Crypto Punks How High will they go

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Crypto Punks How High will they go?

By Dr Sol Adoni


The past couple of months have been a wild ride for NFTs and Projects like Crypto Punks.

Now that Visa jumped into the game buying a common in the $165k range commons are trading in the $400k range, a few cheap punks are listed at around $250k but the action is in the $400k range.

Sinces it’s crypto, a historic project, connected to a bullshit AI claim, it is collectible to Crypto Gods who are now worth mega millions and billions.

It’s a status symbol within a niche group of nouvae wealth geeks who got into Ethereum cheap.

While Bitcoin is now considered a store of value since the coin is useless with no utility, there’s 21 million bitcoins.

Well, there’s only 10k Punks. So in the world of crypto it’s a tight supply to the crypto wallets now chasing the NFTs.

Since there’s now around 3000 billionaires on earth, with many new club members in crypto, it’s a natural exchange of newly minted crypto wealth into the hands of crypto artists.

In the USA there’s over 20 million millionaires, that’s almost 10% of the population.

So while $250k is a lot to the 90% in the USA who don’t have a million in wealth, to the multiple millionaires $250k for a historic crypto art piece is not that crazy.

The handwriting was on the wall when Christie’s got involved selling rarer punks for millions, every auction house is now chasing the punks.

The NFT project with huge upside is actually Crypto Gods which has a 1000 NFT Giveaway going on. The Gods that are common are 1/1000 and there’s only 9 Gods created by the world’s most valuable artist who is Sollog.

Sollog is a AAA+ Listed artist that means his major works are value at $100+ Million. Picasso major works are in that range, but Sollog had the first $1 Billion Deal in Art. He’s in a league of his own, due to being a historical religious figure with millions of followers and many are some of the wealthiest crypto wallets on the planet. The reason Sollog have his legion of fans in 2010 the buy signal to mine or buy Bitcoin They are heavily in Ethereum. They are investors in fracti. The own the rare Sollog NFTs not the commons.

With only 10k Punks a $1 million common makes the project worth $10 billion. Bitcoin is a $1 Trillion project already. Ethereum is about half of that. So we will quickly see $1 Million commons in punks.

The 10 ETH minted common Crypto Gods you can get for free could easily become a $1 Million common.

The matched set of 1/1 Crypto Gods that were minted and sold for $5 Million each are now in the Auction Catalog of Art Auction Network for a fast ten-fold flip. $500 Million to own the master set of Crypto Gods.

Matched number sets in the 1/10 Tier of Crypto Gods are being accumulated.

There’s one already in the 1/100 Tier and Sets of all 9 Gods in the 1/1000 Tier are being given away.

There’s a minor $500 minting and transfer fee on the Free Gods, a minor investment considering they are minted at 10 ETH which makes them worth $35,000 now.

Punks were given away 4 years ago for Free with a minor minting fee.

At $250k the Crypto Punks project is valued at $2.5 Billion. So we will see $1 Million Common Punks maybe a lot more.

Crypto is here to stay, the long term growth is it ten folds every few years now. It’s back over $2 Trillion as an asset class. With $350 Trillion in Global assets, and 80% in dirt or land, there’s plenty of growth still in Crypto and punks will reach $1 Million commons.

Get a Free Crypto God, it’s the key NFT Project in the future and they are Free.






Dr. Sol Adoni

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