Bitcoin Mining Malware Hits

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Bitcoin Mining Malware Hits

Seems the tech wars between nations has heated up.

Could be retaliation for the USA’s new Net Neutrality policy act.

The authors of the latest wave of viruses may be tech war specialists meant to cripple the west and the net.

That’s my gut feeling on all these new powerful viruses.

Heart Bleed took open Open SSL.

Also big hitting viruses were NRPE and Ebury.

So today Adoni gets a message the NOC some servers are on got hit with Bitcoin Mining Malware which also hit Google Plus.

Whoever wrote the email needs to learn proper English, since it stated it was on our secure servers which is impossible. Nothing goes on the server as root ever, NOTHING.

So a quick call and the IT staff said, oh, only a few on the network were compromised and ours weren’t but all root access was wiped out to control the infection of the virus.

So why so many strong viruses in such a short time, what’s happening in news around the Net.


So either some powerful hackers don’t like it or backwater nations with some smart hackers are exposing the Nets weaknesses overall.

So our servers not compromised by any of these viruses, but all PW’s had to be changed as a precaution.

Makes you look at the infancy of the Net as great times, I can still hear my dialup modem going cccchhhhhhhh ccccchhhhhhhh….

Google hit by Bitcoin Article

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Dr. Sol Adoni

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