CO2 Does Not Cause Higher Sea Levels

Dr. Sol Adoni

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CO2 Does Not Cause Higher Sea Levels

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Dean Emeritus Universitius

Founder HelixQ AI Think Tank


Oh no the sky is falling, or rather the seas are rising and humans creating CO2 is the blame.


First let me introduce myself, I’m man of wealth and fame. (My cover of the Stones is quite popular, I’ve had over 40 Million Downloads on sites like SoundCloud.)

My EOE Theory in astrophysics and geophysics is used by the USGS.

My PDF Theory is used by NASA.

My Prime Algorithm is used by the NSA.

I have many honorary doctorates on my wall in 13 areas of academic research.

Facts sheeple, for the past 20,000 years CO2 was stable between 200 and 300ppm. Yet for most of the past 20,000 years the seas rose around 450 feet. That 2.25 feet every Century.

So was it CO2?

NO, it was a great cycle where for over 300 million years the Earth has swayed back and forth between Ice Ages with large polar caps and hot periods with little or no polar caps.

In fact 550 million years ago when the earth entered the complex life cycle creating complex life forms the CO2 was 8000ppm or twenty times higher than now. At that time Earth had been a snowball so high CO2 causes extreme Ice Ages one could ASSume.

But then 60 Million years ago when Earth was a swamp with no ice caps and sea levels were 250 feet higher than now, CO2 was 4000ppm and you could ASSume high CO2 caused no polar ice caps.

Either way CO2 has nothing to do with polar caps nor sea levels, the fact is the only constant on earth as to what causes ice ages and warm periods is the big bright star we orbit, it’s the SUN and how the sun effects plate tectonics and activity in our core and volcanic activity is what in reality is causing sea levels to rise and falls.

If CO2 drove sea levels as the buffoons at the IPCC claim, then the CO2 levels from 20,000 years ago until 1850 would not have been stable. They would have seen huge spikes which they did not do.

So stable CO2 for 20,000 years did not prevent 450 feet of sea rise that occurred.

So CO2 levels and sea level rise is fake science.

Now I’m all for green energy, it’s clean

So I founded GREPA decades ago I believe in clean green energy. I know CO2 does not cause sea rise for the facts stated above.

I believe we’re heading into another mini ice age like we saw from 1300 to 1850. The reason is, melting polar caps over land will feed enough fresh water into oceans to disrupt things like the jet streams and also the Atlantic Conveyer that feeds warm tropical ocean jet streams to Europe to keep it moderate.

Now, the elites own all the land where most cities are built, the elites control governments and science grants. The elites know trillions will be lost as modern cities like New York City, London and Miami go under water, so the elites that control the media, academia and governments want the sheeple to fund sea walls and such to keep the inevitable loss of modern cities in the future from happening so fast.

Well after the next mini ice age retreats eventually NYC and Miami go under water. That is the natural state for these areas, MOST of the past 300 Million years these areas were under water.

The second most natural state for London and NYC is to be under ice.

Now CO2 is great for trees and plants it’s the fuel of photosynthesis.

So CO2 is like H2o or water an essential element of life.

Now the past 20 years we have had a 100% increase in great quakes, see my work

We are also in the Holocenic Extinction event, every 240 million years over 90% of all species goes extinct, I’m the first scientist to show the orbital path of our sun in our galaxy is perfectly in sync to the great galatical orbital cycle of our sun that causes mass extinction events. The fact is, the last two times the sun was in this position of the Milky Way over 90% of species went extinct. This is science FACT not elitist PR to con the sheeple into funding sea walls. . See my work at






Dr. Sol Adoni

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