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Occult Books by Dr. Adoni

Dr. Sol Adoni has written over 100 Books

Many involve Occult Topics


Top Occult Books by Dr. Adoni


Theory E – Proof Newton & Einstein Wrong

I Time Travel 

Holographic Universes

Computer Universe Theory

Great Quakes

Grey Aliens


Mandela Effects

Messiah Erased

Origin of GOD

Creator Formula

Jesus – God – Satan – A Hoax?

Triangle of Fire

Triangles of Death

Devil’s Pentagram

Pentagram of Blood

The 33rd Degree

Solstice Lines

Lines of Death

OOPAS – Out Of Place Artifacts

Lost Ancient Civilizations

Lost History

Anunnaki Conspiracy

True Prophecies of Nostradamus

Prophecies of SOLLOG


True Number of the Beast

XIC Chi Iota Sigma

The 33rd Degree

Secret of the Great Pyramid


3rd Eye – Your Psychic Energy

The Lucifer Conspiracy

Libri Luciferius (Book of Lucifer)

Jesus Is Not God


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Dr. Sol Adoni

Books - Music - Films - Videos - Consults

Books by Dr. Sol Adoni