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Authors and publishers we need to starve BookBub from feeding the eBook cartels our titles. The reason is simple, they are refusing to carry titles that are not on the Cartels.

Any user of the Net can go to an authors site or a publishers site and BUY eBooks easily.

Yet the morons that run BookBub think their users cannot figure out how to download or buy a book from an author or publishing company.

Exactly what purpose does BookBub serve? Sure they spam a bunch of email addresses they scammed over the years with ‘offers’ of cheap or free eBooks, yet they refuse to send the traffic of their spam to an author or publisher to SELL THEIR OWN BOOKS and keep the monies all to themselves.

So I say BOYCOTT BOOKBUB until they become AUTHOR FRIENDLY and PUBLISHER FRIENDLY and allow their users to be sent to author sites and publishers sites.

When I contacted BookBub recently asking them if they could send the traffic from an ad that can cost up to $2,000 USD now to our authors sites or our eBook Portal they said no, since they only serve Amazon and the rest of the eBook cartel (BN, Apple, Kobo, etc.).

If you are an author and you give BookBub even 1 cent you are helping the eBook cartels to continue its control of the eBook Industry.

Here is what the idiots at BookBub replied to me when I asked to send the traffic of Ads I HAVE TO PAY FOR to my network of sites.

So I’m trying to explain to authors and publishers just how much power the eBook cartels now have and how it is a danger to all writers.

Recently my math and religious books as well as scify series have been getting banned by Amazon, that’s 90% of the eBook market people.

It seems Jeff Bezos missed the point in Monopoly 101 that with great power comes great responsibility.

Now most Indie Authors and small pubs would love to have BookBub anoint them and allow them in a discount or freebie offer you PAY THOUSANDS FOR.

Bookbub is nothing but another corporate whore that wants to keep the sheeple dumb and numb and using the cartels to ‘buy’ eBooks.

So we reached out to BookBub and explained we have lots of great books by major authors with huge fan bases to put on your site, but we need the traffic to go to our eBook portal or at least the authors portals, we are trying to BREAK THE EBOOK CARTEL.

So instead of BookBub saying great, let’s all give the power of an authors work back to the authors they say no, they will only feed books on the cartels.

SO BOYCOTT BOOKBUB it’s part of why Authors are enslaved to Amazon and a few to the usual suspects in the cartel.

Here is there response to me today,
Thanks for reaching out, and for your interest in working with us! We currently only feature ebooks that are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and Google Play. Our readers are signed up to receive deals on only those retailers, so unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to feature your books.

I’m sorry about that! I hope we have the opportunity to work together in the future, and that you have a great week.


Julianne LaBrecque
Account Coordinator





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