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So I’m not that active anymore in corporate stuff, heck the first time I retired was over 30 years ago.


Then 25 years ago.

Then 20 years ago.

Then for most of the past 10 years I’ve been ‘retired’, I write books on great new theories to help humanity. One major new theory is EOE Elliptical Orbit Effect on Plate Tectonics it explains why life is abundant in the Universe and how mega quakes are predictable since they move on Solstice Lines created by Elliptical Orbits of planets known as EOE Theory.

Almost every planet or body with an elliptical orbit should have, will have or has had some type of volcanism on it, the center of the planets get turned on through the elliptical orbits, basically the little jolt in an orbit at the points furthest or closet to its sun is enough energy to turn cores into living energy reactors that create volcanism and plate tectonics universally.

In other words I’m a fucking huge thinker, I’m known for my psychic skills and have more honorary doctorates for my theories in math and physics than I keep track of.

For over 20 years the 100+ books I’ve written have sold in huge numbers through a large network of websites that sell eBooks or push my books and they push other author titles as well, ADONI Publishing has a nice backlist filled with titles by other authors now.

I started writing my books at the beginning of the commercial internet age, I had huge traffic sites in the 1990’s and sold lots of ebooks before clowns like Jeff Bozo (Bezos) knew what the fuck an ebook was.

In fact we went to Amazon circa 1997 or so and said we have big selling PDF files we want to sell on CD’s and due to us not bothering with ISBN’s he rejected us, after he said WHAT IS AN EBOOK?

Books have ISBN’s and IMO back then eBooks were digital files and had no need to put the number of the beast on them such as I view ISBN’s.

Today ADONI has thousands of ISBN’s, we buy large stacks of them for our stuff just like we have racks of IP’s and servers and over a 1,000 developed websites all with heavy kout social media accounts.

So the great guy now in charge of shopping our titles to Hollywood for OPTIONS for FILMS and also maybe to some print houses since we don’t bother with PRINT, after all it’s 2015 and PRINT IS DEAD since way over 50% of all books sold are now eBooks what I’ve been selling for over 20 years now in huge quantities.

Anyway the agent was dealing with Carolyn Reidy and he explained the beta test for 1eBooks.com an old Adoni project that was stolen from our network that we recovered.

I don’t like Amazon, their $9.99 limit SUCKS and my ebooks routinely sell to my FANS for premiums of $49.99 since they are NICHE genre titles not meant for mass sales to the brain dead sheep on the prison rock called ‘earth’.

If we put $10.00 on an eBook just 1 cent above Jeff Bozo’s threshold of $9.99 the bitch takes 70% of the sale, hey Jeff Bozo FUCK YOU AMAZON.

I’m gonna build a better portal for EBOOKS and crush that clown Jeff Bozo. Hey Bozo you still losing money for your shareholders you CLOWN?

Why Jeff Bozo isn’t FIRED yet by the board of Amazon is beyond me.

Anyway, we own one of the 3 most powerful root keywords for ebooks in the world and it can become EASILY the top eBook portal in the world and dust Amazon and BN and even Apple.

The reason is, people want EBOOKS, they look on search engines and twitter for EBOOKS maybe Stephen King eBooks or Patterson EBOOKS.

So eBooks.com, ieBooks.com and 1eBooks.com are the three natural King Kong bad as all hell root level keywords to be on for any author, the reason is these sites have an advantage over Jeff Bozo’s Amazon crap site AMAZON, people don’t usually search Author name or title with AMAZON they search book or ebook. This is why Amazon will never MAKE MONEY no matter how much they STEAL from authors and publishers with their crazy distribution fees of 35% to 70%, it’s why I love to say FUCK AMAZON.

So the guy selling our backlist right now very well to HOLLYWOOD INVESTORS as options and when one our titles get the GREENLIGHT and studio funding to turn into a FILM then the dinosaur publishers like Simon Schuster and Hachette will line up to bid on PRINT RIGHTS to a book connected to a film or even TV/Cable series and we have lots of new book series in our backlist.

So last week I’m in a board meeting and I ask the guys running things so what’s up with 1 eBooks we find a beta test publisher to stuff 10K or 50K titles on it with EASY SEO so we can pop the fuck out of it on search engines yet?

Well the answer was Simon Schuster CEO Carolyn Reidy pushed off the guy handling the beta test thing to a real IT dummy that should be fired and after moronic talks our guy said to Carolyn Reidy we got not time for this moron, you want a beta test or not, let us show you how we pop your assets that means their titles and authors on search engines on our asset 1 eBooks a root level keyword.

Our proposal was simple, we have what can pop a major SE (search engine) you have titles and author people search for with EBOOKS so let’s have a marriage, put your LINKS to the titles in the beta test, we can then monitor all traffic we send to your site TO BUY.

Let’s build it and we’ll figure out a way to monetize it later, in fact we view any money it makes as 90% to 95% going back to probably PPC to buy more traffic to brand 1 eBooks.

