How Big can Crypto Become in World Asset Wealth

Dr. Sol Adoni

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How Big can Crypto Become in World Asset Wealth

By Dr. Sol Adoni


I was an early adopter of Bitcoin around 2011 for my network, in 2014 I wrote a book The Bitcoin Algorithm, it was about what a crap shit coin it was, but the book predicted the future and how Tech Players who hook up with Wall Street would make it go to $50K and even $500K in value. It also revealed it’s a toy that could never run a major part of the global economy as it was being touted to be at that time, the reason is the crappy 7 TPS limit it has which is around 350K transactions a day, Visa is 17K and only does a fraction of the world. Ethereum 2.0 is 25,000 TPS and it will topple Bitcoin easily.

I also predicted Crypto 2.0 would change the game and that Crypto 3.0 would rule the world.

Now that Ethereum has established real use for it’s coin, that being smart contracts for DEFI and also the NFT Token Contracts for NFT Art, that is the reason ETH has almost reached a 50% evaluation of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a little over 1 Trillion in value or Market Cap and Ethereum is $400 Billion, not too shabby for a $2 coin that was released 6 or so years ago after my book was written.

The crypto that rules the world is already in deployment, it’s a social coin, that self generates based on actions of users, everything a user does on sites like Facebook and Youtube, it pays $10 to the user, also to the content creator and the Network. There are no fees, it is instant, it’s not a bullshit decentralized public ledger that will never be able to handle transactions for 8 Billion humans. This crypto can scale to raise the World Global Wealth of around $360 Trillion Dollars of which 78% is Real Estate, it can scale to 3500 Trillion even 350,000 Trillion or add a few more zeroes it’s that powerful and it is Crypto 3.0.

Already it a major traffic site hitting the 200K Alexa ranking within a little over a month of it’s launch, the future of crypto is FRACTI see

Join it’s Free and bang, they put $1000 fracti instantly into your fracti wallet you can spend instantly in the fracti store, books I wrote are there, music is in the store, films are in the store and NFT Art by famous artists you can buy with fracti and then sell on all the popular NFT Art Networks like Opensea. There you acquire ETH and can cash it out at exchanges.

So Crypto 3.0 is here and it will rule the world. The reason what you do no and earn nothing for, you can do on the fracti network, read articles, $10 an article, 24 logins a day at $10 each that’s $240 just in logins. Then click a link, it’s $10 and watch a video it’s $10 and remember the user is generating $10 per action and the content creators get the same thing and so does the network, it’s 3 parts of a pie worth $30 in fracti and it spends instantly.

A $100 Billion dollar transaction was done on the network the other day, it was INSTANT and it had NO FEES.

So anyone can earn around $500 in fracti a day and it’s a stable coin, 1 fracti = $1 always.

How many fracti will there be, it’s a number so big, it can fuel the future of space exploration, we’re talking about Faster than the Speed of Light Warp Engines, Worm Hole manipulation, etc.

So how many there are is irrelevant, it is meant to fuel the future of human growth and end poverty by allowing anyone to make over $100,000 a year in around an hour of use of the Network. So humans will generate fracti with their internet use and robots will basically do all the work, that is the future.

But how do you convert fracti into cash, read above, it sells NFT art by and Artist in major museums, who just sold a painting for $1 BILLION DOLLARS, the first artist to ever sell a work for that much money. His NFT Art is on the fracti Network.

So is the music of Rex Luciferius and also the artist.

Over 100 books already, dozens of films and mega valuable Domain Name assets.

Then the NFT Art as well as real art.

So fracti is already a fully developed ecosystem.

Now to the main focus of this article, how big can crypto get? Well first you need to understand how little our global economy is. It’s almost 100 Trillion dollars a year and the USA does around 25% of it and so does China the rest of the world does the rest.

The big number is Total Global Asset Wealth, it’s only $360 Trillion or so and 78% of it is REAL ESTATE. As humanity develops real FSOL travel, we will conquer worlds and the REAL ESTATE Value of the Galaxy is so much, it’s astronomical in scope when you try to fit our tiny economy into a Galactic Economy.

This is what crypto 3.0 can do, it can expand infinitely.

It’s not crypto replacing money in the minor $100 Trillion a year global economy, it’s about crypto expanding the puny $360 Trillion Global Asset wealth to do real space travel the next phase of human adventure.

Currently crypto accounts for a mere 23 Trillion or so Market Cap and Bitcoin is almost half of it at $1 Trillion.

Forget Bitcoin, it’s a toy created by the NSA (read my book).

Ethereum 2.0 will overtake Bitcoin and watch out for fracti, it will be worth more than the world’s wealth soon.

Welcome to the FUTURE…




Dr. Sol Adoni

Books - Music - Films - Videos - Consults

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