INDEED .com nothing but MORONS and BULLSHIT

Dr. Sol Adoni

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nothing but MORONS and BULLSHIT

By Dr. Sol Adoni

I’m always looking at new sites for possible clients for my huge 1 MEDIA Network, so recently I’ve been looking at the clowns posting for tech jobs on INDEED .com.

Are these MORONS actually paying INDEED to post idiot job postings?

Typical job ad title example: Social Media ‘Manager’.

You read it and they have enough requirements that they need literally a full blown tech department at two million or more a year and yet these jerk-offs are offering 30K to maybe 50K for a person that can do all these things.

  1. Social Media Guru/Manager
  2. Full Stack web developer with HTML/PHP/SQL and other skills
  3. APP Developer
  4. SEO Guru
  5. SEM/PPC Guru
  6. Video Editor
  7. Copywriter

Then usually, they put must answer phones, get coffee and take orders.

So for 30K to 50K a year they expect a tech person to be a walking IT Department, these MORONS are wasting money putting job ads on INDEED.

I swear they are all joke ads, and not real.

If the clown that paid to put up such nonsense is real they need to be FIRED for being a MORON.


Now, there may be some GOLD under all that BULLSHIT at Indeed.

I see a ton of big companies have ads for VP of Technology and VP of Marketing, so now I’m contacting the HR Department with a query letter saying let the CEO know I’m looking for strategic partners for 1 Media.

So maybe I get some big clients on my network, now that I found a way to possibly reach decision makers at big companies that should be drooling at the network I created and all the traffic I have already.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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