B2B Marketing on the Internet

Dr. Sol Adoni

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B2B Marketing on the Internet

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Founder 1 MEDIA

B2B or Business to Business marketing is not new, it’s as old business.

The first business transactions in history were B2B. What ever you did to survive was your business, so early humans were gatherers before they became hunters and way later farmers.

It was only after farming evolved, that humans ended up with enough liesure time to create shit, so trades were born and that was the start of real B2B commerce.

Sure early gatherers may have traded or bartered, they found shiny colored pebbles (Gems) and thought it was unusual enough to keep, and when another clan of early humans stumbled upon each other they probably showed each other their unusual pebbles, or shells or whatever.

But modern business started after farming developed and farmers would gather to trade.

Trade routes were where B2B commerce began, since a caravan carrying goods from areas where a local item existed that couldn’t grow in another area meant farmers and tradesmen in areas where a spice or root didn’t grow would trade goods from that area to traveling traders that would bring back rare items to the area they were from.

So lots of desirable items were crafted goods from areas where different trade skills developed would be items traded for along with exotic spices and roots.

There was no money, and eventually rare metals and Gems caught on as a currency between traders.

Fiat or the modern money system is a recent concept with banks and checks being invented by the Crusader Monks known as the Knights Templar.

For a while modern nations used paper backed by gold and silver and that system was abandoned in 1971 when Nixon took the USA Dollar off the Gold and Silver standard. That event created inflation and now we have technology so we track worthless fiat with digital banks and credit cards and huge Global B2C (Business to Consumer) Companies like Amazon conduct B2C trades using nothing but worthless digital transactions.

Since the 1970’s I’ve had companies I created doing mostly B2B sales. My technology companies created in the early days mostly software for my clients to track and manage their B2C transactions.

I also dabbled in some B2C companies I created over 30 years ago like bars and restaurants, but B2C was always a pain until the age of the Internet. I was one of the first companies on the Internet doing B2C transactions where consumers would buy my digital consumer goods mostly eBooks of Books I wrote and published and even membership sites to view my vault of alternative content such as images and videos of paranormal stuff like UFO’S or grissly images of death and some celebrity smut.

We also did a lot of B2B stuff creating websites and hosting them and doing early SEO, SEM and eventually SMM and SMO. SE is Search Engine SM is Social Media and the third O or M is Optimization or Marketing.

40 years ago a B2B company used printed sales material to sell their goods or services to businesses. Today you use websites with digital videos or PDF brochures to sell the concept of what you do.

I created a Global Bartering Network and our own digital currency called BizBytes.

So today I am always looking at ways to get my B2B companies in front of business owners or managers with the power to BUY what my companies sell.

B2B marketing has always come down to how do you get potential BUSINESS OWNERS to become aware of what you do and to view your sales presentation materials.

30 years ago before the Internet existed you bought ads in trade journal or did trade shows and I had telemarketing boiler rooms where my telemarketers called companies all day to pitch owners to usually agree to see a live sales rep that went to see the owners with pitch books and later pitch laptops to show what we did for that industry.

Today it is all about how do you get potential business owners to your website(s) to view your digital presentation to sell your goods and services to them.

We still have telemarketers, we develop content for search engines, we buy PPC ads for the terms relevant to our products.

I own a huge ad network now, that dishes out millions of banners across my Media Network called 1 Media.

1 Media aggregates millions of pages of articles and videos helping every type of business distribute their digital content.

It’s done across hundreds of websites where we have Portals for every industry worth having a Portal for.

We have News Portals, Book and eBook Portals, Music and Movies Portals. We have a ton of Paranormal Portals and Business Portals.

The hundreds of Portals my companies created mostly use a 1 Prefix like 1 Media and 1 Search and 1 Lawyer and 1 Doctor.

Some use i Prefixes such as i Auto Repair and i Tires.

Some use 247 Prefixes such as 247 News.

We operate keyword portals with no prefixes such as Car Accident Lawyer and Injury Lawyer.

Yet today the question still remains, what is the most effective way to reach business owners to get them to learn about my companies and do business with them.

Most traditional marketing does not just reach business owners. You buy a print ad in a newspaper you reach mostly people that don’t own a business, the same with radio and TV.

Many business owners delegate internet searches to staff who can’t make a purchase.

Most business owners are shielded from telemarketers by receptionists and and admins.

You can get email addresses and email an owner who even requests it, yet 99% of B2B emails are never opened.

So how do you reach business owners today?

The Internet is the biggest way, but it’s costly for most companies to create high response content that converts to a lead and eventually a client.

99.9% of the content used today in IM or Internet Marketing is crap, it produces less than a 5% response ratio.

Yet my companies after 22 years of IM see 25% to 75% response ratios due to our high response content and super fast cloud network. Its why companies pay my companies thousands of dollars a year to help them do mostly B2C marketing.

It costs a lot of money today to do IM well. It’s well produced digital content that should include a quality HD Business Video about what you do.

The biggest mistakes companies make is they rely on cheap slow shared hosting for their business website. Well a 3 second page open speed loses over 50% of potential clients today since the modern Internet is INSTANT.

Google, Facebook and Twitter is the modern Internet the sites are instant for the most part.

So imagine if you are a Personal Injury Attorney, your content sucks. It’s not mobile friendly and over 70% of users in the USA today search for items on a mobile device. Now imagine giving Google $100 or more PER CLICK for people looking for Car Accident Lawyer in your market.

Your Law Firms website is on a cheap shared hosting server at GoDaddy and your WordPress site is not performance optimized, so you are lucky to open at 3 seconds (Loss of 50% of users) or it opens at 5 seconds (Loss of 90% of users) and many open at 8 and even over 10 seconds, so you lose almost every potential client due to your cheap $10 month hosting isn’t for businesses but private bullshit use.

So SPEED is the number one problem every company has trying to do B2B or B2C commerce on the Internet today.

Then not having compelling HIGH RESPONSE content is the 2nd major problem companies have trying to do Internet Marketing (IM) today.

Recently, one of the biggest sites in the world made a major change and it is now positioned to become the main way all B2B companies find new clients.

So B2B marketing is at a transition period and one huge company just became the easiest and cheapest way for all B2B companies to directly hit the owners of any industry in any market DIRECTLY AND FOR FREE.

What company is it?

I’m not publicly saying so good luck finding it.

It’s now my Golden Goose and if it changes, then I will say what it was and what company created the dream for any B2B marketing company to use to find new clients.

Oh, my latest Business Book has a chapter on it.

I’m also hiring Sales Affiliates that we will teach to use this amazing new way to do B2B Marketing.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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