WHO CARES FIFA Officials Arrested

Dr. Sol Adoni

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First the USA SUCKS IN SOCCER which is the biggest sport around the world due to most of the world being 3rd World status so their kids only have an inflated ball to kick around grass fields since they can’t afford football equipment, hockey equipment and baseball fields and equipment.

Now in Switzerland 7 of the 8 top officials that run FIFA have been arrested and they guys are in the process of being extradited to the USA to stand trial for corruption in the bidding process of the FIFA World Cup.

Are you kidding me? The USA criminal justice system thinks they can play cop to an international sports organization that is pretty much NONEXISTENT in the USA?

Now, Obama, both Bushes and Clinton need to all be ARRESTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and that is why they won’t travel to certain areas of the world where the HUMAN CRIMES of the US Government have created international ARREST WARRANTS for every living ex President with the exception of Jimmy Carter.

So while the USA destroys the environment and creates nuclear waste piles of crap that will be toxic long after humans have become extinct due to the nature of humans to destroy everything they touch, the USA government is worried about some 3rd World soccer officials that govern FIFA as to if they took kickbacks to give Qatar rights to the World Cup in the future.


Wouldn’t you just love to see a huge UFO park over the White House and the homes of ex Presidents and transport the REAL CRIMINALS of this world onto their ship and then broadcast into every home on the planet the trial of the REAL CRIMINALS in the world, the men that destroyed the planet’s environment over the last four decades and who committed more HUMAN RIGHTS CRIMES around the world than any other nation.


So, SCOTTY BEAM UP the REAL CRIMINALS and put them all on trial.




Dr. Sol Adoni

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