American Express Sucks Edward P Gilligan Sucks Kenneth Chenault Sucks

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What a scumbag company American Express is, I’m amazed anyone puts up with this global thief. I remember using them as a merchant ages ago and when their slow paying asses didn’t pay fast enough I canceled them as a merchant so I’ve been no fan of American Express for years, they SUCK.

Anyway, long story short I rarely use credit cards and I have an American Express Card as I have also credit cards with most if not all of the top Banks in the world.

So a few times the past few months I used this crappy card they make you pay almost 100 bucks a year for and I spent around 30 minutes trying to use this card for a minor internet related bill I have monthly.

So I try to use the card the past three months and each time it says declined and then I get an email to call them, so 30 minutes later it’s approved. So that’s 1.5 hours of my life wasted using this crappy company.

I’ve never missed a payment on it and my credit file shows I’ve never missed a payment to anyone.

So I get my monthly statement yesterday saying a minor amount of money was owed. Then early today I get an email to call them they are about to not honor my card. Like what the fuck are you idiots talking about.

So you have to enter their long card number on your phone and then wait like 20 minutes for a moron to answer and luckily they say they are RECORDING the call. The rep was clearly an African American female, great they hire minorities, at least it’s not some Indian outsourced call where I can’t understand broken English, I have enough young black African American girlfriends that I can almost understand the words of the rep.

So my statement says they ‘suggest’ I pay the minor amount by December 2nd in two weeks. Now the African American chick says the email was so Amex can DEMAND I pay NOW.

I say really, so you’re changing the terms of our contract and charging me 100 or so a year to try to strong arm me to PAY EARLY, is American Express that hard up for dough, and Kenneth Chenault is a black African American so I guess in THE HOOD this is how you treat wealthy white people, you dun them for bills that aren’t even due yet.

So I informed the African American chick to CANCEL THE CARD and credit me for this years fees I just paid, I’ve only been with them a few years and got the card since most guys I know love the card for T&E expenses.

Then I say now if you want to transfer me to your superior maybe they can kiss my hairy white ass and beg me to not cancel this crap card.

She says no, it will be canceled as I wish. Good.

So I spend almost two hours creating a LEGAL NOTICE to serve upon the executives running this second rate global strong armed bullshit company that being Peter L Gilligan like GILLIGAN’s Island no shit and some African American male named Kenneth Chenault.

Then I send the email to 10 executives in Amex with a legal demand to pay me for 3.5 Hours of my valuable time and also to settle what I now intend to file an international corporate abuse PUNITIVE DAMAGES action on American Express for how they illegally abuse clients WHO ARE CURRENT IN THEIR BILLS.

Also it’s a clear breach of contract issue. So I explain in the letter I will be asking for around 200 Million in PUNITIVE DAMAGES to teach Amex a lesson and the case will be filed in an International Civil Court that I just happen to be THE CHIEF JUSTICE of and in my court we clear new cases like this within 30 days so justice will be swift, I won’t hear the case, the other justices will and I doubt they won’t agree with me that Amex needs a severe financial slap on their global wrist that dunning clients who are current is BAD CORPORATE BEHAVIOR.

So my corporate server got bounced, they refuse as POLICY such emails. So you can’t email their executives. No problem I make a call to the executive offices this is the Hon. Judge Dr. Rabbi Sol Adoni I want to speak to Gilligan or Chenault about a 600 Million Dollar corporate ABUSE action. Well that got the attention to some degree of yet another AFRICAN AMERICAN CHICK that handles the phones for the corporate offices, remember Chenault is black too.

Blacks are what 10 to 15% of the population yet it is clear that Chenault is doing DISCRIMATION in his hiring by having a black female answer his phone and having a black female rep handle my first contact today, do the math, why are so many blacks running American Express?


So I was given an email address that won’t bounce the black chick said, it is if you need it.

So now I’m about to overnight the 8 page letter explaining in exact detail how I was handled. My letter is clear that upon receipt Amex has 24 hours to settle this matter by paying me for four hours of my valuable time and to avoid a huge PUNITIVE DAMAGES action they will most likely lose they can donate a nice sum to one of the many non-profit organizations I am involved with.

I do not need American Express, they need consumers and if you are being treated by Amex to dunning emails that end up with Amex reps demanding you pay bills before they are due, you too should tell Amex to go get fucked and sue them as I will most likely now have to do since I doubt they will agree to my proposed settlement terms, they broke our contract so now I AM IN CONTROL and putting MY DEMANDS on them.

In a few days if NOT SETTLED I file my huge PUNITIVE DAMAGES action on Amex and serve them and they can respond and then 12 International Judges in a court where I am the 13th judge and CHIEF JUSTICE can hear my complaint and their response and decide just how much Amex should be PENALIZED for illegal dunning of an account that is 100% current and an account that has never been delinquent.

Once I get my legal judgment against Amex I then have one of my lawyers file in US Federal Court in New York City where they are located or in Miami where I am located to bring into the USA an international JUDGMENT for punitive damages which will be trebled since I’m sure they do this to many people as many others have made similar complaints to how abusive Amex is to customers.

American Express SUCKS

Peter L Gilligan SUCKS

Kenneth Chenault SUCKS

That’s my opinion based on how they abused me and they can deduct the amount I owe them from the settlement they will have to pay me now.



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