CIA File Psychics are REAL

Dr. Sol Adoni

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CIA File Psychics are REAL

By Dr. Sol Adoni

For over two decades the CIA had a Psychics Think Tank headed by Dr. Russell Targ that ended up costing tens of Millions of Dollars in 1970’s and 1980’s dollars, a huge sum for that era. Of the 100,000 plus pages of TOP SECRET DATA on the Psychic Think Tank code named STARGATE the CIA has released around 1% of the documents. or over 1,000 pages. Here are the CIA Public Documents on the Psychic Program known as STARGATE.

In 1995 the CIA ended the STARGATE Program (the real STARGATE Program was about Psychics not worm hole traveling soldiers as the Movie and TV Shows made famous for the term). The Program was ended with a 200+ page document in which Dr. Jessica Utts a Statistics and Probability Professor concluded the psychic abilities tested in the CIA Think Tank were REAL psychic abilities and way beyond chance but the government decided to can the program after almost 25 years. Some say it still operates but doesn’t rely anymore on academia to do things like remote-viewing (RV) of areas of Russian and or China or as the program did under Dr. Targ who had his psychics RV into the Iranian Embassy Hostage situation and find a lost plane in Africa with important intelligence material on the plane.

Dr. Targ is now under a smear campaign by the NSA controlled site Wikipedia which was founded by pornographer Jimbo Whales. His Wiki page calls his parapsychology work ‘pseudoscience’ and use bullshit footnotes to a crap book about psychic frauds written by a clown who is one of the clowns running a psychic skeptic organization. The fact is Dr. Targ is a genius in physics who did major work in lasers in the 1960’s and 1970’s and who was a pioneer in bringing scientific analysis of psychic phenomena.

Wiki is 100% controlled by morons and bots from the NSA and their agenda is to deny any type of information that psychic phenomena is real.

I’ve sued Wiki years ago and my names used in my writings are now forbidden to have Wiki articles on me. I’m also a world famous psychic under my religious name SOLLOG and for 20 years I put 60 prophecies I wrote from what people call ASTRAL TRAVEL or Projection and each PROPHECY was time-stamped in Usenet and prophecies from 2010 until 2016 were also time-stamped on YouTube.

People can view my prophecies and believe what they want, but the statistical probability of how accurate my prophecies are lead my fans to call me the GREATEST MYSTIC IN HISTORY.

Low IQ morons like James Randi, who is worshiped by cretins that run the skeptics bullshit organization, have no doctorates and have not done anything in regards to physics. Dr. Targ advanced the field of lasers greatly and legitimized psychic research.

In my Astral Travels I brought back from the future new theories in physics that prove every thing most now understand about physics is wrong from Newton to Einstein and Hawking.

My work is known as THEORY E.

I have had many consultations with all the alphabet letter groups due to my famous PROPHECIES as SOLLOG.



Secret Service

Homeland Security

My FOIA file is the largest in the history of the USA due to my exact public warnings about:

Oklahoma City Bombing

Deaths of Princess Diana and JFK Jr.


2004 Tsunami that killed over 250K humans

2011 Fukushima Disaster and Tsunami

Since 1995 when STARGATE ended, my public Prophecies have warned of every major loss of life event there has been.




Mass shootings

School Shootings

Plane Crashes

Train Crashes

All this bullshit over if humans have psychic abilities is now a moot point, the reason is humans have been judged not worthy of saving as a species by higher intelligence by how low IQ morons like James Randi and his ilk targeted my prophecies aimed to help save humanity from what is now an extinction level event. All of you reading this do not exist after January 20th 2023, due to a killer asteroid. You can thank morons like James Randi and Wikipedia for showing higher intelligence that humanity is a failed species that needs to be terminated instead of saved from the Asteroid that will kill all life on Earth in 2023.

When the Tsunami’s hit in 2023 from the Asteroid, all the nuclear reactors near coastlines will melt down making the planet a toxic waste dump from nuclear reactor melt downs.

I came to earth to give my warning and humanity was not advanced enough to realize how accurate my work was and due to organizations defaming my work like they are now defaming Dr. Targ, humanity is now slated to be terminated.

Had humanity listened to my warnings about Nuclear Technology higher intelligence would have stepped in and saved humanity, instead judgment has been passed and mankind and all life on earth will now perish.

The main MORON targeting Dr. Targ is Dr. Hines who is a such a cretin he is a ‘fellow’ of the main skeptic organization against human psychic abilities. The jerk also insists in an article that even though 84% of females believe in G Spot orgasms there is no such thing. he’s a smacked ass and has no published articles or theories in major academic review works.

Dr. Hines has done nothing significant in his career except for his work on human psychic abilities in which he trashes all psychics including the work of Dr. Targ with bullshit claims.

The only biggest FRAUD in the skeptic world is James Randi who has a bogus $1 Million Dollar ‘contest’ even though he is a broke ass jerk living in a run down home in South Florida. He does not have a million dollars to fund his challenge as 247 News reported.

Below are excellent videos featuring Dr. Targ discussing his work for the CIA with psychics as well as Dr. Utts. Both of these intelligent humans have done more than either Randi or Hines will ever do in their life.






Dr. Sol Adoni

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