Antoinette Matlins and JCK Don’t know JACK about Lead Glass Filled Rubies

Dr. Sol Adoni

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I’m so sick and tired of bullshit now being spewed by the GIA and ‘author’s’ such as Antoinette Matlins a PG (Professional Gemologist) and JCK the ‘industry magazine’ for Jewelers that I have to publicly call a SPADE a SPADE.

Now how old are you Antoinette Matlins, I swear you go back to the ancient era of Egypt, are you a Vampire?


Now the GIA has a vested interest in slamming LGF (Lead Glass Filled) Rubies since the GIA was created to SELL the crap that the De Beers cartel controls, you know that common geological rock called a DIAMOND that isn’t that rare at all.

Now the GIA was found to be selling TOP GRADES on the common gemstone known as Diamonds as the media reported rather poorly in 2005.

So if you have a GIA certificate, who says the ‘grade’ for your common diamond is real? THE GIA SELLS FAKE GRADES they are worthless in my opinion as a trusted grading source due to that one GEM SCANDAL.

Now I’m sure Antoinette Matlins covets the GIA scam certificates since she has been brain-washed by the GIA about LGF Rubies.

The FACT IS across the board major gemology labs have tested them and found THEY ARE DURABLE for Jewelry and can withstand the high heat torches of a jeweler’s bench.

Prolonged exposure in toxic acid like jewelers pickle can damage LGF rubies just like improper bench work and jewelers pick DAMAGES 100% RUBIES all the time.

Jewelers that work colored gemstones all understand how any colored gemstone can be easily damaged with a jewelers torch and acids such as jewelers pickle.

Now instead of keeping the public MISINFORMED as the Illuminati run banks and gem cartels want so the sheeple keep over paying for a common rock that being a DIAMOND, I prefer to educate the masses on exactly what is RARE as it relates to gemstones.

RUBIES are the rarest gemstone on earth PERIOD.

The few money players that get this have driven up per carat prices for elite quality museum level Rubies at elite auctions to where a high end ruby is now valued at over $1 MILLION USD per carat.

Compare that to common rocks like a diamond Antoinette Matlins and how much can you fetch for a nice 8 carat common rock diamond at auction? It can be D color and IF and it won’t get but a fraction of $1 Million USD per carat.

Now can the public BUY such rare rubies? No they can’t, well the public that is the super elite in wealth can, but the general public can’t buy a large ruby with any clarity since they are worth small fortunes.

Now if the sheeple go to Macy’s and think they can buy large rubies which if 100% natural would be many hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars for $500 to $5,000 the problem isn’t Macy’s and it’s clueless sales reps that work for close to minimum wages, it’s the public not understanding HOW RARE RUBIES ARE.

The public goes to jewelry stores all day and can see nice sized COMMON GEMS like Diamond since DIAMONDS ARE NOT RARE.

The De Beers cartel started the Illuminati plan to sell CRAP to the sheeple around 1930 by having New York con men like Harry Winston drape huge common gem stones around the necks of Hollywood whores aka film-stars at events such as the Oscars.

De Beers have been financed for over 100 years now by Illuminati banking cartels such as the Rothschild’s and JP Morgan aka Chase bank today.

Around the time the great De Beers CON started with the help of Harry Winston giving and loaning Hollywood sluts huge worthless pieces sparkling jewelry pieces made out of common compressed CARBON aka De Beers controlled diamonds, the concept of the 4 C’s was created by the third party to the De Beers cartel CON, that being the GIA who doesn’t even grade Rubies yet they are now the go to source about LGF Rubies and the biggest disinformation campaign to mislead the sheeple since the GIA, De Beers and Harry Winston got together to create the ILLUSION that diamonds are a rare gemstone.

Go to any mall in the USA and see how rare common gems like diamonds are you see them all over the place. But wait these are rare gems right Antoinette Matlins, so rare you value them.

Face it Antoinette Matlins as OLD as you are and look and yet you got CONNED by the Illuminati.

Now try to find any 100% rubies over 2 carats in any mall in the USA, guess what THEY DO NOT EXIST in any volume for one reason THEY ARE THE REAL RARE GEMSTONE.

Now I actually applaud Macy’s and other larger retailers for trying to push the sheeple away from the common gemstone which is De Beers controlled diamonds controlled now by the De Beers diamond cartel financed for over 100 years by Illuminati banking cartels and the puppet of De Beers which the GIA.

The rare gemstones found in Macy’s and such are indeed RARE GEMSTONES compared to the plethora of common gemstones which are diamonds. The question is how much of the Macy’s LGF rare rubies are REAL RUBY and how much is LGF.

