The Beau of Valentine’s Day

Dr. Sol Adoni

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So I’m texting a few young girls I date today. Basically it was if your steady beau isn’t taking you out let’s go eat.

I was going to have a few ‘friend’s meet me for a VD get together.

I’m not dating anyone ‘seriously’ so I thought some of the casual female relations I have might be lonely today.


So I start getting texts, what does Beau mean?

I’m laughing, how can a young adult today not know what the word beau means. Okay, so most of these young girls aren’t that brilliant, but still, they all graduated High School usually and beau should have been in many standard books they are forced to read.

Not one of these BEAUties had a clue about Beau.

So I ask my sons who are 15 and 16 if they knew what beau meant and while both are on college level reading and the 15 year old is #1 GPA average in his school, neither of them knew what a beau was.

Is it me? Am I that old fashioned to know what the word beau means and to use it?

Maybe it is just me, having had older parents and aunts and relatives when I was younger and hearing them refer to me when I got dressed up to the ‘nines’ as looking like Beau Brummell.

Oh, how I miss my felt Fedora’s, my silk scarf and the fresh white rose in my lapel when I used to step out in the 1970’s to ‘club’ when men got dressed up in suits to ‘disco’.

I even had a cane with a snake carved around it.

I had my own limo and usually two young gorgeous girls on my arms.

Perhaps I was the last of the Beau Brummell’s, since today men rarely dress up to do anything.

To all the beautiful women around the world that read this, I hope your beau treats you well on this day of romance and that the little cupid who was Eros in years long gone by hits you with his bow and arrow of love…



Dr. Sol Adoni

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