Bitcoin Crash Predicted in Bitcoin Algorithm Book

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Bictoin Algorithm
Bictoin Algorithm


Bitcoin Crash

Predicted in Bitcoin Algorithm Book

By Dr. Sol Adoni


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In 2014 I took a hard look at Bitcoin due to I was taking it for a while on my network, some of the Network had issues with Banks, they didn’t like the content, so when someone offered me 20 Bitcoins for a $100 purchase of digital content in 2010, I said sure why not, the banks don’t like this stuff, so let’s try this decentralized ‘crypto’ coin.

So my network was a very early adopter of the coin, and due to the Silk Road crash of 2013 I tried to make sense of this toy coin I had accumulated some of.

I didn’t like what I saw, it’s 100% NSA created, as my book BITCOIN ALGORITHM stated and in 2014 it made a big stir and was covered by lots of crypto news sites. How dare I say there is no Satoshi Nakamoto, it’s a code name from the NSA laughing at the CIA, in Japanese it means CENTER OF INTELLIGENCE, so it was an obvious JOKE.

I also noted the crypto used was 100% NSA, it was Koblitz Curve Theory, he was a product of Colombia when my brother was there and my brother was one of the leaders of the anti-war movement, only he was peaceful, Mark Rudd, was the violent radical that forced my brother into hiding due to threats on his life from Rudd’s clan.

Neal Koblitz was at Columbia then and that’s when he joined the NSA as a spook and they use his math. Just like they use my algorithm the PRIME ALGORITHM to cook numbers they release through NiST their Organization that backdoors all crypto.

Anyway, the crypto incise the Bitcoin code is NSA cooked and backdoored, it’s how they were able to give the FBI the location of the Dread Pirate running Silk Road in late 2013, that bust and the collapse of Silk Road created the famous crash then.

My book Bitcoin Algorithm warned in 2014, that Bitcoin was not done, it would rise again and again, as different segments of capitalism flirted with it, but it could never be a currency, since I pointed out the severe limits the crypto has, a measly 7TPS Transactions Per Second where a real network like Visa does 17,000 TPS, Bitcoin was a NSA Toy good for nothing, it was not the global currency everyone was touting in the early days.

This is why today, the new conmen pushing the crap crypto as a store of value, gave up on the currency bullshit.

The 25% flash crashes and 50% deep crashes and 85% wipeouts were in my book explaining this is the growth and retraction algorithm and user wallets growth was the accelerant causing the growth.

It was for a while a practical entry into crypto casinos until the government caused another crash when it went after online betting. Then in 2017 when I saw how exchanges and ICO mania had fueled another growth cycle I publicly called the top $20,000 and sure enough it hit my crash number of $10K, then I said hello $5K and it hit it and eventually it bottomed out around $2800.

All this had happened before and I warned when tech guys and Wall Street team up to push this crap coin, it will go to $50,000 and maybe even $500,000.

Now this was way back in 2014 my book was predicting this stuff.

Fast forward to 2021 and the tech boys with Wall Street were indeed trying to moon this crap, so I issued another warning, it’s crap, ETH is the real crypto their ETH 2.0 coming out this summer was 25,000 TPS and it’s a legit crypto 2.0 plus it has smart contract, DEFI and NFT’s.

So on the Crypto Landscape ETH is the coin to be holding and Bitcoin is crap.

So a few months ago I said ok $60K ATH then flash crash 25% then deep crash $28K and the new floor is $15,000 it might take a few months to hit, but it’s coming.

Elon obviously read my book and pulled Tesla out of the crap coin and China banned it again, and now we had $28K Bitcoin hit, it’s now in a post half crash rebound to mid and low 30K range.

My this is the ATH of this cycle posts are part of Internet History and archived on Twitter.

The Crypto 3.0 coin I talked about in my book is here, it’s fracti and within 100 days of it’s release it is now a Top 20K site in the USA according to Alexa the the traffic ranking company Amazon runs.

fracti gives every new member $3000 in FREE CRYPTO then it pays members $500 a day to login ad read articles and watch videos. They sell stuff in their store, some of it is my books. Art by famous artists is in the store, mega million dollar domain names and rare NFT Art Tokens you can buy with FREE CRYPTO then sell on the main NFT Market places like Opensea and Rariable. As I said in 2014, when fracti appears IT TAKES OVER CRYPTO AND THE WORLD.





Dr. Sol Adoni

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