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Are you an emerging author and the big bad world of editors and publishers have yet to recognize that you are a true genius and the world should anticipate every word you dole out on your word processor?

#FreeForum for #Authors to #Promote their #Books and #eBooks

Adoni is giving a platform to Authors to Promote their work at several sites including free author forums at:

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eBook Promotion

Special forum for Music and Musicians and emerging Bands

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Your forum posts will auto feed into Social Media like Twitter coming a clout house publishing company.

You can also promote your books in the News Forum at

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The chances of anyone seeing your tweets on sites such as Twitter and Facebook are next to nil. These sites are now sewers of spam and original content is lost in the maze of #Spam and #GrowthHacker ads or SPAM.

Promote your original material where it can be seen and appreciated.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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