Covid Death Rate 0.3% Daily Increase Extinction in 7 Years

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Covid Death Rate 0.3% Daily Increase

Extinction in 7 Years

By Dr. Sol Adoni


Early on in the Pandemic the daily death rate exponential increase was so high I warned of the extinction of the Human Race within a year in a film I produced about the 2020 Pandemic called BIO WAR.

For 25 Years I warned of the Great Plague of 2020 and one and a half years into the pandemic, the daily death rate increase is still so high 0.3% that the human race faces extinction in a little over 7 years. This Plague was featured in my famous SOLLOG PROPHECIES.

While many fear the vaccines might have long term unknown effects, there are now mutations that might soon be resistant to the vaccines and the new mutations are spreading faster than the original strain.

The human race has faced extinction plagues before, I clearly saw this event and warned in my prophecies of the great plague of 2020 and how SAFE ZONES were the only solution.

Not many listened, but some did and the survivors of this apocalypse will indeed be in remote areas where human contact is shunned.

Humanity is being exterminated with this killer virus.

It started as I said in January 2020 inside a weapons lab in China that was financed by the agency run by Dr. Fauci.

My videos were banned on YouTube for saying what is now general knowledge, this plague can be traced to testing of weaponized viruses in the Level 4 Lab in Wuhan China.

3.9 Million have died since this plague was started, there was only 3.6 Million dead at the start of June 2021. That 300K increase is a whopping 0.3% exponential daily increase in a month.

3.9 Million times 0.3% times 2700 days is EXTINCTION

Do not believe the media nor the government, they do not want you to panic, if you want to survive this BIO WAR and Plague you still must leave major cities and relocate to remote areas where there are almost no humans. Do not allow travel in or out of your compounds. LOCK DOWN

Soon, the new mutations will be resistant to the vaccines and mass deaths will occur.

Soon, you will see side effects of the vaccines.

Soon, the human race will be extinct, except for those in remote SAFE ZONES.

Covid19 Death Rate

Corona Virus Death Rate

Covid Death Rate

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Dr. Sol Adoni

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