Beware a SCAM

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Beware a SCAM

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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They contact DUMMY FLORISTS who have deep organic serps on Google.

They target shops buying PPC and flood them with FAKE CLICKS.

Owner looks at his PPC and thinks, it must be bad all of sudden so they fall for PURE SCAM.

Owner agrees to send his url to them, UFN builds a crap canned florist site that doesn’t even have SSL.

All the shops traffic is pushed to the old cart if someone even bothers to try to order.

The shops phone number is buried so the owner now gets NO PHONE ORDERS FROM THEIR SITE.

The scam is they won’t charge unless there are sales, about 20% they run.

Well since the orders now route to the florist has no way to verify sales.

A shop I know fell for it, so far not one online order and the DUMMY gave them $500 a month to run PPC and $300 for their social media guru a month. So much for NO CHARGES.

I told the DUMMY that fell for it the $800 a month is their pay, he won’t get PPC and the social media of is so bad the company doesn’t even have 100 Facebook likes.


So if you’re a Florist watch out, you got new con artist SCAMMING FLORISTS who spent years building a deep Google index on a real site that will now get almost no sales for them.

You have to be a MORON to fall for this SCAM.

Oh, the is so bad it has so little traffic it has NO ALEXA RANKING.

Only a desperate MORON could fall for such a SCAM!


Florists are actually so stupid they give access to their domain name account so can STEAL THEIR DOMAIN NAMES, so if you deal with look in your GoDaddy or other registrar name account and try to find it, it’s gone STOLEN BY LOVINGLY.COM.

The FBI has an Internet FRAUD division so report them, they are in NY State so  report them to the NY State AGO and NY State internet Fraud division.

File a criminal theft complaint with your local police department and file a complaint with your states AGO and state Internet FRAUD Division.

Same company is getting owners to give them control of Google accounts to steal control of business listings and Facebook accounts and other social media accounts.

The company the domain this article was written about has had his stolen names  for a week on network, and they never even got SSL working, so sites indexed with SSL pages like his have huge warning messages pop up if they use the service when people click on HTTPS organic serps and is so clueless they don’t understand they need SSL on sites indexed with SSL.

Anyway, are thief’s and con artists since they steal domains from dummy florist owners.

Florists  Join 1 FLORIST to really make Money online


Dr. Sol Adoni

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