Cold Call Visit or TM or PPC What is Best

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Cold Call Visit or TM or PPC

WHAT is Best in 2018?

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Over 30 years ago I set my companies sales record 31 in person demos on a $20k Management System and 31 closed deals.

Now it’s 2018 and I have two college age son’s looking to learn sales.

So to tune up I knocked on 15 doors last week signed up two clients.

Both I knew from years ago, they almost signed up for my network but I signed another client.

He sold his business, new owner died so his spot was open on my network, so I split his area in half signing up two new clients.

Most of these companies I saw in person almost 10 years ago when I was going door to door getting clients for my network.

So how do I start to scale the company 10 years later with two young son’s who need to learn how to sell new clients so they can take over the network?

Door to door is still the best way to do it, but finding sales reps who can do that in 2018 is impossible.

Maybe my son’s will be exceptions.

PPC gets almost 20% leads.

10 leads close 1 deal on a phone.

Cost of 50 leads to do a deal $500 bucks.

It might take a week to get 50 clicks.

A two step telemarketing system making 200 calls in 8 hours can produce 10 to 20 email addresses where owner says okay send me more info.

100 emails might produce 1 deal.

Cost of a telemarketer at least $500 to maybe $1000 week.

A door knocker can get 3 to 5 clients a week.

Cost $2000 week to a person with the ability to cold call to close.

So PPC and TM might produce a deal a week.

Cold caller 3 to 5 deals.

The fastest way to scale might be TM since a TM bullpen can have 50 or 100 telemarketers.

That’s 50 to 100 new clients a week.

25 cold callers to train and give areas to would cover a huge geographical area.

Maybe the entire country.

How do you supervise and train that many door knocker?

So it looks like TM is still the way to go in 2018.

In 1988 it took two solid TMs to generate 200 leads and 5 reps to run them with pitch books to get 40 business on paper to get pre-approved for a $20k lease.

Those 40 applications lost 50% to credit.

The 20 approved leases lost 50% to I changed my mind.

The 10 approved shops would be demoted by THE CLOSER who was me back then.

My closing ratio on pre-approved clients was almost 100%

So 10 deals out of 200 leads or $200k a week in business to pay a huge staff.

Full time admin in office, two TMs, 4 IT support staff training new clients and 5 app taking pitch guys. Plus me the closer.

500 new clients a year was that company, we burnt out the market from DC to NYC in a few years.

So now it looks like my son’s will see the old man handle objections in person.

Then they get to do TM to just get emails.

Then they both can supervise a large TM bullpen to do 50 to 100 clients a week.

In a few years this new company will have 5000 to 10,000 clients.

It will make over $500 a month per client.

Back end IT support will be huge.

2.5 to 5 million a month in income will be the potential of the company.

It could scale one day to 100k clients.

So it’s 2018 and a mixture of TM with emails is what I see as the future of this venture.

It took me 20 years to build the huge network that will now be built on TM and email marketing.

The new venture is 1 Marketing.

If you own a business it will make you lots of money getting you new clients.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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