I have over five decades collected many rare items in my life, since I formed my first tech company around 1976, so I made a fortune in my life and like some that acquire WEALTH from technology I collected stuff. RARE BOOKS like my rare book collection used to own before most was sold off by me after 911. As a kid I loved to play and watch baseball so I had an extensive collection of RARE high grade sportscards and to protect my collection I created the first internationally patented method to detect counterfeit sportscards. PSA and BGS still can’t say 100% if a card is authentic I own the patent on the only process to say if a card came from the ORIGINAL PRESS PLATE and was printed on card stock that existed when the card was first issued.

That is still a problem with sportscards, control of the original PRINTING PLATES means rare cards can be reprinted over 100 years after they first appeared and the end result is you have a card from an original printers plate that no one at PSA or BGS can say 100% is authentic meaning it was PRINTED on card stock from the era and when the card was really issued.

I had a lot of sportscards in my collection over the decades and today I don’t own one. Since almost anything of collector value I dumped after 911 since I’m preparing for the inevitable FUTURE when terrorists set off a tactical suitcase nuke in say Rome or DC or even New York City and make our modern world STOP and pretty much everything has no value then, except deep caves in remote regions stock with lots of guns, ammunition and food seeds as well as canned goods to last through the ensuing chaos when the shit hits the proverbial fan.

Now over the years having had 3 gorgeous beautiful wives at various times in my life, each wife was given a lot of estate level gems. Some diamonds which I have always hated to invest in since I understood they are pretty COMMON GEMS and some nice investment grade colored gems mostly Emeralds and Rubies for my ex-wives.

Myself I like GOLD since I understand that man has advanced enough to where MAN CAN CREATE exactly what nature rarely produces in quantity that being gemstones. Now man has creates some flakes of Gold using a fortune in energy fueling stuff like huge colliders that scientist use to study how the Universe may have started at the sub atomic level.

Man is probably still many generations away from being able to create AU or Arum aka GOLD in any substantial quantities due to the huge amounts of energy it takes to produce GOLD.

In fact the scientific world is still at odds over exactly how GOLD is really created in NATURE, some think it’s a fluke collision of neutron stars imploding and other scientists like myself just say WE ARE NOT SURE YET how all the gold in our universe really came to exist.

Now I theorized what is known as the HOLOGRAM UNIVERSE theory decades ago in a think tank. My theory is simple, our universe isn’t real, it’s a computer simulation running inside either a six or ten dimensional computer.

Now most people can’t comprehend the profundity of this article, I understand that, but the wall full of honorary doctorates I now have due to my theories in math (30 Mod Prime Theory), computer science (HelixQ), physics (Planeium) and astro-physics (PDF Theory) as well as Solstice Lines Theory and ancient language research and my work in EOE Theory that is now accurately predicting where and when large rare seismic events occur, means I am a very elite expert on many topics that a PHD in say mineralogy or a GG in the easily obtained field of Gemology is not.

I can make expert opinions on topics such as what is REAL in a gemstone or what is rare, since I know the FACTS about geology and how nature produces gemstones all over the planet on what are Solstice Lines of energy that control not only plate tectonics and quake phenomena but also control where all the rare gemstone minefields are or should be located on this gem of a planet we call earth.

So Antoinette Matlins and JCK you are puppets that the real power players on this planet manipulate and you believe the BULLSHIT sold to you about gemstones and what is real or rare. The masters of the planet that control the sheeple and how they spend their money on crap not even worth owning is the Illuminati and they financed De Beers and the whole bullshit 4C’s strategy of De Beers was run through the GIA the same organization that the Antoinette Matlins’ JCK magazine types prize so much as to their bullshit OPINIONS issued in the form of GIA certificates.

The world has a whole new generation of “nouveau riche”, guys like me that made fortunes over many decades in stuff like modern technology, most of them were pioneers in things such as computers, software and now the net.

We’re the guys (okay a few chicks are the club) that can walk into a store and pull out a Black Amex card and buy anything we want. Some of the new wealth doesn’t understand yet how diamonds are not really a RARE GEMSTONE but some understand that and that is why really RARE GEMS like large pretty clean 100% natural rubies now go for over $1 Million USD at elite auctions.

Now the fact is lots of minor wealth persons are investing small amounts IN MY OPINION into larger diamonds all with dubious certifications done by the GIA and since the GIA was caught SELLING FAKE GRADES for diamonds the GIA certificate isn’t worth the paper it was printed on.

The fact is I took some of my valuable time to create the first internationally patented process to look at a LGF Ruby and say in a real EXPERT OPINION just exactly how much of a LGF Ruby is REAL RUBY.

I licensed that process to IGGO the only International Gemologist Grading Organization in the world that can say how much of an LGF Ruby is in fact NATURAL RUBY.

The end result is, we now have some very rare LGF Rubies with IGGO certificates stating exactly what the public needs to know, that being how much REAL RUBY is in an enhanced LGF Ruby gemstone.

