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Dr. Sol Adoni

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Crypto 2018

BITCOIN RIPPLE Ethereum ICOS Regulation

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Well it’s almost 9 years since an NSA spook no one has ever seen named Satoshi Nakamoto (Japanese for Center of Intelligence or CIA) started the Bitcoin project that has morphed into worldwide Crypto mania.

The Bitcoin Project started with the Satoshi Bitcoin white paper that was mostly a rewritten paper published years earlier by the  NSA about how to start a theoretical  P2P (peer to peer) bank.

I’m one of the few humans who actually bothered to read it and I know I’m one of only a handful that fully comprehended it.

Reason is, I’ve been doing math projects involving computers and encryption for 5 decades now. The NSA used my Prime Algorithm to backdoor every set of crypto keys it has released through NiST. As Snowden a true humanist revealed everything is back doored today.

My Holographic Universe Theory I created around 1976 is now cutting edge physics and the basis of my think tank HelixQ which will create the future Crypto Highway on an AI level network operating on free energy in neutral countries via organizations all chartered out of the Cayman Islands

The future global crypto currency that rules this planet and unites humanity with one simple currency is named BYTES and it is now a Pre ICO project that I created. It will scale to do billions of daily transactions. Nothing in the crypto world can scale to run the world’s economy every coin is a toy.

Unlike the crypto toys you heard of in the news, those being  Bitcoin and Ethereum both of which cannot scale nor ever run a world currency,  BYTES is being developed to scale and become a global currency.

The project is chartered out of the Cayman Islands and will run on super computers in a small number of neutral countries positioned all over the world.

The team of programmers that wil create it and the hardware to run it  and the army of lawyers to protect it means the project has a pre ICO budget of 1 Billion dollars. It will be funded entirely by existing crypto wallets that will soon have over 1 Trillion in crypto wealth in them.

So in 2018 many early toy crypto coins will continue to grow in crypto wealth and crypto will easily surpass the 1 Trillion Market Cap value. Governments will continue to try to regulate Crypto.

Bitcoin is now controlled by a few and they refuse to admit their project is a worthless toy that will never scale and they will continue to deceive the public that Bitcoin is a low cost and fast way to send wealth around the world. Try to use it, it is horribly slow now and the minimum transaction fee has become $32 bucks, so send someone $4.00 of Bitcoin and when it takes hours or days to verify and the cost is $36 bucks you too will laugh at the lie that it will scale to run a global currency and the lie it is inexpensive. Now both these concepts were in the NSA white paper by ghost Satoshi, so Bitcoin was pure bullshit as I stated in my book on Bitcoin in 2014 titled CIA Project Bitcoin. It is a joke.

Many people don’t like the fact they all fell for a bullshit NSA project named Bitcoin. It was intended to track bad money, drug dealers, arm dealers and terrorists.

The lie that Bitcoin  is anonymous is for morons only. First, go to a site where anyone can enter any wallet address and instantly see every other wallet it transacted with and ever coin that ever entered or left it. This is what morons call anonymous.

Bitcoin is the ultimate big brother level control over a currency ever invented. Perfect to track bad people and bad money. It was not invented to scale and is now a cripple bloated slow joke of a crypto coin that will continue for a short time to amass great crypto wealth value that fools that have no real crypto coding skills like Mark Cuban and John McAfee continue to pump to do one thing, enrich their tech wallets.

Try to exit from Bitcoin if you bought into the NSA lie about anonymity years ago, go ahead sign up at any exchange to trade into new crypto coins or exit into fiat.

They take so much ID to join exchanges all located in the wrong countries that they know who you are and as soon as your real ID is associated to any coin you acquired the whole history of that coin and wallet is now connected to you. The other day all the exchanges in South Korea were raided to get the names of the traders not paying taxes on paper gains. These gains are not real, they are all paper and should not be taxed until you turn crypto vapor into fiat. Trump the idiot killed the future of the USA crypto exchanges as well by ending the rule 1031 trade exemption.

The answer to crypto’s big promise of anonymity that not one coin has delivered is simple, the answer is CAYMAN ISLANDS, the only neutral country left in the world that is anonymous for Crypto and banks.

My wealth was moved into Cayman Islands into non profit trusts over 4 decades ago in the 1980’s.

Mitt Romeys wealth was held in the Caymans and many Uber wealthy Tech Titans have Cayman companies or trusts or accounts.

So in 2018 the next level of Crypto investing has begun, the future anonymous crypto currency (BYTES) and real anonymous Crypto Exchange as well as the first Cayman Island Crypto BANQ are now pre  ICO  Projects all chartered out of the Cayman Islands.

These projects will be crowd sourced funded by the crypto wallets that now have almost 1 Trillion dollars in wealth.

The problem with all crypto projects prior to these projects is they cannot scale into global currencies. Also, most of the so-called great ideas like public ledgers, cheap P2P nodes and even Blockchain technology itself are seriously flawed and prevent any coin from global scaling. Just look how slow and expensive both Bitcoin and Ethereum have become and neither is anywhere close to a significant amount of transactions to run even a major currency let alone the global currency both are jokes in that regards and only morons refuse to admit the complete failure of both to scale to such levels.

The next era of global crypto projects that will scale all have Pre ICO Founders Tokens. The early visionaries like me that invest into these projects will be THE FOUNDERS of the future Crypto that runs the global currency humanity is heading toward. THE FOUNDERS will control voting rights for the crypto and much of the next stage of crypto development and wealth and many FOUNDERS will be like me humanitarians who have already formed organizations as I have such as GREPA a free clean energy awareness organization and Natural Organic Labs that has developed harmless pesticides to help heal our planet from almost a century of poisons being used in farming.

Some Founders will do great things for humanity and some will just use their wealth to live like Kings, that’s human nature.

I’m a humanist more interested in helping humanity in it’s evolution, and that is why I am putting my trusts behind these projects to help humanity move forward as a united species with one currency that is crypto based and not run by any country but by the visionaries or FOUNDERS that help to create it.

Recently my Bitcoin Algorithm predicted the huge dip in Bitcoin Prices that hit the coin after it hit a peak near $20,000. I publicly warned it would dip to $10,000 and within 48 hours my warning was reality.

Then a week later I predicted the huge rise in Ripple and a couple of other minor crypto coins. Within 48 hours once again my public warnings were validated.

So now I am THE PROPHET of Crypto and you can get my warnings one hour before they are released to the public so you can profit on my words. Join my site PROPHET .business.

If you want to trade some broken crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum into the future Crypto Projects that will work and scale and run the global economy, my huge Pre ICO Crypto Projects are here.





Dr. Sol Adoni

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