Apes are now Humans says Wiki

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Apes are now Humans says Wiki

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Look at this wrong definition of a Hominidae on Wiki.

It’s is 100% wrong, Any scientific class with homo or homi means humans or direct bipedal big brain ancestors of humans.

It is not any modern ape. Apes are not Hominids or Hominidae, and it’s an insult to humans to have any low IQ scientist say apes are now humans.

This Wiki article claims this is a recent 21st Century revelation based on DNA. It’s bullshit Chimps are not 99.6% human DNA there’s better DNA tests that show they’re around 88% similar in DNA.

Science uses Latin stem or root words in describing all biological life. But Latin is no longer taught to low IQ scientists that do not know Latin or Greek or ancient languages that explain what humans are.

Humans are mammals, so are apes and rats and dogs. Anything nursed by a mother with a tit is a mammal.

If you are over 20 and we’re taught evolution, you were taught humans EVOLVED from ancient apes.

The problem is no missing link human/ape fossil was ever found.

Ancient fossils are more humanoid than ape like. Apes are a modern species with no fossils records. Humans or homo Sapiens have lots of fossils. There’s lots of humanoid fossils but no missing link.

In fact it’s now thought by some that apes branched from a common humanoid ancestor devolving into apes while that fork also created the homosapien branch which only human or humanoids should be on including the Hominidae or hominid branch.

So homoerectus and early humans and extinct humans such as Neanderthals are on hominid or Hominidae branch but apes are not.

Humans need to create a class action lawsuits on Wiki and any publisher that dares to say apes are humans.

Say that to my face that I am an ape  and I’ll probably break your jaw since it is that offensive to me to be called an ape.

So is this a new Mandela Effect? Or is it an new Alien Agenda to convince humans they are just apes?




Dr. Sol Adoni

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