So people, look around,  how many LGF large quality rubies do you see on the ‘market’? Not many and how many of these LGF gems have a real Gemology Certificate stating HOW MUCH IS REAL RUBY? Not many. Show me one GIA Ruby certificate with an actual GRADE on it or a professional OPINION using a proven method to state how much is REAL RUBY and how  much is LGF. Oh that’s right THE GIA DOESN’T GRADE RUBIES.

So the GIA and Antoinette Matlins and even JCK should just SHUT THE FUCK UP about LGF Rubies.

THE FACTS ARE despite what the disinformation puppets of the Illuminati say about LGF diamonds a plethora of Gem Labs analyzed them and found.

A. LGF Rubies are DURABLE for jewelry.

B. LGF Rubies are able to withstand normal jeweler bench work.

Yet the disinformation puppets of the Illuminati like the GIA and Antoinette Matlins and even JCK are warning the public about LGF Rubies when they should in fact be saying the TRUE FACTS that is quality LGF Rubies are like real rubies RARE and yes some minor caution needs to be taken to not expose any LGF or even natural gems such as Rubies or Emeralds to prolonged exposure of a jewelers torch or toxic acids such as jewelers pickle.

The simple fact is all minerals and metals have various degrees at which the item can melt, gold melts at a known temperature as does Lead Glass. So does platinum and even real rubies and emeralds as well as even diamonds have temperature ranges at which they change and then higher levels at which they MELT.

The fact is diamonds are not RARE and in my opinion the highest quality LGF Rubies are way rarer than any equivalent sized and clarity diamond will ever be.

The FACT is the elite wealth of this planet already knows how RARE RUBIES really are and that is why we now have these true gems selling for over $1 Million USD a carat for the best examples of natural rubies that are in the marketplace.

Now the sheeple, well they’re still mostly sleeping and easily swayed by the disinformation puppets of the real power players, the groups that sold the public on the whole concept of crap like FIAT. The dollars and euros the sheeple have are in fact WORTHLESS since they are just pieces of paper the Illuminati created through their power to convince the sheeple to put value on crap like paper that says it is a USD or a EURO. It’s all paper and all fake wealth.

Many years ago when I turned 30 for a joke I actually treated myself on my 30th birthday to an ancient custom, I gave myself MY WEIGHT IN GOLD as a present when I turned 30. I was only around 150 pounds then and I took a lot of cash to a place I could buy 150 pounds of GOLD. Today that GOLD is worth almost three time what I paid for it. In the decades since then it had become almost five times what I originally paid for it way back in 1990.

GOLD will always have value since it doesn’t erode or change. An ounce of GOLD today will be an ounce of GOLD in 10,000 years from now.

It is a great conductor for things like energy.

In the entire history of mankind, all the mined Gold we have found is only a little over one ounce for every human alive today.

There’s approximately 7 Billion humans on earth now and the best estimates are around that number in ounces of GOLD have actually been mined in the entire history of mankind.

Who has that gold? Best estimates are the majority of it is in the hands of the real power players the ILLUMINATI. That is why the ILLUMINATI wants the sheeple to put their worthless fiat like US Dollars and Euros into worthless carbon stones or diamonds.

It is so the ILLUMINATI can buy more GOLD since they really know what is rare.

So sheeple WAKE THE FUCK UP and tell the GIA and Antoinette Matlins and JCK to just SHUT THE FUCK UP about LGF Rubies, you know diamonds are common and today man can created in a lab grown diamonds that have all the chemistry properties of REAL DIAMONDS, the same SG (Specific Gravity) the same RI (Refractive Index). Just like in many families bank boxes where they store their precious items inherited from generations long go, we are now finding many early LAB CREATED RUBIES since Rubies were the first rare gemstone mankind learned how to MAKE.

Jewelry is Jewelry and unless you are able to invest in a high grade large Ruby or Emerald or even a Sapphire, none of it is worth INVESTING IN, none of it.

Now the GOLD in Jewelry well that is worth owning and will be worth something in years to come IN MY OPINION.

But when nuclear terrorism hits our world or even a large space rock and humanity has a problem finding food due to social chaos and breakdown, then you won’t be able to trade a bar or GOLD for an ear of corn.

FOOD will be worth more to humans when the coming age of chaos hits.

As to LGF Rubies, my opinion on them is, they are a way nicer gift and investment than any GIA certificate diamond, since the LGF Ruby has some REAL RUBY in it. It is still RUBY, the only issue is how much of it is REAL RUBY and what grade it is and IGGO is the only organization that can use my RUBY PROCESS to give an expert OPINION on exactly how much of any LGF Ruby is REAL. The cost of LGF Rubies is a fraction of what a 100% Ruby in the same size and clarity would sell for. So unless you can buy a large 100% Ruby in a high quality, then what should you buy? A controlled common gem like a GIA certificate diamond or an IGGO certificate ruby? In my opinion the LGF Rubies are the better buy for the public for one reason the higher graded LGF rubies are RARE.






Dr. Sol Adoni

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