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By Dr. Sol Adoni

As the author of Bible of SEO which has been published now for over 20 years and as one of the pioneers of SEO on the Net, it disgusts me to see all the BAD SEO COMPANIES that are commiting SEO SCAMS on businesses all over the world.

It’s very easy to qualify an SEO Company just use one of the TOP SEO SCORES such as that at

The links in this Post all go to SEO SCORES at Pingdom and you can see how a few legitimate SEO Companies all have A+ SEO WPO Scores and are on super fast dedicated server networks.

If you are thinking about buying SEO, do not deal with the BAD SEO COMPANIES listed on this page and if you choose to not use the few I highly recommend due to their GREAT SEO SCORES at least check out any site claiming they do SEO with the tool all the links go to.

You can enter your own site and see how bad or good your current SEO WPO Scores are and you can also see just how big your page is and how fast it opens.

Many of the common SEO Problems most companies have today is connected to the crappy Hosting Plan they are on, such as the cheap shared hosting offered by super slow hosting companies such as Godaddy and Hostgator.

Get a real business hosting plan and a dedicated IP address so you can do SSL on it and today having an SSL on your business site is a huge plus for ranking by major search engines such as Google.

Keep your front door as small as possible and keep rich multi-media files inside on pages potential clients can visit after you hooked them with a fast opening page that should be under 1MB in size, with WPO Optimization (Web Performance Optimization), SEO Optimization and even CDN (Cloud) delivery.

This is what top internet companies now do to obtain super fast page downloads that are often under 1 second. Every second your site takes to load over 1 second, YOU ARE LOSING POTENTIAL CLIENTS.

Once you hit 2 seconds to load a page, you have lost most of the users today who are used to super fast page loads on everything they do from searching on Google and Bing to their social media they use including Facebook and Twitter.


Keep your front page small (under 1MB) and have it fully optimized for SEO and WPO and hosted on a dedicated IP if not a dedicated server on a fast network.

If you own a business, think of your business website as equal to your companies retail store. How much do you pay in rent? Normally thousands of dollars for most small companies. Yet they routinely expect $5.00 to $10.00 slow shared hosting plans to be ‘good enough’ for their virtual store.

Your website is how new clients learn about you and you need to be paying $100 to $300 or more a month to have a fast hosting plan on a dedicated IP at the minimum.

Most of the companies listed on this post are on slow shared hosting plans and the owners are not that tech savvy and their sites are over designed with huge sizes often over 10MB in size and most are not well optimized for mobile users today.

The BAD SEO COMPANIES have terrible SEO SCORES besides being painfully slow, so how do you expect such grossly incompetent companies to do your business site correctly?

You can lose thousands of dollars by buying SEO from the companies listed in the BAD SEO Section of this page.

I will be adding new SEO SCAM COMPANIES as I find them.

First, the BEST SEO COMPANIES that I highly recommend. They all have A+ scores and super fast speed.

Then I will list the BAD SEO COMPANIES and show their SEO Scores to verify why I am publicly warning businesses TO NOT USE THE BAD SEO COMPANIES listed on this page.


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Bad SEO Companies

Icon Website Design

OMG National


Funk Web Development

Crunch Press


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