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So a lawyer in the General Counsel’s Office for American Express made my day today.

He sent me a letter stating they would refuse to respond to my lawsuit for FRAUD and BREACH OF CONTRACT on American Express, they didn’t recognize the International Court I sued them in.

So the court will soon issue a default judgment and I gave the court notice today of the intent of Amex to INTENTIONALLY IGNORE that court.

So most likely I WIN a nice judgement against Amex and then after the time for Amex to appeal the judgment I give the JUDGMENT to lawyers in the USA to file against Amex to ENFORCE.

The US court will see a foreign judgment by another Nation when a lawyer files the foreign judgment in a US Federal court district and when they see the American Express letter clearly stating they chose to NOT RESPOND, the US Court will tell Amex they lost their right to object to that courts findings by not responding.

So expect some major news on this soon.

I’m asking for 600 Million in PUNITIVE DAMAGES to punish American Express over how they treated me and how they commit FRAUD and how they do CORPORATE ABUSE.

Here’s the lawyers letter that will make the US Courts enforce the foreign default judgment, it’s an admission by Amex they chose to not respond, so now the US courts will recognize a major default judgment.



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