Is Bill Cosby a Rapist?

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Now you got really old chicks saying Bill Cosby raped them when he was at the height of his fame and youth.

The latest is some slut that was banging Sammy Davis Jr way back in the day that knew the Cos for almost a decade before he grabbed her and fucked her like the little slut she was in the free wheeling 60’s and 70’s.

If you got fame and or money, you do not need to rape chicks. Chicks in the US of ASS have one thing, a PUSSY, and they use that PUSSY to get what they want. And when that PUSSY sniffs money, fame or power, that PUSSY opens up like a clam.

I’ve fucked enough PUSSY in my life and I STILL DO, I have fucked enough PUSSY that the numbers are staggering. Early in life I was GORGEOUS for a man, I could stand at a bar and the line of chicks would be long trying to talk to me. I had money and power early in life too, owned my companies and where ever I went the red carpet was rolled out.

I still roll up to a club in a high end exotic car and the Plebeians stand in line WAITING to get in, me I give the valet kid a 20 or 50 and my whip gets put in a VIP spot in front of the club and I skip the line of Plebeians.

Once inside the sluts that were standing in line get in, and when they see me they come up to me.  They are all trying to use a PUSSY to get my attention, so they can move up the social ladder, drive in nice cars, not wait in lines at hot clubs and eat at the best restaurants.

I’m not famous where people recognize my face, but I’m sure someone most notice, and I have gotten so much PUSSY over how PUSSY perceives me, that I’m sure anyone like Bill Cosby has so much PUSSY being thrown at him, that he doesn’t need to drug or rape any of these spurned sex partners.

Face it, these chicks REMEMBER FUCKING the Cos, the reason, he is famous, and they gave him their PUSSY, and then he never called or even fucked it again.

So these spurned chicks that got their once in a life chance to fuck a famous dude end up deluding themselves, oh he raped me, to justify him not giving one shit about their PUSSY.

This case is like the numerous child rape cases from decades ago, where investigators suggested shit to young kids and all of a sudden you had the whole school saying how they got molested.

Now chicks do get raped, buy usually poor guys, any guy with MONEY and POWER and FAME can get FREE PUSSY all day. In fact most wealthy guys are too busy MAKING MONEY to spend the time you have to put into PUSSY like a date or some talks on the phone (years ago) or today texting all day.

It’s so much easier as to time, to just go where the HOS are and pick the one you like and give the HO what she wants and do what you want.

Some guys don’t need to fuck a bunch of PUSSY, they actually control their alpha male KING OF THE JUNGLE genetics of the King gets the pack to BREED WITH and settle into a boring life with a boring job and a bitch that has to work to help pay their bills. They go to their Church, Synagogue or Mosque and believe the bullshit they are told.

You give that same guy fame, power or money and almost every one of them will start to lay pipe from New York City to Los Angeles.

PUSSY will always chase POWER, MONEY and FAME.

Especially YOUNG PUSSY that thinks that their PUSSY is so special that a mega-millionaire should be happy just to fuck their special PUSSY.


Once a guy has 10 PUSSIES, he realizes, wow they’re all wet, a few are tighter than the rest and most of them STINK like tuna left out for a day.

You get a guy who has had 100 PUSSIES and he will tell you, PUSSY IS PUSSY.

You get a guy who has had over 1000 PUSSIES and he will tell you, PUSSY IS PUSSY and now he perfers kinky shit since PUSSY IS PUSSY.

Now Bill Cosby had money and fame for decades. He was an icon in the black community being one of the first black TV stars with his role on I SPY.

In the 60’s many black mothers would have pointed to the Cos and said to their daughters, see a black man can do anything today, go find one like that man Bill Cosby.

I’m sure the Cos fucked thousands of chicks, and most will remember THEY FUCKED HIM BECAUSE HE WAS THE COS.

Now these minor amounts of chicks that are all DELUDED and probably have fucked up minds since they were banging their brothers, or Uncles or Fathers since they were 10 or so are a tiny amount of chicks to have ever fucked Bill Cosby.

So once the Cos has the 1000+ chicks he fucked come forward and tell the truth, THEY FUCKED THE COS BECAUSE HE WAS THE COS, then the minor amount of chicks now claiming rape will be seen for what they are all, DELUDED SLUTS that got spurned by a famous guy that wasn’t too impressed with their stinky pussies.

Bottom line is the Cos probably fucked 5,000 chicks so I don’t give one shit about 1% or the 50 deluded bitches saying he raped them. The Cos didn’t have to rape PUSSY, PUSSY has been throwing itself at the Cos for over 50 years.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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