Authors are MORONS and Publishers are MORONS

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Authors are MORONS and Publishers are MORONS

Honestly, authors have allowed publishers for centuries to rob them. The publishing houses for centuries made the mega-millions and authors got almost nothing for their work.

SLAVERY is what term comes to mind.

Then in 1995 the commercial internet started, and guess what anyone could be a ‘publisher’.

What do the MORON authors do, they create another SLAVERY contract only now their former slave master the publisher is also a slave.

Who are the new plantation owners? Well there’s three major slave owners now in the literary world, Amazon, BN and Apple.

The slave owners are guilty of PRICE FIXING eBooks, the way they did this was having ‘contracts’ with authors/publishers where they fix their fee to distribute an authors/publishers titles for usually 35% fee if you keep the work priced where THEY WANT IT, that’s 2.99 to 9.99.

If you are outside this FIXED PRICE for ebooks the author/publishers get crushed with a 70% to have the slave masters distribute their work.

Now all three slave masters have inferior proprietary efiles such as kindle/nook/ibooks to claim their files can’t be stolen.

Ok, so what happened to here’s a good book and lending it to a friend?

An author or publishing company should be so lucky to have an eBook file in the superior PDF format passed around 10 MILLION TIMES, you can’t buy that type of publicity, but the slave master Amazon has a plan, give your work away for FREE 5 days of the quarter if you give your master Amazon exclusive rights to your titles.


Wake up MORONS all you need to sell ebooks are nice little landing pages with a pretty image of a book cover a blurb and a video if you can afford one, maybe a link to a sample first chapter than a link to say PAYPAL to SELL THE BOOK and Paypal will even forward buyers to a download link so distribution is automatic.

Paypal 3% or so to do the transaction, the slave masters 35% to 70%.

In other words why is anyone selling their work on the slave masters plantations, like I said AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS ARE MORONS.

Then the issue of how the slave owners ABUSE their slaves (authors/publishers), by having dozens of other books on their slaves work or content. The slaves work all day making content pages to ‘list’ their works on the masters sites, then the master abuses their work and content by showing dozens of other slaves books.

If he slave just made their own page on their own site and did basic seo with programs that do that type of thing today, the slave would show up in the big 3 search engines which is another slave plantation for another post, those big 3 are Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Guess what cretins, where do the slave owners spend MILLIONS to get traffic to their slave plantations named Amazon, BN and iTunes?

The slave masters give mega millions to Google, Bing and Yahoo to find EBOOK USERS and BOOK BUYERS.

A slave can break free and learn to manipulate search engines with their content and keep the traffic ON THEIR OWN SITES with no ads to other authors and that link to paypal will SELL EBOOKS and the slave can earn 19.99 or 29.99 or for some types of work 99.99 and keep 97% since the real cost to sell something is around 3% to the banks via paypal or another merchant processor.

Now if authors and publishers weren’t MORONS I wouldn’t have to be writing this article explaining why they are so fucking stupid.





PS In the 1990’s one of the top eBook sites was 1 eBooks. It was reacquired by Adoni Publishing and is now helping authors and publishers learn to not be SLAVES. Authors and Publishers can list their titles and send the 1 eBooks traffic to their own pages and SELL THEIR BOOKS and KEEP ALL THE MONEY. Adoni Publishing has become the emancipator of slaves in the literary industry.

AUTHORS and PUBLISHERS 1 eBooks is a busy eBook portal and if you link to your books ON YOUR SITE there, you can keep all of the profit. Current Alexa in USA is 100K range which means it is busy. The more eBooks authors and publishers list on 1 eBooks, the more traffic they will get to compete with the slave masters.



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