns and two arrests on my record for concealed weapons, which is a huge red flag and a reason for cops to shoot you, even if you beat the cases, they are official arrests. So arrests matter to cops and judges.

So I ask my lawyers to sue the cops, they told me the truth, you can’t sue cops, they have judicial immunity, any acts they do in the course of their duty are legal, even if they commit false arrests.

Just like if you kicked the ass of someone in a fight, the cops show up, the person is lying on the ground seriously injured due to you have multiple belts in martial arts, you get arrested for the fight, then you go to jail, have to pay bail and then hire expensive assault lawyers and bring witnesses into the court room to say one thing, the other person threw the first punch, so it is then a mutual combat situation and you can put that person an inch away from death in a self-defense fight and do it legally.

That happened in that state as well a few times, I was the victim in a few situations, they were all similar situations some asshole that is used to be a bully slaps his girlfriend around in front of me, I don’t ignore it, I say stop it, the guy is drunk and says make me, I say throw the first punch and I will. They do, and they end up knocked out and eventually have to get wired up from a broken jaw. The cops come, the guy that threw the first punch is unconscious with a broken jaw and missing teeth and I’m arrested for winning a fight I didn’t start.

Those cases each cost me around ten grand each back then.

So I’ve spent over the years a small fortune in legal fees for doing what the US Constitution says I have the right to do, bear arms and defend myself.

To cops it doesn’t matter.

You beat a person its assault, let a jury decide who started it, the cop wasn’t there.

You still spend time in jail, you still get handcuffed and an arrest mug shot, you still have tons of arrests on your jacket so when a cop runs your ID it says bad guy, concealed weapons and felony assaults arrests.

The cops don’t care if you beat all the cases, you were arrested.

Then if you ever do get convicted even for something you didn’t do, the judge considers all those arrests you beat, as your history.

So sticking up for your rights only gets you labeled a bad person or a violent person, even when you are doing what the US Constitution says you have the right to do, protect your person or property and arm yourself.

After five decades of witnessing how the US courts piss all over the US Constitution, I will now tell you first hand, there is NO US CONSTITUTION and the latest inaction by congress rubber stamped a federal judge approving the right of the NSA to illegally RECORD EVERY PHONE CALL inside the USA proves it.

As long as you are inside the USA I advise you, if one of the gestapo empowered cops in the USA asks you for ID, you produce it.

You argue, you will often get beat up, arrested and or KILLED.

If you have a history in a certain state of serious cases you BEAT, you are best to leave that state, since those arrests will follow you ever time a cop runs your plate or license, they are RED FLAGS to cops they have the freedom to kill you if they want.

So now I don’t ever carry a gun and if I see some guy beating his girlfriend I look the other way and leave the scene.

I usually live in gated communities and I have insurance, so if some burglar steals my stuff, the insurance company pays me.

The bottom line is, it’s not worth having to go to court defending your person or property. If some bully is hurting people, call the cops if you want or walk away.

If someone is threatening you, walk away and report it to the cops when you are away from the scene.

Get insurance so if someone robs you, so you can make a claim, then you often have to sue the insurance company to get paid.

Thinking you have Constitutional Rights in the USA only gets you put into the system and even when you win and prove you are right, you then have a history to cops and judges.

If you go out in public, go to places where the managers and bouncers KNOW YOU, so if someone bothers you, you get the manager and his muscle or bouncers to take care of the problem.

If a cop asks you for ID, you say here it is, if you have no jacket, you walk away. If you are polite to the cop who has to wear a bullet proof vest today trying to enforce even minor traffic laws, be polite and produce ID and you will usually end up with a warning only even if you were speeding or making an illegal lane change or had a broken turn signal or whatever you were pulled over for.

That’s my advice now after sticking up for so-called constitutional rights that no longer exist.

The more you got out in public, especially to places where they serve booze, the more stupid stuff you see. Alert the mangers or cops to jerks causing problems, don’t be the hero.

I tell both of my teen age sons, if you are out in public, don’t be the hero, don’t try to defend people from bullies, get away from bad situations and if any cop asks you for ID, show your student ID and say Yes Sir or No Sir or Ma’am if it’s a female officer.

They both know that cops are dealing with new rules, where everyone is a suspected terrorist today and a possible crazy with a weapon.

If you think you have the right to protest today, just look at Ferguson, police departments are armed like the army and will arrest protestors and tear gas them and fire rubber bullets that can seriously injure you, you no longer have the right to protest in the United States.

The system is broken, when the inaction of the US Congress approves knowingly that the NSA can record every phone conversation in the USA now, that tells you how broken the US Constitution is.

White people, brown people, yellow people, red people and black people all get asked to produce ID by cops. You produce it or you will be arrested.

All this BS being sprouted by people like Michele Watts about the land of the free is just BS.

The United States is not the land of the free; it’s a heavily policed state nationwide and has been for decades.

Just follow the recent US Supreme Court cases I’ve commented on at 1 Legal, and you will see how perverted the US Legal System has become. Cops can unload 30 rounds into a car over a broken head light and the US Supreme Court says it’s a police action and you can’t sue the cops when they kill your parent over minor stuff like a broken headlight.

Plumhoff v Rickard

The US Supreme court says protestors have no rights now.

Wood v Moff

McCullen v Coakley

Michele Watts wake up, you live in a police state, it’s called the USA.



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