Beware of BODIS .com and Matt Wegrzyn aka Mateusz Wegrzyn

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So I have to SUE Matt Wegrzyn.

He’s the last person publicly claiming to be the owner of the scum domain site that is a haven for SPAMMERS you know NAMEPROS. The site that refuses to remove libel about me.

Well Matt Wegrzyn can be reached, just go to his companies site and post a comment IF you need to reach him.

So when I sent a link to my last article on WHY I  AM SUING the scumbag domain name site Namepros, Mr. Wegrzyn did email me.

He cried he’s not the owner of Namepros anymore.

Really, okay SO WHO IS.

No reply back so now I will out for being the typical SCAM company setup with the usual bogus info that scam companies use. That is my opinion after researching and it’s CEO Matt Wegrzyn.

First is owned by BODIS LLC

It is registered with the state of New York.

There is a public whois for

The address info is a typical SCAM, the address is an executive office crap address run by REGUS. Just click the link and see all the small companies using the same address. Do you think you can trust BODIS .com now that you know they don’t have their real work location listed. Or does Bodis really operate with so many other companies IN THE SAME SPACE. Sure BODIS can get mail there and use a shared conference room if they need one, but where is the CEO of BODIS really working out of every day. Where is IF YOU NEED TO SUE HIM. I doubt it’s the address below, but, maybe he has a 1 man tiny cubicle there. If so do you want to trust a fortune in domains with a company operating out a cubicle in a shared space office address? Just click the link and see how many BS companies use the exact same address as BODIS .com.

80 Broad Street 5th Floor New York NY 10004

Now I have used the services of Regus for four decades, when I used to fly into a major city I didn’t have a physical office in, I could depend on a nice conference room at Regus or HQ their competition to give me a nicely furnished executive room so I could meet a potential client or potential employee and be able to be comfortable in an office surrounding, a great service. Many large companies use Regus and HQ as legitimate satellite offices for sales reps, etc. No major company uses Regus as it’s PRIMARY ADDRESS, none do that I’m aware of. Major companies have a REAL OFFICE somewhere and Regus is setup to be a satellite location for them.

Yet some small companies use them as a primary address. But these are not large companies you can have any level of trust with, especially if you are putting a fortune in domain name assets in trust with them to park and sell, etc.


Just in case they scam you out of parking revenue or sell a domain and try to keep your dough. I mean come on the kid is trying to run his own escrow service with bogus fake addresses that SCAM COMPANIES USE.

Now this is my professional opinion after running companies in five decades. I can smell a nothing company a mile away.

So, when a DOMAIN NAME PARKING company that is known for fake sales of domains (See Michael Berkens Article on a BODIS Scam Sale)  uses a scam address like REGUS to register their LLC, well in my opinion that means one thing, Bodis can’t afford their own New York City office space so BEWARE. If BODIS was a real major legitimate company it would have it’s REAL PHYSICAL OFFICE where the CEO works and the company really operates out of on their LLC registration with the state and even their Whois. That’s MY OPINION.

Now when I used to run my last software company many moons ago we had REAL OFFICES in New York City, the CROWN BUILDING right across from Trump. A block away from Central Park or so.

So if you own lots of domains and you have them parked at BODIS, just understand all the info BODIS has in the public records is addresses used by SCAMMERS.

Their whois address is a great address for SCAM, just google the address and you see how many SCAMS are operating at the exact same address even with the same suite, this address is PURE SCAM and shouldn’t even qualify as a legit address in my opinion for whois registrations.

Here is the BODIS address listed in whois now google it and see how many FAKE SCAM companies use the identical address.

Now do you want that type of parking company in control of your domain name assets?

I should say you wouldn’t want a SCAM ADDRESS company in control of your assets.

Here is the whois address for Just click the link and see all the companies USING SAME SUITE NUMBER at that address, that means SCAM it’s not real, IN MY OPINION. You do not do business with companies that won’t even give you a real location they are operating out of. Just my opinion after doing business in technology in FIVE DECADES.

1133 Broadway Suite 706 New York City, NY 10010

Now BODIS does have some IP’s in their name and again they use  the BOGUS address on Broadway as the address of their IPs. Yet a trace of the IP puts the actual BODIS server at a location that appears to be around Baruch College near Lexington Ave and East 23rd Street in the Gramercy Park area.

BODIS probably uses a server farm in that area for it’s servers.

So where exactly is Matt Wegrzyn physically working? I need to SUE HIM FOR LIBEL since he is the last publicly proclaimed owner of that sewer for SPAMMERS known as NAMEPROS.

Matt Wegrzyn SUCKS




Just my opinion on SCAM COMPANIES that use multiple mail drops as their legal addresses.

Now I’ve never been a fan of parking companies, IMO they’re all SCAMS and a waste of use for good domain names that are often parked at such bs companies to make minor returns IN MY OPINION on some very valuable IP assets.

I have lots of valuable domains that are not developed and they point to a BLANK PAGE which their address, that’s how little I think of PARKING IP Assets, I refuse to do it.

Hey Matt, why don’t you email spam the owner of, I think that is a way better name for your company.

Look at how pathetic Bodis social media is.

4 whole followers and a whopping Klout of 18

Great job Matt you personify FAILURE for a ‘large domain name company’ as to social media presence.

Wow 400 facebook likes Matt great job.

Now I thought Bodis was a major parking company, they bought after they stopped operating this year right.


So why is there a blank page at

Like I said a BOGUS company using SCAMMERS addresses.

Just my OPINION.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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