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So I had a phone chat with a business loan officer yesterday, who is probably FIRED by now.

The guy tried to qualify me on his cell phone.  Adoni has a few new projects so I put together a nice 50 page asset sheet explaining various assets worth a fortune and some projects Adoni is doing.

So a simple line of credit for a well established business was the start of the project talks. So a clown business loan specialists tries to put me into their peg system, do you have this or that or this, trying the proverbial round peg to round hole qualification system banks use.

Excuse me, how many years have we been with you, a long time he says. Ok, do you know what ASSETS ARE? I asked him. I said that in my 50 page asset sheet booklet I explained many types of ASSETS that the Adoni Trust owns.  I also stated that these are conservatively valued business assets that took 50 pages to explain and you don’t want to even look at it? I asked him. The value of assets had no value to the business loan officer, all he was concerned with are round holes and round pegs, you either have what banks consider to be assets or you don’t.

So instead of arguing with a dim with over what he needs as collateral, I emailed  his boss this morning who is the CEO of one of the major banks in the world and I gave a quick rundown on what his business loan officer said and I briefly explained what Adoni does and is planning on doing and then I said in my email, now you do BUSINESS LOANS right, and you do know that Google gets 50 bucks a click now for that major business banking term, a term the Adoni Trust has owned for years. Compared to key banking terms such as Loans or Car Loans or Mortgages which everyone has, banks prize BUSINESS LOANS the most that’s why it’s the most expensive financial terms for banks to now buy at Google.

So now instead of a proposed petty cash line of credit loan in my eyes as to the value of a minor line of credit I was inquiring about, I say here is JUST ONE of the assets that your loan officer wouldn’t even look at since they are DOMAIN NAMES held in a non-profit trust account that Adoni set up years ago.

Now that one keyword is YOUR MOST PRIZED INDUSTRY KEYWORD I said in my email rant and that banks want to have clients for, it’s the most valuable banking term that banks chase, it gets them their top new clients. BUSINESS OWNERS.

So now the CEO of that bank KNOWS the Adoni Trust OWNS HIS MAIN INDUSTRY KEYWORD and he also knows that their so-called business loan officer wouldn’t even set up an appointment with me to discuss such valuable assets as collateral for a credit line. Well I’m sure that loan officer is looking for a job by now.

So I told the CEO via email that his bank and the other three major banking cartels can now submit to me an offer to BUY MY ASSET that could have been used to secure a minor line of credit for these new projects. Or the bank could have picked one of many such assets the Adoni Domain Trust has owned for years. It’s why I prepared a huge 50 page asset analysis booklet for the loan officer that didn’t even set up a damn meeting.

MORONS and DINOSAURS are all you can call banks, they still can’t look at a mega million domain name asset and understand it is a real asset that can easily be used to secure anything you want.

Imagine that the guy asked a few questions and since I’m not a round peg that doesn’t fit nto a round hole the guy wouldn’t even schedule a damn meeting to look at 50 pages of varied assets including a fortune in domains and rare art and coin collections as well as a ton of IP rights to books, films and music. If it’s not a CD or RE they just don’t understand assets.


Then I gave the CEO a chapter from one of my domain name books in his email that I sent him.  I wrote this chaper on domain name assets years ago about why industry keyword are worth so much due to QS scores that Google and Bing give to EMD ppc ad buyers, and how EMD’s (Exact Match Domains) improve CTR and give a ppc buyer a way lower rate at buying industry keywords in ppc campaigns by having an EMD in the ad.

I never ever sell domain names, since once you own a major asset it’s too easy to develop and monetize with fraction domain clients, you give a local professional their city in a subdomain like and you can build  a virtual high rise off one nice industry keyword. Why not have 1,000 GEO subdomains all rented out to one major professional in every large city around the world that uses English. It’s my DOMAIN FRACTION MONETIZATION method we’ve used for years.

I myself prefer professional keywords to develop and not banking or financial terms. So if these dinosaur banks don’t buy the keyword I can put it up on a wholesale domain market and have Adoni just sell it to a wholesaler.

Banks still have no clue as to domain name assets and they sure have no clue about bitcoin either, even though JPM tried to patent aspects of Bitcoin and got rejected by the USPTO.

So now Adoni will just get a loan from the Adoni Domain Trust when it liquidates just one mega value keyword the trust controls.


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