Chat GPT AI Absolute FAKE Info

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Chat GPT AI Absolute FAKE Info

By Dr. Sol Adoni


So I asked Chat GPT a few questions about my work known by my religious name SOLLOG.


Then I started to see 100% FAKE INFO

Info about cases I have in the US Supreme Court, my cases were all Habeas Corpus cases from the 2000’s, nothing filed after 2008.

Well according to Chat GPT, I have a case about me being a pedophile filed in 2019.

For that false info, I will destroy Open AI and Micosoft and everyone that touched it, including Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

Then it lists a bunch of major media with alleged articles about me including one at Wired about me and Jeffrey Epstein being budies. No such article exists, never met the guy and again it’s just an inside smear job to connect a famous RABBI to pedophilia.


Oh, it says my famous 9/11/1998 Warning posted to Usent three years to the date of 911 that stated

MAJOR EMERGENCY IN DC on 911 was ‘wague’ and a 1997 Prophecy titled 902 stated clearly the Twin Towers would be destroyed.

Nothing vague about my direct hits on 911 which was covered in multiple articles by Der Spiegel the biggest Geman Paper in the world and led to me having millions of people a day to my site.

Get ready bitch I AM SUING YOU and I WILL DESTROY YOU.



Dr. Sol Adoni

Books - Music - Films - Videos - Consults

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