It needs tens of thousands of big titles and authors on it and it needs pop on SE’s which we can do with the root level keyword and easy seo.

So we want to created with the help of big and even medium publishers an ALTERNATIVE to the current eBook cartels run by Amazon, BN and Apple.

Our whole theme is the eBook Portal where fans of authors and book series can find the titles they want and BUY DIRECT FROM THE AUTHORS OR PUBLISHERS.

So cut out Amazon, and BN and Apple, put the titles on a root level eBook keyword and get a ton of organic traffic and pop social media.

We have many top .1% EXPERT RANKED social media accounts, top .1% in major topics like BOOKS and EBOOKS to help with the pop.

So Simon Schuster was the main big sister we targeted due to me seeing Carolyn Reidy in a psychic vision for some reason. In other words the Astral Plane that guides me pointed to Simon and Schuster and Carolyn Reidy.

Then she rejected our olive branch.

So now when you go to social media or search engines and look for Simon Schuster and Carolyn Reidy hashtags you see how we feel about Simon Schuster, the old dinosaur Carolyn Reidy is not competent to run a modern publishing company SHE IS CLUELESS.

Oh, another reason I think Carolyn Reidy sucks, she was given inside information by my agent as to links to my Plane Crash Prophecy video and Great Quake video that gave the exact date of the Nepal Quake BEFORE IT HIT.

3 Planes crashed in a few months where my plane crash video warned they would crash, I hit the exact locations of the 3 crashes that form a dead straight line and I GAVE THE LINE in my video before the first crash hit, the line is tied to EOE and Solstice Lines Energy.

Agent says Carolyn Reidy doesn’t give a shit about my accurate PROPHECIES.

So now DAVID aka ADONI will go toe to toe with the bitch at Simon and Schuster that doesn’t like my PROPHECIES that doesn’t want to help create a new ebook portal to bypass Amazon.

OK bitch here is my KLOUT, the Adoni network has a plethora of SOCIAL MEDIA KLOUT ACCOUNTS.

Just look at your #hashtags Simon and Schuster for your brand and for your CEO.

You see all those KLOUT accounts saying FIRE THE BITCH, that’s what you call KLOUT.

Now the board KNOWS what happened, a great new ebook network was rejected by S&S and now they’re flexing their social muscle and saying OK, FUCK YOU TOO.


I’m retired so I don’t really post much to my blog, I do some, and it hits social media without me even going there, my blog goes direct to my SM accounts.

I’m on tons of lists of people for many topics, I’m an expert in lots of topics, not as high as a ranking as the main accounts for specific sites in our network, they’re the busy SM accounts with lots of posts and tweets and they move SM big time.

Anyway, ADONI will not work with Simon Schuster as long as the old bitch Carolyn Reidy is running it.

I can sell eBooks without S&S and I can get tons of publishers on 1ebooks and it looks like Carolyn Reidy is the sacrificial lamb in this story. She looked like Goliath and a few tweets dethroned her for being so far behind the times she just made bad decisions.

Stay on Jeff Bozo’s site Carolyn, your days are numbered, your board will fire you over this outing and when it is all said and done, S&S may be banned from even being on 1 eBooks.

We don’t need you.

So that’s the story of why Simon Schuster and Carolyn Reidy got the fuck KLOUTED out of them.

Carolyn had the FUTURE given to her by my agent and said she don’t give a fuck basically and now SHE WILL BE REMOVED.

When the board finds out she could have had what will eventually become the top selling books EVERY WRITTEN my PROPHECIES and the dumb bitch said S&S not interested, that gets her FIRED.

Then when the board finds out she’s got her head so far up Jeff Bozos ASSHOLE she can’t envision a world where tons of eBooks are sold on S&S site with all the traffic coming direct from 1 eBooks.

Publishers, just contact 1 eBooks and they will run a beta test, you send over your CVS file with links to your site TO SELL the titles and our expert SEO and SMO gurus will get the titles seen.

When you have traffic flow coming from our work, we can figure out a FAIR way to monetize it.

The idea is to build something where user goes to major social media or search engines and finds your titles on an EBOOK PORTAL with DIRECT LINKS to sell on your sites not through Amazon or BN or Apple.




Keep paying huge monthly fees to Amazon and ignore my vision, my vision is the ultimate way for all authors or publishers to have their titles properly listed with seo guru level work on a keyword that will rock search engines and social media for traffic.

Do you want to sell your titles on YOUR SITE and not have to pay Jeff Bozo?

Or you do you like being controlled by Amazon?



FUCK SIMON SCHUSTER as long as that bitch runs it

You see board of S&S, it is 2015 and I have a fucking huge soapbox it’s called EXPERT RANKINGS in Social Media and KLOUT.

Plus 1 eBooks will become a major distribution channel for publishers and authors and if it takes Carolyn Reidy being FIRED for incompetence to get it done, SO BE IT.

My sling shot is guided by GOD. I take out Goliaths all the time..


Dr. Sol Adoni

Books - Music - Films - Videos - Consults

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